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Berman Family. Sally, Stephanie, Laura, Mike July 4, 2011. Ootz in Florida 7-2007. Steph, Sally, Mike, Susan, Terry. Grandpa Ootz turns 85!. Dinner with the Florida relatives. 7-2007. Justine and Mike’s wedding 6-2005. Paul, Justine, Mike, Jill, Graham - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Berman FamilySally, Stephanie, Laura, MikeJuly 4, 2011

  • Ootz in Florida 7-2007Steph, Sally, Mike, Susan, Terry

  • Grandpa Ootz turns 85!Dinner with the Florida relatives. 7-2007

  • Justine and Mikes wedding 6-2005Paul, Justine, Mike, Jill, Graham

    (The following 4 slides are from this wedding.)

  • Grandma Mary, Susan, Grandpa Ootz 6-2005

  • Laura, Grandma Mary, Aunt Syl, StephMary passed away in March of 2006.Syl passed away in March of 2007.

  • Ootz with Mike and Sally, Mike and Susan

  • Susan and Terry Hess

  • Laura, Grandpa Ootz, and Stephanie 7-2006Ootz passed away in January of 2011.

  • Carol, Mike, Susan, Arnold, and Ootz 12-2007Carol and Arnold have just moved to Florida.

  • Uncle Mels 85th birthday celebration.

  • 1985

  • Aunt Syl, Laura, Grandma Mary, Stephanie, Aunt BeaAunt Bea passed away in 1996.