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You can spend the majority of your time trying to optimize your site for search engines or spending hard-earned money on marketing techniques, like pay-per-click. Luckily, there are easier ways to attract more visitors to your website in less time, and for free!


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2. The main goal of website owners is a heavy traffic flow. Trying to accomplish that on your own can be difficult. You can spend the majority of your time trying to optimize yoursite for search engines or spending hard-earned money onmarketing techniques, like pay-per-click. Luckily, there are easierways to attract more visitors to your website in less time, and forfree! Here are some of the best ways you can get other people todirect traffic to your 3. Become a Guest Blogger A lot of popular bloggers will solicit submissions fromguest writers to post to their site. Even some bloggerswho dont advertise a desire to have a guest blogger ontheir site may be open to the idea of accepting guestposts, so long as you give them reasons for using yourpost.For example:You can offer to:Trade article space with the blogger, letting them postto your site as well, includes their affiliate links in yourarticle so that they will still be able to make money whena reader buys their productGive them some free advertising by writing a glowing www.thenetresearcher.comreview of them in your newsletter or on your 4. Recruit People to Your Affiliate Program One of the best ways to sell more products throughother peoples traffic is by asking them to take part inyour affiliate program.For example:If you are selling digital products, offering a 50%commission to your affiliates could be very enticing.Offer a higher rate for those who send a lot of site trafficyour way, Consider offering additional perks too, like bonuses ordiscounts to their customers. An easy way to set up your own affiliate program fordigital merchandise is through It also works as a payment www.thenetresearcher.comprocessor. 5. Swap Blog Links Blogrolling is a fantastic way to trade blog linkswith your fellow bloggers who focus on your niche.This has the long-term benefit of being listedpermanently on the front page of another personsblog. Also, if the blog has a high Google Page Rank,youll benefit from the search engine optimizationthat comes with trading blog links with that blogger.Include keywords in your anchor text for your link, 6. Swap Newsletter Articles If the idea of trading content seemsgreat, think about the possibility of tradingnewsletters with other people who focuson the same topics as you. When youre visiting other blogs, findout if they post their newsletter issues totheir blogs. Then youll also have theadded benefit of a backlinks andcontinuous 7. Team Up To Promote If you offer a similar product or serviceoffered by another marketer, considerswapping product links with them on yourdownload or thank you pages. You couldalso see if the marketer would beinterested in using their affiliate link todirect traffic to your product sales page. This is a great way to draw responsivetraffic. When people have already made apurchase of one product, they could stillbe in the mood to buy 8. Trade Links on Your Confirmation Pages Subscription confirmation pages are another great place totrade links. You may also consider trading endorsements in thewelcome emails you send to new subscribers. 9. Consider Joint Mailings If you sell physical merchandise, lookfor other marketers who sell relatedphysical goods as well. Request that theyinclude a flyer advertising your productswith any shipment they send out, and offerto do the same for them. You can find marketers that sell largequantities of products similar or related toyour own on sites like eBay. 10. Offer to Interview Marketers Some of the larger marketers in your niche maynot agree to some of the other suggestions wevegone over, especially if you are still an unknown inthe blogosphere and have a small amount of traffic. They may be open to the idea of being interviewed,though, maybe via teleseminar. If theyre keen on theidea, they may help with advertising your interview,which means more free traffic for you! Dont forget to mention your website during theinterview, ensuring additional traffic long after theinterview has been 11. Co-Author Articles Another option to consider is writing an article withanother marketer. You can write an article togetherabout tips that focus on your niche. Youll both benefit from the additional traffic whenthey post it to their blog and mention it to 12. Make Rebrandable ReportsWith tools like, you can get traffic sent to youwhen you create rebrandable reports. This means allowingothers to change the affiliate links in a report you create. Then,anyone distributing that report will have the chance to makemoney on the backend. 13. By implementing some, or all, ofthese simple techniques, youll see a greater boost in your Internet traffic and in less time. This will save youplenty of time and money, just byusing the traffic generated byanother persons