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  • 1. SERIES - I

2. QUIREQUIRE 24 Sheets of paper together are known as QUIREQUIRE 3. EWEREWER Large water jug is known as EWEREWER 4. GAVELS The hammer used by judges in courts and autionee is known as GAVELSGAVELS 5. AISLEAISLE The passageway b/w seats in trains or planes is known as AILSEAILSE 6. ARMOIREARMOIRE Large wardrobe are known as ARMOIREARMOIRE 7. LAYOVELAYOVE RR Short stays in-between journeys is known as LAYOVERLAYOVER 8. TUFFSTUFFS Rocks formed from volcanic ashes is known as TUFFSTUFFS 9. CONDIMENTCONDIMENT The substances used to add flavour to food is known as CONDIMENTCONDIMENT 10. PARABLES Stories with morals are known as PARABLES 11. TAPERTAPER Thin candles are known as TAPERSTAPERS 12. SEMIOTICSSEMIOTICS The study of signs(symbols not signature) is known as SEMIOTICSSEMIOTICS 13. DRAWLDRAWL A Slow way of speaking is known as DRAWL 14. ETUIETUI A case for holding small articles are known as ETUIETUI 15. RUNGRUNG The horizontal support in a ladder for keeping foot for the person climbing the ladder 16. REFUTEREFUTE Refute means to prove (a person/ a statement) 17. ISLETSISLETS Small islands are known as islets 18. FANTHOMFANTHOM A unit of length 1 fanthom = 1.83 meters 19. SPEARSSPEARS It refers to sharp pointed weapons 20. DOZEDOZE A light sleep is referred to as doze 21. TWIGTWIG Small branch of tree is named as twig