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1. . C RFD Fix A. i'__[-: '._ LXQQ7: * .1} L:, v.A .- a - vs 1 A"I: j__I_| -.___. 3. H '.I "4 rd .vi .I '4i'i. ;-ii-'5';' We define big data as data VOLUME greater Fifi : , than a petabyte,and systems and solutions_ . , ., .5 that utilize a VARIETY of data types with "-- ~- _ "increasing VELOCITY.P I,_g _, ,, i - J.I3 .:1 BCURRENT STATE18% already have a big data initiative 43% will within 10 years TOP THREE LEADERS of 60/ I d h Brsvararnrrrarrves gerszsrz.e 247 O in size I 30% 0,03; guggy 38% will IT Business Chain Within 10 Years3 Most CommonTechniques for MANAGING BIG DATA 67% 52%47% Visualization Cloud-Based R Tools Analytics (Predictive Analytics) Those with a Big Data Initiative Perform Significantly Better on Using Data Related to: SUPPIY ChainVisibility 55/ o VS 36/ oProduct Traceability61% Vs 38%Geo-Location and Mapping45% V3 27% Unstructured Data in Warranty and Quality36% vs 21%a Internet of Things42% vs 26% RFID Transmissions36% vs 20% TOP 5 MISCONCEPTIONS Requires Vast Sums of Money Requires Data Cleaning Focused on Works with ShUId 36 i I Data Volume Existing Led by IT Supply Chain Insights Technology RECOMMENDATIONS Providers START SMALL AND A COURSE CORRECT CLOSELY FOLLOW THE WORK oi:STABILIZE THE INDUSTRY LEADERS INVESTMENT IN LEGACY SYSTEMSTRAIN A TEAM IMAGINE THE FUTURE OF ON BIG DATA SUPPLY CHAIN:TECHNIQUES FORMULATE A ROADMAPCheck Out the Full Report:Big Data and Analytics:The New Underpinning for Supply Chain Success? (based on research by Supply Chain Insights LLC,2014-2015) www. tinyur| .com/ SCI-BigData2015Reportee*5;, I; I', f*5Chain II'l$igI'| tS" Supp| yChainInsights_com is