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  • AARP Foundation WorkSearchAdvisor-Led Training

    Womens Scholarship ProgramHelping women 40+ discover new lives and new futures

  • Expanding opportunitiEs: aarp Foundation and nBsa

    Due to the overwhelming response received by the

    Womens Scholarship Program, AARP Foundation has

    now expanded its program to award hundreds of

    advisor-led training scholarships each year. Provided

    through the National Business Services Alliance (NBSA),

    advisor-led training is designed to give workers the

    skills to get a better job and earn morein 12 weeks

    or less. The creators of AARP Foundations WorkSearch

    system, NBSA helps thousands of mature workers

    achieve job success through its career planning, job

    readiness training and employment services.

    AARP Foundation selected NBSA to provide the ALT

    program because NBSA is the nations only university-

    endorsed skills certification organization. Backed

    by a nationwide alliance of respected universities

    strategically positioned across the country, NBSA

    delivers large-scale solutions for a variety of national

    workforce challenges. This expansive reach allows

    allows the AARP Foundation to simultaneously

    develop the job skills of more than 100,000 members

    from coast to coast.

    The AARP Foundation is dedicated to creating new opportunities for mature workers to improve their financial security and personal well-being, with an emphasis on those at greatest risk.

    Toward that end, AARP Foundation established the Womens Scholarship Program to enable mature women to participate in education and training opportunities they could not otherwise afford.

  • With WorkSearchS advisor-lEd training WomEn Can:

    start right aWay

    With advisor-led training (ALT), theres no need to wait for the

    start of a semester. You can enroll right away.

    gEt pErsonalizEd support

    ALT Training Advisors work one-on-one with program

    participants to help them get the most from their certification

    program. Theyll guide enrollees through every step of the

    program and develop a personalized learning plan thats right

    for them.

    Earn a CErtiFiCation to provE thEyrE JoB rEady

    Upon program completion, participants earn a certification

    endorsed by a leading university. This demonstrates to

    employers that certificate holders possess the right skills and

    are motivated and eager to work.

    land an in-dEmand JoB

    The programs extensive labor market research ensures that

    training is focused on the nations most in-demand job roles.

    With a strong emphasis on employment assistance, the ALT

    program helps prepare students to land those jobs.

    makE morE monEy

    Its a fact: workers with in-demand skills earn bigger paychecks

    and enjoy a better quality of life. Whether theyre looking

    for training to reenter the workforce or to get a better job,

    advisor-led training can put mature workers on the fast track

    to career success.

    I completed my course with NBSA and have a customer service certificate that I have been using with my resum. I start my new job on June 23rd with a health insurance company. I am looking forward to the job. I really think the certificate helped me.

    Donna M. Sewickly, PA Customer Service Representative Certification

  • mary CollEtt

    Certifications: Essential Medical Office Skills Medical Assistant Medical Administrative Assistant

    Issued by: Rutgers University Division of Continuous Education & Outreach

    Despite her educational background as a nursing assistant, Mary Collett was having

    a difficult time finding a job in her chosen field. Working part-time hours as a

    housekeeper to make ends meet, Mary was eventually able to secure an AARP

    scholarship that allowed her to enroll in NBSAs online certification programs. NBSA

    sounded great, Mary said. The best part was that it was online and that I didnt

    have to be in a classroom. I could work when I needed.

    Because NBSA allows students to earn unlimited

    certifications during their enrollment period, Mary

    was able to earn three different medical certifications.

    Within 12 weeks, Mary had landed a job working at an

    area hospitals medical surgical unit.

    NBSA changed my life. There were other people

    up for the position, but I got the job because of my

    certifications, Mary said. I couldnt have done it this

    fast without NBSA. If Id chosen community college, Id

    still be in school.

    Currently working full-time at the hospital and

    pursuing a full nursing degree at a local community

    college, Mary wrote her Training Advisor with an

    update on her progress. Things are going great at

    my new job at Mary Breckenridge Hospital. Thank you

    for helping me accomplish my goal and to provide a

    better life for my family and all the people that I get a

    chance to help every day. I will never forget what you

    have done for me.

    Whether its the personal support and guidance provided by our Training Advisors or the quality of our course work, AARP Foundation and NBSA are making a difference in our students lives every day. But dont just take our word for it, listen to what our students have to say.

    NBSA changed my life. There were other people up for the position, but I got the job because of my certifications.

  • nahEd ghoBrial

    Certification: Medical Assistant

    Issued by: Louisiana State University, Continuing Education

    A former physician in Egypt, Nahed Ghobrial immigrated to the United States in

    2006 to provide a better future for her three children. Upon settling in Greenville,

    South Carolina, however, Ghobrial discovered that continuing to work as a

    physician simply wasnt an option. I tried to work in a doctors office, just as an

    assistant, but no one would hire me, she explained while speaking from her home

    this past September.

    Despite her 20 years of experience as a doctor, Ghobrial learned that she would

    have to attend an additional year of medical school in order to practice as a

    physician in the United States. Unfortunately for Ghobrial, the nearest medical

    school was two hours away, and taking a year off to attend school full-time simply

    wasnt an affordable option for the mother of three.

    Unable to find work in the medical field, the former physician worked at a local

    Sams Club, an area Subway restaurant and finally at a factory, working a 12-hour

    overnight shift as a quality control technician.

    While attending courses at an area community college,

    Ghobrial saw a notice about an AARP Womens

    Scholarship program. After applying, Ghobrial was

    notified that she had secured a scholarship with

    NBSA. Soon after she began her Medical Assistant

    certification program.

    Although Ghobrial had learned English in her native Egypt, she was concerned that

    her language skills might pose an obstacle during her telephone sessions with her

    Training Advisor. Happily that wasnt the case. I never had a problem; my Training

    Advisor was very nice and patient with me, she said, adding, I felt comfortable

    working with all these people because they all wanted to help.

    In just five weeks, Ghobrial was able to earn her certification and soon applied for

    a job as a medical assistant with a hospital in Toledo, Ohio. In addition to helping

    Ghobrial with her resum, NBSAs support staff even couriered her certification to

    the hospital.

    Set to begin her new job in late October, Ghobrial said shes looking forward

    to working again in the medical field. She also explained that she plans to

    get fully certified as a physician in the United States. This is the first step,

    because [in Ohio] I can go to college and I can study. I want to do it. I want

    to get the qualification for my certificate to be a physician again.

    Clearly excited about her new opportunity, Ghobrial says working in a

    hospital will be so much easier than a factory. Its good to get a job that

    I love. I want to thank the NBSA program for giving me a chance.

    Its good to get a job that I love. I want to thank the NBSA program for giving me a chance.

  • ina JorgE

    Certification: Technical Writer Personnel Manager Supervisor/Manager

    Issued by: Rutgers University Division of Continuous Education & Outreach

    For Ina Jorge, earning an NBSA certification was a way to increase her responsibility and earning potential in her newfound career. When I received my NBSA scholarship, I wanted to know what [certifications] would be good to enhance the job Im doing now, Jorge said. After working for years in the pharmaceutical industry, Jorge had recently transitioned to a new career as an operations supervisor in a biomedical testing lab.

    Upon consulting with her NBSA Training Advisors, Jorge decided on a path to improve and validate her management and communications skills. During her 12-week enrollment period, Jorge was able to earn three certifications: Personnel Manager, Supervisor/Manager and Technical Writer.

    Im a supervisor, so the NBSA program really enhanced the skills that I need to use in managing people, Jorge said. Getting the certifications enabled me to document and validate my skills.

    Talking about her writing and management skills, Jorge said, I thought I was good at it, I got better at it, and now I can prove it, which is great. She said her newfound confidence enabled