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BOCUBE USPs 1 BOPLA Product Marketing - M. Bünte 23.11.2012

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BOCUBE USPs. BOCUBE - general features. Innovative, functional , yet elegant enclosure design Full-range enclosure family features 11 different variants and sizes Various innovative standard features and optional accessories - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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USPs1BOPLA Product Marketing - M. Bnte23.11.20122BOPLA Product Marketing - M. Bnte23.11.2012BOCUBE - general features

Innovative, functional, yet elegant enclosure design

Full-range enclosure family features 11 different variants and sizes

Various innovative standard features and optional accessories

Customer- and application specific adaptions available via BOPLAs manufacturing services223.11.2012BOPLA Product Marketing - M. Bnte3BOCUBE external design features

Recessed area ensures a perfect integration of membrane keypads or decorative foilsSmooth and easy-to-clean overall surface design with no visible screw holesGlossy surface finish reflects the high quality standard.High degree of protection up to IP66 / 67.Reliably protects sensitive electronic componnets even in harsh environmental conditions23.11.2012BOPLA Product Marketing - M. Bnte4BOCUBE external design features

Lots of mounting space for connectors, cable glands operating elements, etc.Opportunities for personalisation and colour coding29.10.2012BOPLA Product Marketing - M. Bnte5BOCUBE combined catch and hinge mechanism

No need for special assembly tools.It just takes a hand to mount and a simple flat screwdriver to operate the catch.Minimum number of parts.Time-saving and efficient assembly diagnosis servicingNon-volatile enclosure parts cannot get lost in everyday use.Functional elements of the catch / hinge mechanism are getting covered and hidden when closed.23.11.2012BOPLA Product Marketing - M. Bnte6BOCUBE combined catch and hinge mechanism

Lid opens up widely for convenient diagnosis and servicing.Either sides catch mechanism can be used as a hinge.

This ensures a flexible adaption to the available mounting space inside the application.An optional locking pin prevents the catch from accidental operation and the enclosure from being opened unintentionally.

Internal wiring is being protected effectively.

Pin inside => hingePin outside => catch23.11.2012BOPLA Product Marketing - M. Bnte7BOCUBE combined catch and hinge mechanism

Unauthorised access can be blocked by using a lead-wire seal

For those customers / users who should feel more comfortable by fastening the lid using conventional screws BOCUBE features an screw mounting option as well.Screws are fully hidden underneath the catch / hinge mechanism which ensures a clean outside appearance.23.11.2012BOPLA Product Marketing - M. Bnte8

+ 2 basic enclosure colours light grey anthracite6 catch colours light grey anthracite red blue yellow greenUnlimited opportunities for colour coding and efficient personalisation. BOCUBE combined catch and hinge mechanism23.11.2012BOPLA Product Marketing - M. Bnte9BOCUBE Transparent lid and front panel (options)

Optical signalisation and displays are easily visible while the sensitive electronic componnets are well protected.A front panel can be mounted in order to provide: Protection against accidental contact with electronic components

Mounting space for signalisation and operating elements23.11.2012BOPLA Product Marketing - M. Bnte10BOCUBE Internal mounting space

PCBs may be mounted inside the enclosures body part and lid.

This ensures an optimum utilisation of the mounting space and thus smaller overall dimensions of the electronic device.Cost efficient rectangular PCBs with no need for complicated and expensive machining.23.11.2012BOPLA Product Marketing - M. Bnte11BOCUBE Fields of applicationBOCUBE

Combines the most important product features of BOPLAs EUROMAS and RCP series in one innovative product.

Is suitable for use in all traditional EUROMAS applications.

Provides the user with an increased efficiency in both assembly and everyday use when compared with a EUROMAS enclosure

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