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  • 1. Blended Learning Interactive Lectures, Games, Badges & SCORM

2. Interactive Online Lectures 3. How it Works 4. Interactive LecturesWorkflow Workflow You: Provide lecture materials(PowerPoints) with questions and answers Me: Create the interactive lecture, wrap it in SCORM and upload it to your module You: Get useful automated data Students: Get an interactive learning experience & immediate feedback 5. Step 1 Provide Your PowerPoint Lectures,Questions, Answers and Feedback (optional) 6. Step 2 Import it into Adobe Captivate & programmequestions interspersed throughout or at the end 7. Add options Question Types:Step 3MCQs, TF, Matching, FITB, Hotspot, Calculation, Short Answer Points per question Passing score # Tries per question Optional Feedback slides Add optional interactivity Twitter YouTube streaming In-lecture web browsing Games 8. Step 4 Package as SCORM & Upload to the VLE More options on the VLE: timed, # attempts 9. Grade Centre Data 10. Insightful data 11. and info Automatically feed scoresmean? into the What does it Grade Centre Reports generated and sent to Tutors Students get immediate feedback, opportunity to practice digital skills Instructors get insight into how students are learning online Flipping the Classroom 12. Games 13. Why Games They are just MCQs Students get immediate feedback Engaging: Increased student motivation They are fun 14. Millionaire 15. Badges 16. Have a Play In the VLE: FBS Blended Learning Organisation > Learning Interactions (top left menu) 17. Next Time Flash Cards The 5-minute WriteUp