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<ul><li><p>Biography </p><p>Melvin J. Gravely II, Ph.D. </p><p> Melvin Gravely is the majority shareholder and Chief Executive Officer of TriVersity Construction </p><p>Company. Under his leadership, the commercial construction firm has established itself as one of the </p><p>leading companies of its kind in the region. With 2016 revenues of $86 million, Gravelys success and </p><p>attention is focused on building a strong executive team, developing a solid strategic business platform and </p><p>paying close attention to the customer experience. He has quickly become known as an innovator in the </p><p>construction industry by leveraging the power of diversity to deliver better solutions to customers and </p><p>aggressive growth for the business. </p><p>Mel Gravely has more than 26 years of business management, sales and strategy experience including </p><p>Fortune 500 positions with The Timken Company and IBM. Gravely believes in empowering individuals to </p><p>perform at their best. He has a personal passion for supporting the growth and development of women and </p><p>minorities in business. </p><p>Gravely is also the founder of the Institute for Entrepreneurial Thinking, Ltd. The Institute is a think-tank </p><p>focused on getting the best results from minority business development initiatives. He is seen as one of the </p><p>leading national thinkers on the topic of minority business development. Gravely, is the author of nine </p><p>books on business success, leadership and minority entrepreneurship. His latest; The Capacity to Succeed: </p><p>Fulfilling the Mission of Minority Business Development. </p><p>He is an active civic leader. His current activities include the Board Chair of Spring Grove Funeral Homes, </p><p>Board of Directors of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce, Society for Marketing </p><p>Professional Services Foundation (SMPS), African American Chamber of Commerce, United Way of </p><p>Greater Cincinnati and TriVersity Construction Company, the executive committee for ArtsWave, the </p><p>advisory board of the Minority Business Accelerator and an Advisor for Glad River Ventures. </p><p>Gravely graduated from the University of Mount Union with a degree in computer science. He has a </p><p>Masters in Business Administration from Kent State University and a doctorate degree from The Union </p><p>Institute and University. </p><p>Gravely leads TriVersity, which is one of the top ten commercial builders in the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana </p><p>tri-state region. TriVersity has offices in Cincinnati and Indianapolis and offers construction </p><p>management, general contracting and design build services. The company portfolio spans the industry </p><p>and is fueled by a diverse and empowered team of professionals who strive to create vibrant </p><p>communities. </p></li></ul>


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