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  • 1. Steps inRecruitmentand Selection Presented by: Bhawna rajora 117510BBM 206

2. RECRUITMENTRecruitment is the process of searching the candidates for employment and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organisation.2 3. Steps of recruitment process Identify vacancyJob description and person specificationFinding Candidates Managing application processShort-Listing 4. Waitinglist/ Transfers casual callers Promotions Placement. agencies Web publishing Campus calling Media dvertise 5. Web Publishing 6. Campus Recruitment 7. SELECTIONBy Nisha Hariyani 8. Selection:selection can be defined as discovering mostpromising and most suitable candidate to fillup the vacant job position in theorganization. 9. How crucial is selection process? 10. SELECTION SelectingPOSITIVE OUTCOMERejectingthe right candidatethe wrong candidateSelecting NEGATIVE OUTCOME Rejecting the wrong candidate the correct candidateSELECTING THE MOST SUITABLE CANDIDATE IS OBJECTIVE OF SELECTION 11. Its better not to selectthen selecting a bad candidate 12. Selection processPreliminary interviewSelection test Employment interviewReference checkPhysical examinationSelection decision&Job offer 13. SELECTION TESTS Trade testInterest testAptitude test Personality test 14. THANK YOU

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