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  • BLOWN FILMBlown Film

  • 2High clarity paper overwrap and embossedfilms for diaper applications

    Shrink films for security bundling

    High clarity and excellent sealing propertiesfor automatic packaging

    Converter grade film for stand-up pouches

    Three-, five-, and seven-layer structures for meatand cheese packaging

  • 3Systems Designed for ProfitableBlown Film Production

    Battenfeld Gloucester is the worldwide leader in

    blown film production lines. Built into every

    Gloucester system, is the versatility, productivity

    and control you need to be profitable. Each product,

    from single-layer commodity film to advanced multi-

    layer high-barrier structure, has its own set of unique

    requirements. Using industry-leading technology,

    Gloucesters experienced blown film specialists will

    help you implement the right system for virtually any

    blown film application.

    Converter grade films for printing, laminatingand coating

    High clarity films for pouches and automaticpackaging

    High-barrier film for food packaging

    Paper towel and tissue overwrap

    Heavy-duty shipping sacks

    Smooth or textured geomembrane sheet

    Construction and agricultural films

    Specialized medical packaging

    Shrink films

    Stretch film

    Synthetic paper

    Monolayer and coextruded retail T-shirt bags

    Tough films for demanding packaging

    Blown stretch film offering well-balanced properties

  • 4Expert Guidance at Every Step

    The technologies neededto create a cost-effectiveproduction system mustbe carefully balanced.In all cases, BattenfeldGloucesters blown filmprofessionals have theexperience to guide youto the right choices for:

    Systems that Growwith You

    Material feeding andblendingExtruder size andscrew design Single or multilayer,low profile, stationaryor oscillating dies Air rings and internalbubble cooling (IBC)

    New markets andapplications for plasticfilms are developing allthe time. As a result,innovative materialsand film structures arecontinually introducedto keep pace withmarket demand.

    Taking advantage ofpotential growthdemands an integrated

    Collapsing frames andoscillating hauloffsAutomatic winders foryour unique productsFully integratedprocess controlsystemsSystems design andproject management

    Gloucesters blown filmexperts work with youduring equipment spec-ification, installation,startup, and ongoingoperation, providingconsultation and assis-tance long after theinstallation is complete.

    production systemflexible enough toadapt to thesechanges. Access to the newestand most specificproduction technology,and reliable technicalexpertise and support,is why leading filmproducers continuegrowing with blown filmsystems fromBattenfeld GloucesterEngineering.

    Broad range of extrudersizes for a variety ofapplications

    to production

    Technical expertise from planning

    Advanced screwdesign for high- quality melt

  • 5Superior Film for Demanding Applications Begins with Superior Extrusion

    Longevity andReliability

    The heavy-duty gearboxis designed for yearsof reliable operation.Hardened gears andhigh-capacity thrustbearings meet high torque requirementsand reduce operatingnoise, making allBattenfeld Gloucesterextruders a safe anddurable investment.

    the film. The innovativedesign of ourContracool Extruderscontrols this problemby directing heated airaway from the bubble.

    High-performance films for challenging processes

    Consistency in theProduction of FlatFilms

    Production of high-qualityfilm requires that everycomponent in the systemworks together. One ofthe most important stepsin this process requiresthe extruder to feed ahigh-quality melt at highvolume. To assure this,our exclusive Variable

    Lead Barrier Screw wasdeveloped for both oursmooth bore and grooved feed extruders.The VLB design provideshigh output and a consistently uniform meltacross a wide range ofpolymers.

    Rugged construction guarantees high-quality rolls

    Superior quality filmssuch as those used inlamination, metallizing,printing and otherconverting operationsare produced understrict specifications,and demand a highly

    controlled process. Forinstance, heated aircarelessly vented froman extruder can causefluctuations in thetemperature aroundthe bubble, which cancause gauge bands in

    Versatile die designsoffer innovative solutions

  • 6Precision Dies Deliver Uniform Layers and Flat Film

    Targeting from Automatic Packaging to High Barrier Applications

    This maximizesuniform flowdistribution for tightgauge control. Anoptimized shear rate is

    generated along thechannels to preventcarbon buildup or gelformation, speeding upproduct changeovers.

    All die components aremachined from highestaircraft grade drop-forged, through-hardened, and uniformlystress-relieved alloy steelto prevent distortionduring heat and coolcycles. The mass ofeach component isoptimized to providethermal homogeneityand maximum deflectionresistance throughout

    the die. The result isdimensional stabilityyielding exceptionallyuniform flow rate andsuperb gauge control.For maximum uptime,Gloucesters innovativetaper-lock, self-aligningdie parts can beassembled anddisassembled quicklyand easily at thecustomers plant; andthe die diameter and

    die gap can bechanged withoutchanging the entiredie. All flow surfacesare electroless nickel-plated as standard toresist abrasion andcorrosion; alternativecoatings are also available.

    Protective film for milk packaging

    Reliable films for consistent sealability

    Thermoformable high barrier films for food packaging

    Self-aligning features guaranteeuniform layer thicknesses

    Battenfeld Gloucestersdies are designed toeffectively process awide range ofmaterials. Computer-

    analyzed spiral flowchannels minimizeresidence time and lowflow areas to preventpolymer degradation.

  • 7Exceptional Cooling and Bubble Stabilization are Key Factors for High-Clarity Films

    Battenfeld Gloucesterhas system engineereda series of interrelatedtechnologies thatvirtually eliminatebubble instability atconsistently high

    outputs. The uniqueflow design of ouradjustable dual-lipUltraCool Air Ringprovides the widestrange of blow-upratios, the highest

    Internal Bubble Cooling(IBC) is a very dynamicprocess that exchangeslarge volumes of hotand cold air inside theblown film bubble foradditional film cooling.It is a proven way to

    Excellent optical properties areeasier to achieve using ourDigisonic IBC technology

    High transparency is essentialto enhance product appeal

    UltraCool advanced design offersup to 35% more throughput

    New or existing lines areenhanced with our UltraCool Air Ring

    Digisonic controlauto-balances blowerspeeds, trims airflow,and maintains superblayflat width accuracy.By using BattenfeldGloucesters patentedfixed-position sonicsensors, the systemcompensates for swayand offset bubbleposition, while providinga direct digital readoutof layflat width.

    Our patentedAutoprofile Air RingControl System workswith any Gloucester AirRing, adjusting airtemperature at preciseareas around the

    bubble circumferencein response to onlinegauging data.Battenfeld Gloucestersclosed loop controlsystem assures theflattest film in the

    industry. The Autopro-file control system canalso be applied toBattenfeld Gloucesterdies, thermally adjust-ing die lip temperaturesinstead of air ring temperatures.

    add up to 35% morethroughput to a blownfilm line. IBC supplieschilled air to the insideof the bubble throughan internal air ring whilehot air is removedthrough an exhaust

    stack. IBC systems arecomprised of twovariable-speedblowers, an optionalchiller coil, an airflowcontrol valve, and ourDigisonic IBC layflatcontrol system.

    cooling efficiency andthe tightest filmthickness control in theindustry. Thistranslates into faster,flatter and more cost-effective filmproduction.

  • 8Film is Flat and Smooth Before it Leaves the Tower

    film needed for high-speed converting. AnOscillating Hauloff letsyou avoid the expense,floor space, andmaintenance neededby rotating dies orplatforms.

    The Gloucester Air BoardCollapsing Frame uniformlyfloats the films entiresurface with regulatedairflow, virtually eliminatingfilm drag. Our compositeidler collapsers and slatcollapsers with low-frictioncovers are lower costalterna-tives that greatlyreduce bagginess in theweb caused by surfacedrag.

    Both the Vertical andHorizontal orTraversanip OscillatingHauloffs provide 100%randomization of thebubble usingcontinuous, smooth,nip roll oscillation. Itprovides the kind ofultra-flat randomized

    or horizontal Traversanip hauloffsdepending on film characteristics

    Low-friction components contribute to smooth flat film

    Select vertical

    As with extrusion andcooling, BattenfeldGloucester systemtechnologies bringunprecedentedprecision to collapsing,gauge randomization,

    and physical hauloff ofthe blown film web; allcontributing to flat filmthat converts at consis-tently high rates day inand day out.

  • 9Winding Smooth Rolls for High-Speed Conversion

    Battenfeld GloucesterSeries 1000 Winderscombine advancedengineering, heavy-dutyconstruction, andcentralized automatedcontrols. The diverseselection ofconfigurations andmodels assures

    optimum roll quality foryour uniqueapplication. Rigid physical structuring,such as massive sideframes and cross girts,eliminates vibration, soyou can increase speedwithout compromisingroll edge quality.

    Programmable logiccontrol (PLC), built intoSeries 1000 winders,provides more thanjust an excellent controlsystem. Software-based,your winders controlscan be readily custom-programmed to yourspecific production

    needs, then easily reprogrammed to matchfuture requirements. ACflux vector drives provideextended range winding control whether theproduct is a thin mulchfilm or a thick heavy-dutysack.

    Gloucester Series1000 Winders offer:

    Single or dual turretdesignsShafted or shaftlesswindingForward and reversewinding and cutoverLoad cell tensionmonitoring and controlClosed loop layon rollcontrol and optionalgap winding mode

    AC Flux Vector driveswith closed loop controldependent upon theapplicationSpeed matchedautomatic adhesivelesstransferCenter, surface, orcenter/surface windingWound roll diameters to60 (1520 mm)

    Surface winder Model 1021Dual turret winder Model 1008D Single turret winder Model 1031S

    To maximize profitabilityand flexibility,Gloucester offerstouchscreen controlson most Series 1000Winders allowing youeasy access to thePLC. Your operatorscan perform controlfunctions by just touch-ing the screen. Storedrecipes make customwinding setups easilyrepeatable.

  • 10

    Advanced, Easy to Use Process Control Systems

    Easy to learn and operate,Extrol is a powerful tool thatcontinually monitors andmanages all setpoints andparameters including:

    Vacuum loading, gravimetric blending, andlayer thickness controlAutoprofile film thicknesscontrolDrive speed andtemperature controlzonesAuto-trending of all datainputs, including process

    Best of all, you canaccess your Extrolsystem from just aboutanywhere, thanks toExtrol Anywhere andExLink technology.The Extrol Anywheresystem provides se-curedial-in access fromvirtually any PC,enabling Gloucesterpersonnel or your staffto quickly andconveniently access

    off-line or auxiliaryfunctions. Stored prod-uct recipes allow quickline startup and change-over with completerepeatability. And wedesigned our exclusiveExtrol technology with

    investment protectionin mind. Softwareenhancements andupgrades integrateseamlessly with yourinstalled system so itnever becomes obso-lete. That means you

    can maintain the latestcontrol functionalitywithout incurring thecosts or disruption ofa major overhaul.

    The BattenfeldGloucester Extrolsystem gives yousingle-point control ofevery component andprocess on your line,from material feedingto film winding even

    tempera-tures, meltpressure, drive RPM andcurrentFull data logging ofalarms and eventsData links with othercomputers, networksFully automated orderlystartup and shutdownAutomatic ramping of alldrivesOn-demand SPC/SQCdata and reportsSophisticated safetylogic

    Single-point line control

    system control andstatus information atany time. ExLinktechnology enablesyou to downloadproduction informationto any networked PC,for user-customizeddata analysis andarchiving. Of courseall remote access ispassword-protected.

    Compact AcuraBlendgravimetric system

  • Outstanding Service and Support

    Extensive Blown Film Technical Center

    Battenfeld GloucesterEngineerings worldclass Technical Centeroffers the mostextensive blown filmlaboratory in NorthAmerica. The facilitiesprovide a state-of-the-art platform for a widevariety of tasksincluding industrial and

    Battenfeld GloucesterEngineering

    For over 40 years,Battenfeld GloucesterEngineering has beenthe worlds leadingmanufacturer ofextrusion systems forblown and cast film,sheet, foam, and bagmaking. The companyhas productionfacilities in the United

    Gloucester is your singlesource for technical,turnkey installation,maintenance, processand market trendsexpertise, freeing you tofocus on your corebusiness.

    States, Europe and thePeoples Republic ofChina. BattenfeldGloucester is part ofthe SMS group, theleading global supplierof machinery, systems,and automation for themanufacture of plasticproducts.

    Support includes:Complete processconsultationAccess to ourtechnical center formaterial andequipment evaluationon production-sizedequipment

    customer R&D,process training, prod-uct development, andtechnologypresentation.

    Gloucesters world-wide network of skilled,knowledgeableservice engineersComprehensive engineering servicesConsultation onmaterials

    Our extensiveinventory of partsand supplies Market trends

    State-of-the-art technicalcenter

    Outstanding installation expertise Extensive spare parts inventory andknowledgeable customer support


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