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  • 1. By Sophie Paige Griffiths

2. With regards to the inspiration for my second ancillary product: I strongly admired the Skins poster. With the close up of a specific main character and then a back effect of other characters creeping into the poster. This is something that I am going to consider for the layout of my poster portraying each character at different angles and going further back in the style of a backwards triangle. I have made a basic structured plan of the layout I am going to use my poster, With regards to the images of my characters, I plan on taking them all separately with an emotion that relates to their character for example Harriett will look extremely moody and un-happy as she is a run away teen. The facial expressions of the characters will also allow the audience to get to know what each character is like (personality of the characters).Basic layout of how I am going to put the characters on the poster: 3. Here is a print screen to show how we cut out with the magic wand tool the outside of eachcharacter. 4. Here is the overall image of one of our characters after cutting out the green. 5. Here is another image of two of our charactersthat I used for my poster. 6. Here is a print screen to show my use of the magic wand with my partner. This showsapart of the green being selected by the wand and ready to be cut out to a whitebackground. 7. Once I cut out all of my characters Images Ibegan to place them next to each other how Iplanned and then began to add different imagesinto the background to create a backgroundwhich reflected my show and audience. 8. Here is another print-screen of my poster in progress with more images added to the background. 9. In order to make my audience aware that theshow is represented by E4 I used the E4style guide in order to get theplaster/tape E4 affect which is popularlyused by most posters and billboards on E4 Ithen uploaded it to publisher and insertedmy text through a text box and rotated it. Ialso researched a scribbled out logo which Iadded to my text.