bridgeport city supervisors association contract

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AGREEM NT between THE CITY OF BRIDGEPORT and ASSOCIATION July 1, 1999 to June 30, 2003

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July 1, 1999 to June 30, 2003

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Preamble 01Article 1 .. Recognition............................................................................................. 01Article 2 - Management Rights........................................................................... 02Article 3 - Check-Off................................................................................................... 02Article 4 - Sub-Contract.......................................................................................... 04Article 5 .. Top Seniority....................................................................................... 04Article 6 .. Holidays...................................................................................................... 04Article 7 - Hours of Work and Overtime................................................ 05Article 8 .. Seniority................................................................................................... 06Article 9 .. Lay-Off and Recall........................................................................ 07Article 10 .. Disciplinary Procedure............................................................ 08Article 11 - Grievance and Arbitration Procedure..................... 09Article 12 - Wages............................................................................................................... 11Article 13 - Civil service Applicability............................................. 13Article 14 .. Call Back Pay....................................................................................... 13Article 15 .. Longevi-ty................................................................................................... 13Article 16 - Night Bonus............................................................................................. 14Article 17 - Wearing Apparel................................................................................. 14Article 18 - vacations................................................................................................... 14Article 19 .. Insurance................................................................................................... 16Article 20 .. Pension Plan.......................................................................................... 20Article 21 .. Sick Leave................................................................................................ 20Article 22 .. Personal Leave.................................................................................... 22Article 23 .. Bereavement Leave........................................................................... 22Article 24 - Leaves of Absences........................................................................ 22Article 25 .. Pregnancy Leave................................................................................. 23Article 26 .. Worker'.s Compensation............................................................... 24Article 27 .. Jury Duty................................................................................................... 25Article 28 .. Transfers :......................................... 25Article 29 .. Shift Preference.............................................................................. 26Article 30 - Rest Periods.......................................................................................... 26Article 31 - Nondiscrimination........................................................................... 26Article 32 .. Bargaining Unit,................................................................................ 27Article 33 - Association Activities............................................................ 27Article 34 - Bulletin Boards................................................................................. 28Article 35 - Copies of the Contract ~................................................ 28Article 36 - Savings Clause.................................................................................... 28Article 37 .. Termination............................................................................................. 29Article 38 .. Retro-Active Payments :.............................................. 29Article 39 .. Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 29Article 40 - Public Health Nursing Supervisors........................... 31Article 41 .. Payment of Tuition........................................................................ 31Article 42 - Application to Retirees and Others

Separated from City Service....................................... 32Article 43 - Americans with Disabilities Act................................. 32Article 44 .. Drug Test:Lng.......................................................................................... 32

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Article 45 - Supervisory Training..................................................................... 32Signature Page.............................................................................................................................. 33Exhibit A - Job Titles...................................................................................................... 34Exhibit B Thirty-Five Hour Per Week Employees........................... 38Exhibit C All City Employees Subject to City Hall Hours 42Exhibit D Overtime Payment....................................................................................... 43Exhibit E Distribution of Overtime............................................................... 44Exhibit F Compensatory Time.................................................................................... 45Exhibi t G Medical Plan 47Exhibit H Vision Care Benefits........................................................................... 50

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Agreement between the City of Bridgeport, Connecticut and theBridgeport City Supervisors Association, Inc,


This Agreement is entered into by the City of Bridgeport,hereinafter referred to as the Employer, and the Bridgeport CitySupervisors Association, hereinafter referred to as the Associationor Bridgeport City Supervisor Association (BCSA).


1.1 The Employer recognizes the Association as the sole andexclusive bargaining agent for the purpose of establishingsalaries, wages, hours and other terms and conditions of employmentfor all of those supervisory and professional employees in the Cityof Bridgeport, (listed by classifications herein, (see Exhibit Aattached hereto) .

1.2 The Association recognizes the Mayor of the City of Bridgeportor his/her designated representative or representatives as the solerepresentative of the City of Bridgeport for the purpose ofcollective bargaining. The Association further agrees to bargainin good faith with the Mayor or his/her designated representativeon all matter relating to wages, hours and other terms andconditions of employment.

1.3 Any acting or provisional employees who occupies a positionrecognized in the BCSA after 121 consecutive days in said positionshall thereafter be considered a member of the BCSA, and be subjectto the obligations and benefits of this collective bargainingagreement. No employee shall be placed in an acting role in anysuch position unless said employee is eligible to fill thatposition on a provisional basis, and provided that no permanentmember of BCSA on its layoff or recall list is eligible to serve inthat position.


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Except as expressly modified or restricted by a specificprovision of this agreement, all statutory and inherent rights,prerogatives and functions are retained and vested exclusively inthe City, including but not. limited to the rights, in accordancewith its sole and exclusive judgment and discretion, to recruit,select, train, promote, discipline, transfer,layoff and dischargepersonnel; determine the number and type of positions,organizational structure and technology required to provideservices; define the duties and responsibilities of each positionand department; acquire and maintain the essential equipment,technology and facilities to conduct the business of providingservices; contract for services with other units of governmentand/or with private contractors for the provision of services to orby the City subj ect to the provisions of Section 4.1 hereof;establish and amend policy, procedures, rules and regulationsregarding employee standards of conduct and the manner in whichwork is performed; perform the tasks and exercise the authoritiesgranted by statue, charter and ordinance to municipal corporations.The failure to exercise any right, prerogative, or function herebyreserved to it, or the City's exercise of any such right,prerogative, or function hereby reserved to it, or the City'sexercise of any such right, prerogative, or function in aparticular way, shall not be considered a waiver of the City'sright to exercise such a right, prerogative or function or precludeit from exercising the same in other way not in conflict with theexpress provisions of this agreement. The City shall not exerciseits management rights in violation of its obligations under MERA(the CT Municipal Relations Act. Conn. Gen. Stat #7-467, et seq.).The reference to the 'City" herein shall be deemed to include thecivil Service Commission of t~e City of Bridgeport but shall notexpand such Commission's pow' s under the City Charter.


3.1 The City agrees to deduct from the pay of all employeescovered by this Agreement, who authorize such deductions from theirwages in writing, such membership dues and initiation fees as maybe uniformly assessed by the Association. When an employee doesnot have sufficient money due him/her, after deductions have beenmade for Pension or other deductions required by law, Associationdues for such deduction period shall be deducted in a pay period inwhich the employee has sufficient funds due him/her. It is alsoagreed that neither any employee nor the Union shall have any claimagainst the City for errors in the processing of deductions unlessa claim of error is made in writing to the City within thirty (30)


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days after the date such deductions were or should have been made.It is also agreed that the obligation of the City for fundsactually deducted under this Section terminates upon the deliveryof the deductions so made to the person authorized by theAssociation to receive such funds from the City.

3.2 Deduction Period: The remittance to the Association for anymonth shall be made during the fourth (4th) payroll week of saidmonth and shall be remitted to the Association, together with alist of names of employees from whose wages such deductions havebeen made, no later than the fifteenth (15th) day of the followingmonth.

3.3 Association Security - Agency Shop: It shall be a conditionof employment that all employees of the Employer covered by thisAgreement who are members of the Union in good standing on theeffective (execution) date of this Agreement shall remain membersin good standing of the Association during the term of theAgreement. It shall be a condition of employment that allemployees covered by this Agreement who are not members of theUnion on the effective date of this Agreement shall on the thirty­first (31st) day following the effective date of this Agreementbecome and remain members in good standing in the Association orpay to the Association an amount equal to dues payable byAssociation members during the term of the Agreement.

It shall also be a condition of employment that all employeescovered by this Agreement and hired on or after its effective(execution) date shall, on the 181st day following the beginning ofsuch employment become and remain members in good standing in theAssociation, or pay to the Association an amount equal to duespayable by members during the term of Agreement. All such duesshall be automatically payroll deducted and remitted to theAssociation.

3.4 The Association agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Cityfor any loss or damage arising from the operation of this Article.It is also agreed that neither any employee nor the Associationshall have any claim against the City for any deductions made ornot made, as the case may be, unless a claim of error is made inwriting to the City within thirty (30) calendar days after the datesuch deductions were or should have been made.


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4.1 The City agrees that it will not contract or subcontract anywork presently being performed by employees in the bargaining unitin the following departments or categories: Department of PublicFacilities; General Clerical Group; Building and Maintenance Group.

This shall not prevent the City from contracting or subcontractingsupplementary or emergency service which employees in thebargaining unit are unable to perform during their regular hours ofwork.

4.2 The provisions of this Article as they apply to Building andMaintenance Group may be reopened and again subject to collectivebargaining under MERA at any time after July 1, 2001 upon notice bythe City.


Officers and Stewards of the Association shall have topseniority in the event of a,layoff, vacation and all conditions ofemployment.


6.1 The following days shall be paid holidays: New Year's Day,Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day,Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran's Day,Thanksgiving ,Day, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and anyholiday officially proclaimed as such by the President of theUnited States of America, by the Governor of the State .ofConnecticut and by the Mayor of the City.

6.2 If a holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday shall beconsidered the holiday. If a holiday falls on a Saturday, theholiday shall be observed the preceding Friday.

6.3 Employees required to work on a holiday at the Director 'sassignment and/or approval shall be compensated for such work attwo (2) times their hourly rate plus holiday pay (1 day's pay) forsuch work actually performed on the holiday.


Page 8: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

6.4 If any such holiday shall occur during the vacation of anyemployee, the employee shall receive an additional day's vacationin lieu thereof.

6.5 Any employee on sick leave on any such holiday shall receivehis/her regular pay for such day, and the same shall not be chargedagainst his/her accumulated sick leave.


7.1 All employees covered by this Agreement will work a forty (40)hour week except for employees listed on Exhibit B who work thirty­five (35) hours per week as indicated on the Exhibit (not includingan unpaid lunch). The starting and finishing time of the hours ofwork may be changed by the City for seasonal or operating reasonsor the convenience of the Public after the City meets and conferswith the Association regarding such changes (See Exhibit C).

7.2 If Employees identified in Exhibit Dare required to work morethan eight (8) hours in one regularly scheduled day or more thanforty (40) hours in one regularly scheduled week, they shallbe compensated for such overtime at time and one half (1 1/2) theirregular hourly rate, except as otherwise indicated.

7.3 Within' a division, as defined in Exhibit E, department heads,shall make overtime assignments consistent with the principle ofdistributing overtime as equitably as practicable among theemployees within that specific division, holding the job effectedby the overtime assignment, regardless of the employee's status aspermanent, provisional or acting.

7.4 An employee will work overtime when requested to do so byhis/her supervisor. Employees shall be notified of such assignmentas soon as practicable.

7.5 In the event. that all employees refuse, or are not availableto work overtime, the least senior employee in the classificationand area affected by the overtime work must work such overtime. Inthe event of an emergency declared by the Mayor, no one can refuseto work overtime.


Page 9: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

7.6 Subject to the approval by the Director of Labor Relations,employee may work a flexible work schedule, provided such approvalshall be subject to the condition that the economy and efficiencyof operations are not thereby impaired (See Exhibit F) .

7.7 The parties agree to study the various positions in thebargaining unit to determine which employees, if any, are exemptform overtime payments or are entitled to comp time, pursuant tothe Connecticut and Federal Fair Labor Standards Acts. Not laterthan sixty (60) days following the approval of the new collectivebargaining agreement, the Association and the Director of LaborRelations agree to appoint a joint committee to investigate andthereafter negotiate such issues. In the event that a committee isnot appointed within said sixty (60) days period or in the furtherevent that said committee does not reach a negotiated agreementwith respect to said issues within one hundred and eighty (180)days of the appointment of said committee, then either party mayclaim said issues for mid-term binding interest arbitration. Saidnegotiations· shall be without prejudice to any outstanding orpresently pending claims of comp time or payment in lieu thereof.

7.8 Notwithstanding any other provision in this Article, noovertime may be worked unless the employee has been directed, inadvance and in writing, by the employee's department head, to worksaid overtime. The hours of such overtime must be submitted by theemployee to the department head by the end of the work week so thatthe department head may verify, in writing, the amount of saidovertime worked by the employee during the work week. Failure ofthe employee to submit their overtime hours at the end of the workweek as provided above shall subject the employee to disciplinaryaction (See Exhibit F).


8.1 The City shall prepare a list of employees represented by theAssociation, showing their seniority in time of service with theCity, their classification and rate of pay, and deliver the same tothe Association within ninety (90) days of signing or anniversarydate of the contract.

8.2 All new employees (nonseasonal), shall have a probationaryperiod of six (6) months, and upon successful completion of thisperiod they shall be classified as permanent employees. Theprobationary period may be extended by the City for an additionalsix (6) months; The probationary period shall be counted·as partof the seniority after the employee is considered permanent.


Page 10: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

Probationary employees shall not be eligible for vacation benefitsduring their probationary period, however they will be eligible toreceive vacation benefits upon completion of their probationaryperiod. During probation, the City may dismiss an employee who isa new-hire, or remove an employee from a promotional position, asunsatisfactory, provided that the City, during the probation, shallperform at least two (2) evaluations where the employee isapprised, in writing, of any performance-related problems and willprovide the employee with a fair opportunity to correct any suchperformance deficiency prior to dismissal. such decisions shall bein the sole discretion of the City and shall not be subject to thegrievance and arbitration procedure. It is understood that thisdoes not limit the city's ability to immediately dismiss employeesfor acts of misconduct, in accordance with the provisions of thisagreement. The City's failure to comply with the foregoingevaluation procedure shall be subject to grievance and arbitrationbut the sole remedy shall be a new probationary period asdetermined by the arbitrator but not to exceed six (6) months.Nothing in this Section· shall limit the City's ability toterminate, or otherwise discipline, a new probationary employee foracts of misconduct and such discipline shall not be arbitrable.

8.3 All employees promoted to a new or higher classification shallserve a probationary period of ninety (90) days, and uponsuccessful completion of this period they shall be classified aspermanent employees. Should the employee fail the probationaryperiod, he/she shall revert to the previously held position.Nevertheless, any employee who has served in a provisional capacityin a position for not less than twelve (12) consecutive monthsprior to becoming permanent in that position, shall not, uponbecoming permanent in said position, be required to serve aprobationary period.

8.4 Seniority shall mean length of service to the municipality.Such seniority shall apply to the employee's rights in cases oflay-offs, re-employment, transfers and vacation.


9.1 In the event that the City makes reduction in the number ofemployees in an established job by title, employees with the leastseniority as determined by Article 8.4 will be laid-off first.SUbsequent recalls to open positions in that particular job and jobtitle shall be made in the reverse order of the lay-offs. Anemployee shall retain his/her seniority status and right of recallin the specific job title for thirty-six (36) months following the


Page 11: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

date of his/her layoff. If the employee refuses recall to anopening in the position from which he/she was laid off or fails toreport for work on such job at the time and on the day specified,he/she shall lose his/her right to further recall and such refusalor failure shall be treated as his/her resignation.

9.2 No new persons will be hired or assigned toclassification that is required to be filled so long aslaid off from the classification retain seniority statusof recall to jobs in that classification.

an openemployeesand right

9.3 Any employee covered by the terms of this agreement andsubject to being laid-off, shall have the right to bump down to ajob classification previously held, provided they have greaterseniority than· employees occupying the lower classification.Employees in the ,classified civil service who bump into a positionnot within the classified civil service, or a grants position,shall retain their civil service status including time in grade,without interruption in seniority for purposes of recall, promotionor transfer.

9.4 If it becomes necessary to lay-off, the following shall be theorder of lay-off:

1. Part time bargaining unit employees;2. Probationary employees;3. Acting or other temporary employees, not including

provisionals;4. Provisional employees;5. Regular full time bargaining unit employees.

9.5 For purposes of this article, lay-offs shall include allreductions in the work force whether by lay-off, furlough, jobelimination or funding elimination.


10.1 The City shall· exercise full disciplinary authority consistentwith its responsibilities to direct employees to perform theirrequired work duties in order to achieve department program goalsand satisfactory municipal service to the general public.

10.2 All disciplinary action shall beshall not be inconsistent to thedisciplinary action is being applied.


applied in a fair manner andinfraction for which the

Page 12: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

12.4 In no event shall additional monies be received as a result ofany other provisions of this Agreement be considered as a portionof an employee's regular annual, weekly or hourly rate. Exceptthat any employee working City Hall hours whose salary is increasedin accordance with the formula set forth in Article 7.1 A shall beentitled to have such increase considered as a portion of suchemployee's regular annual, weekly or hourly rate.

12.5 In the event a bargaining unit employee is promoted, his/hernew salary shall be arrived at by following the principle of apromotional increase being equal to at least a step increase in theemployee's range prior to promotion.

12.6 All employees shall be paid the wages of their classificationbased on fifty-two (52) weeks.

12.7 Employees required to perform the majority of the job dutiesof a position in a higher classification than their normalclassification shall be paid the rate of pay of the higherclassification for that period of time. Such working out ofclassification shall be specifically authorized by the departmenthead and the Director of Labor Relations. Without prior approval,the City shall not be liable for any claims of working out ofclassification. No department head shall request or require anemployee to work out of classification without the specificauthorization of the Director of Labor Relations. In the event thedepartment head requests an employee to work out of classification,other than in any emergency situation, without the prior specificauthority of the Director of Labor Relations, said employee shallnot be penalized by his or her refusal to perform said tasks. Anyemployee required to work out of classification in any emergencysituation, without approval of the Director of Labor Relationsshall perform said tasks and shall be entitled to grieve saidassignment under Article 11.

12.8 . Employees after one hundred-twenty (120) days in an acting orprovisional status shall receive the acting or provisional pay ratefor purposes of all leaves and vacations. Acting and provisionalemployees shall also receive all pay step increases afforded theclassification after one (1) year in that status which they areactors or provisional. Employees serving in the capacity ofprovisional prior to the effective date of this agreement, and whohave served in that capacity at least one (1) year prior to theeffective date of this agreement, shall on January 1, 1987, be


Page 13: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

moved to the second step provided for inclassification for that position and thereafterstep increases afforded that classification.

the permanentreceive all pay

12.9 Merit increases may be granted, by the appointing authority,should the employee have maintained an exceptional standard ofattendance and job performance. Should the employee fail to receivethe recommended merit increase, the reasons therefore shall bereduced to writing and provided to the employee. Should theemployee feel that the reasons for the denial are arbitrary,capricious or discriminatory, the Union may file a grievanceconcerning this matter.


The City and the Association agree that City employees who arecovered by the civil service provisions of the City charter shallcontinue to remain covered by such civil service provisions of thecity charter except where such provisions are superseded by thiscontract. This provision shall not be construed to limit orinfringe any of the provisions of this contract.


When an hourly employee, identified in exhibit D, is called infor work outside of his/her regularly scheduled working hours,he/she shall be paid a minimum of four (4) hours at the applicableovertime rate. This provision applies only when such call-backresults in hours worked are not annexed consecutively to one end orthe other of the working day. Such employee shall be entitled toany applicable night bonuses as set forth in Article 16.1.


15.1 Effective July 1, 1992, each employee who has or will havefive (5) or more years of continuous municipal service by October1, of said contract year, shall receive an annual paymentcalculated by multiplying the sum of seventy-five dollars ($75.00)by the number of years of such continuous municipal service. Allemployees hired after July 1, 1992, shall be required to attain ten(10) years of service to be eligible for longevity payments.Since the time frame for this eligibility will not occur during theduration of this agreement the parties specifically agree that this


Page 14: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

change is intended as a permanent change to be maintained insuccessor agreements.

15.2 This longevity pay will be payable in each December.


There shall be paid to the employees identified in Exhibit D,a night bonus of one dollar ($1.00) for each hour worked betweenthe hours of 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m .. For any employee regularlyscheduled to work between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m., the above bonusshall be added to the employee's rate for the purpose of computingpay for sick leave days, for paid holidays, for paid personal days,for vacation days, for call back pay, and for work on substituteshifts, under this agreement. Effective July 1, 2001, the nightbonus will be increased to $1.15 per hour.


17.1 The City shall provide to any City employee, required to wearprotective clothing, his/her own protective clothing of goodquality and condition. Such clothing shall consist of rain gear,boots, gloves and goggles, or any other protective clothing deemednecessary by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration(O.S.H.A.) .

17.2 Any City Supervisor who received a uniform or a uniformallowance prior to July 1, 1985 shall continue to receive suchuniform allowance for the duration of this agreement.

17.3 Sanitation employees shall be provided by the City with workclothes of good quality consisting of shirt, jacket, and pants.

17.4 The City shall provide work clothesconsisting of shirt, pants, and jacket, to anythis agreement, who in order to perform hisperform manual labor.


of good quality,employee covered byjob is required to

18.1 Vacations of employees covered by this contract shall be inaccordance with the ordinances of the City of Bridgeport which arenow in effect and which provide for such vacations.


Page 15: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

18.2 Employees with continuous Municipal Service of less than one(1) year shall receive one (1) day of vacation with pay for eachmonth of such continuous service but not to exceed one (1) calendarweek in the contract year such service· is rendered. In eachcontract year, any employee with one (1) or more years of suchMunicipal service, but less than five (5) years of such serviceshall receive two (2) weeks vacation with pay. In each contractyear any employee with five (5) or more years of continuousMunicipal Service but less than ten (10) years of such service,shall receive three (3) weeks of vacation with pay. In eachcontract year, any employee with ten (10) or more years ofcontinuous Municipal Service, but less than twenty (20) years ofsuch service, shall receive four (4) weeks of vacation with pay.Employees with twenty (20) or more years of continuous MunicipalService shall receive five (5) weeks vacation with pay.

18.3 a) Employees with one (1) week vacation are not eligible foreither the option of carryover or payout as set forth below.

b) Employees with two (2) weeks vacation may exercise the optionof carrying over only one (1) week of unused vacation time from one(1) contract year/vacation year to the next contract year/vacationyear, but are not eligible for the option of payout· for .unusedvacation time.

c) Employees with three (3) weeks or more vacation in addition tothe carryover option set forth in (b) above, may elect to work one(1) vacation week at their regular weekly compensation and toreceive, in addition, vacation pay for that week worked. Anemployee eligible for both carryover and payout options may electto take one or both options in any contract year/vacation year.Each employee must take at least one week actual vacation.

d) Effective vacation year 1986, employees with four (4) weeks ormore weeks vacation, in addition to the carryover option set forthin (b) above, may elect to work two (2) vacation weeks at theregular weekly compensation and to receive, in addition, vacationpay for those weeks worked. An employee eligible for both carryover and payout options may elect to take one or both options inany contract year/vacation year. Each employee must take at leastone week actual vacation.


Page 16: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

e) Employees who have not carried over from the prior year whoelect the payout option will be paid in accordance with the currentcontract year/vacation year salary. An employee who has carriedover a week from the prior year and then elects the payout optionshall be paid at a rate equal to such employee's salary at the endof the prior vacation year. All payouts shall be paid to theemployee at the end of the vacation year in which the election ismade.


19.1 The City shall provide and pay for Health Benefits for allemployees and their enrolled dependents as follows:

A) "Medical Benefits" in accordance with the City ofBridgeport/Bridgeport Board of Education Medical Plan (includingsection V- Schedule of Benefits), a copy of which is annexed tothis Contract as Exhibit G (the "Medical Plan").

B) Drug prescription family plan (covering all approvedmedications) with an annual maximum of $1,000 per plan year. Foradditional prescription drug charges, 80% is paid by the City and20% is paid by the employee. The co-payment shall be five($5.00) for generic drugs; ten ($10.00) dollars for drugs on thelist of preferred drugs maintained by the City's'pharmacymanager; and twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for all other drugs(the "Prescription Drug Plan") .

C) The twenty-five ($25.00) dollar deductible CIGNA DentalPlan, or its equivalent, excluding orthodontia (the "Dental

. Plan") .

D) The CIGN~ Vision Plan, or its equivalent, as outlined andattached hereto as Exhibit H.

19.2 .The City will provide and pay for the cost of a Group LifeInsurance Policy the amount of twenty-five thousand ($25,000)dollars with accidental death and dismemberment for allemployees.


Page 17: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

19.3 Retirees prior to July 1, 1999, and their survivingspouses, if any, will receive benefits for health care as definedin the plans in existence under the contract which governed theirretirement (or such alternative coverage as they have accepted)and make contributions to coverage, if any, in accordance withsuch contract(s).

19.4 For employees, and their surviving spouses, if any, whoretire on or after July 1, 1999 and prior to June 30, 2003, theCity will provide and pay for benefits under the Medical Plan orMedicare Part B and a supplemental plan to Medicare Part Boffering benefits equal to the Medical Plan and the PrescriptionDrug Plan. Such retirees, and their surviving spouses, shallmake the employee contributions to coverage provided for herein.Coverage for surviving spouses shall terminate upon remarriage.For purposes of this Article, "retirees" shall mean employeeswho: (A) have completed fifteen (15) years of continuousmunicipal service and are age fifty five (55) or who havecompleted twenty-five (25) years of continuous municipal serviceregardless of age; and (b) are eligible to receive full pensionbenefits in accordance with the retirement qualificationprovisions of MERF Fund B.Retirees must accept Medicare Part Bcoverage if eligible; provided, however, otherwise eligibleretirees over sixty-five (65) years of age with enrolleddependents shall be covered by ~~e Medical Plan if: (a) theretiree or the enrolled dependents are not eligible for Medicare;and (b) the retiree or the enrolled dependents·shall have sonotified the City prior to December 31st

, of the calendar year ofsuch person's sixty-fifth (65) birthday.

19.5 Whenever an employee covered by this agreement issuspended, all health benefits and insurance shall be providedthroughout the period of suspension ..

19.6 The City may offer the privilege of choosing an alternativehealth care carrier and/or administrator and/or plans in lieu ofthe city's Plan as set forth in Section 19.1 of this Article.Enrollment periods shall be annually in May of each year. Foremployees electing the alternative, the City shall remit monthlyto the Plans in an amount up to but not to exceed that which theCity pay for the city's Plans Insurance as specified in Section19.1 of this Article. If the cost for the alternative is greaterthan the amount the City would have paid or contributed had theemployee not elected such plan, then the City agrees to deductfrom the employee's pay, upon receipt of a written authorization


Page 18: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

from the employee, the additional amount required for fullpayment of the alternative premium.

19.7 The City shall be permitted to substitute insurance orbenefits arrangements from any source for the Plans provided forin Section 19.1 of this Article. Such substitutions shall bepermitted if the substituted coverage offers benefits and methodsof administration, processing and payment of claims at leastequal to those specifically provided for in Section 19.1 of thisArticle. Before the City may substitute, it must negotiate thesubstitution with the Union. If the Union does not agree to thesubstitution, the City must claim the matter for arbitration inaccordance with single member panel rules of the AmericanArbitration Association. The Arbitrator will order thesubstitution, if after weighing the total benefits and methods ofadministration, processing and payment of claims offered by theCity's proposal against the total benefits and methods ofadministration, processing and payment of claims offered by thePlan specified in Section 19.1 of this Article, if he/she findsthat the average bargaining unit member will, on an overallbasis, benefit at least as well under the proposed substitutedcoverage. Nothing herein shall require the City to propose totalsubstitutions for the coverage provided in Section 19.1 of thisArticle and substitution may be proposed for anyone or more ofthe specified coverages.

19.8 The City shall provide a payment in lieu of health benefitsfor employees that. waive such coverage, in the amount of fivehundred ($500) dollars per year.

19.9 The City, at its option, may change carriers for theinsurance or the method of providing the health benefits in thisArticle, provided the benefits are equal to or better than, inall benefits, in the manner of payments, services .and proceduresfor payments subject to Section 19.7.

The parties shall continue to work through the LaborManagement Cooperative Committee on health care, which may modifybut not substantially change the health benefits as providedherein.

19.10 Each active employee (and each employee who has retired orwill retire on or after July 1, 1999 and before June 30, 2003)shall contribute, if single coverage is elected, 2.5% of thepremium cost as defined in this Section for the Medical Plan andthe Prescription Drug Plan and if dependent coverage is elected,7.5% of the Premium Cost as defined in this Section for the


Page 19: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

Medical Plan and the Prescription Drug Plan. For purposes ofthis Section (and wherever applicable elsewhere in this Article,"Premium Cost" shall be defined as either the actual premium costpaid for such coverage or if the City does not pay an actualpremium cost, then the pseudo premium cost as developed by anindependent third party administrator for purposes ofestablishing premiums pursuant to the Comprehensive OmnibusBudget Reduction'Act ("COBRA"). Retired employee contributionsshall be equal to the dollar amount of such contributions atretirement.

Section 19.11

A) The City has implemented and shall maintain a cafeteria planpursuant to Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code for allactive employees so as to facilitate deduction of the amountscontributed for health benefits and for child care from the grossincome of the employee for tax purposes.

B) As an alternative to the current health and/or insurancebenefits, the City may offer an employee benefits cafeteria planwhich allows the employee to select from a specific list ofbenefits up to a yearly dollar amount as agreed; the details ofwhich shall be subject to reopener negotiations at the request ofeither party.

Section 19.12

A) For employees who retire on or after June 30, 2003 and theirsurviving spouses, if any, the City shall provide and pay for thesame benefits for medical care (excluding vision and dental,coverage) as provided for the active employees as the same may,from time to time, be modified under future collective bargainingagreements or if appropriate due to age, Medicare Part B and theMedicare Supplement Plan to the extent needed. Retired employeecontributions shall be equal to the dollar amount of suchcontributions at retirement.

B) If any employee who retires on or after June 30, 1999shall have available coverage for Medical Benefits throughsubsequent employment of the retiree or through the retiree'sspouse, such retiree shall apply for, and if eligible obtain,such coverage shall not exceed in premium cost to the retireethe cost which the retiree would have paid to the City forMedical Benefits coverage except as provided below. Theretiree shall not take advantage of any buy-out program in


Page 20: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

such coverage. The Medical Benefits provided by the City ofBridgeport shall remain secondary to those other Medical Benefitsobtained by the retiree, except that in the event the retireeshall not be eligible for alternate coverage, where the retirees'premium cost would be less than the retiree's premium cost forthe City's Plan and the City shall not have exercised an optionto reimburse the retiree or surviving spouse for such additionalcost, the Medical Benefits provided by the City of Bridgeportshall become primary for the retiree and the retiree's spouse.The retiree and the retiree's spouse who have alternate coverageto which they must contribute shall not be required to contributeto the Ci ty' s coverage to ,the extent of such contributions.


20.l Except as provided for in Sectionemployees in the bargaining unit shallConnecticut Municipal Employees Retirementreferred to as CMERF Fund B.

20.2, all eligiblebe covered by theFund B hereinafter

20.2 Employees of the bargaining unit presently in CMERF Fund Aare to be transferred into CMERF Fund B. All Board of Education,employees of the bargaining unit presently covered by the Board ofEducation Janitors, Janitresses and Engineers Retirement Plan whoretire on or after July 1, 1975, shall be entitled to retirementbenefits equivalent to that for which provisions is made in theConnecticut Municipal Employees Retirement' Fund B in effect on thedate of retirement which are appropriate to the employee's age,length of service with the City eligibility and other requirementsof said CMERF Fund B. '


21.1 Sick Leave Allowance. Employees hired prior to July l, 1992shall earn sick leave each at the rate of one and one-quarterworking days for each calendar month of service, the total of whichshall not exceed fifteen (15) days in the first twelve (12) months.Employees hired after July 1, 1992 shall be granted ten (10) sickdays per year. These days shall be credited to the employee onJuly 1st of each year.


Page 21: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

21. 2 Sick leave accumulation. Any unused sick leave of anyemployee during continuous employment may be accumulated withoutlimit. sick leave shall continue to accumulate during leave ofabsence.with pay and during the time an employee is on authorizedsick leave or vacation time.

21.3 A medical certificate, acceptable to theauthority, may be required for any absence consistingor more consecutive working days.

appointingof four (4)

21.4 sick leave accumulated at retirement or death or otherseparation from City service.

a) Effective July 1, 1992, upon retirement, death or otherseparation from City service, an employee shall be credited for theperiod of time corresponding to the amount of the sick leaveaccumulated. The above stated credit shall be paid on a lump sumbasis of fifty (50%) percent of all unused sick leave up to a limitof two hundred fifteen (215) days within fifteen (15) days ofretirement or separation date. Calculation of current yearallotment for payment purposes will be made by multiplying thenumber of full months worked by eighty-three one hundredths (.83).However, sick leave days may be accumulated in excess of ·twohundred and fifteen days (215) for use when an employee is actuallysick.

b) All accumulated and unused sick leave as of June 30, 1992,shall be paid out at retirement, death or other separation fromCity service at eighty-five percent (85%) of accumulation and atthe dollar value of wages earned as of June 30, 1992.

0) On the death of the employee, the amount of sick leave timecredited to the employee shall be payable to his/her spouse, and/orchildren, or estate.

21.5 Administration: a) The City shall be responsible for theadministration of these provisions.

b) The City shall maintain a record for each employee of all sickleave taken and accumulated.· These records shall be subject toperiodic reports to be submitted to him.


Page 22: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

c) During the effective period of this Agreement, a satisfactorymethod of informing individual employees of accumulated sick leaveshall be established. Such procedure shall include either of thefollowing:

1) A record of an employee's accumulated sick leave shall besubmitted to him upon request at least once annually.

2) A record of an employee's accumulated sick leave shall beindicated on the employee's wage stub at establishedperiodic intervals to be determined by the City but notless than once annually.


Up to three (3) days personal leave with pay shall be grantedto any employee on request for personal business in any contractyear. Such request will not be unreasonably denied. At the end ofthe contract year, personal days which are unused,will be creditedto .the employee I s sick leave account.


23.1 Bereavement Leave. Each employee shall be granted leavewith pay in the event of a death in his/her immediate family. Suchleave shall start on the day of death and continue through andinclude the day of burial, except that in no event shall such leavebe more than three (3) days, commencing on the day of death. Forpurposes of this Article, the term "immediate family" shall meanand include the following Mother, father, mother-in-law, father-in­law, sister, brother, spouse, child, grandparent, grandchildren,step-parents and foster parents. Any other bereavement leave orany extension of the above leave shall be charged to the employee'ssick leave account.

23.2 Employees shall be granted one (1) day leave with pay for thedeath of any aunt or uncle.


24.1 A department head, with the approval of the Director of LaborRelations, may grant an employee a leave of absence without pay.No leave without pay shall be granted except upon written request


Page 23: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

of the employee and a guarantee by that employee that the employeewill serve the City for at least one (1) year after the employeereturns from such leave. Whenever granted, such leave shall beapproved in writing and signed by the department head and theDirector of Labor Relations.

Upon expiration of a regularly approved leave without pay, theemployee shall return to work in the position held at the timeleave was granted if the position is funded, provided that if theposition no longer exists or is not funded, the returning employeeis to be placed in a position which he/she has demonstrated thathe/she can perform effectively while in City service and to whichhis/her seniority entitled him. Failure on the part of an employeeon leave to report promptly at its expiration, shall be consideredas a resignation.

24.2 No Leave of absence granted to any employee for any reasonshall exceed twelve (12) months.


25.1 Any employee who becomes medically disabled due to pregnancyor medical complications related to pregnancy and is unable toperform her normally assigned duties shall submit a writtenstatement from her physician indicating her present physicalcondition, the expected date of child birth, the nature of themedical disability, the limitations to which that disabilityimposes upon her ability to continue with her normally assignedduties, and the probable duration of the disability.

25.2 Any employee so medically disabled shall be granted paid sickleave to the extent accrued, provided that such leave shall begranted only for the duration of such pregnancy or pregnancydisability.

25.3 Any employee medically disabled as a result of pregnancy anduses sick leave to the extent accrued shall be entitled to receiveall compensation which has been accrued under the variousprovisions of this agreement, and, upon returning to work, shallreceive full credit for accumulated seniority, retirement, fringebenefits, and other service credits.

25.4 Any employee previously disabled as a result of pregnancy ormedical complications' related to pregnancy must return to herposition when she is physically able to perform her duties. TheCity may require medical proof of any disability which it considersunduly long in duration.


Page 24: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

25.5 Parental leave, shall, upon written request to the departmenthead, be granted in six (6) month intervals up to a maximum of two(2) years upon the birth or adoption of a child or upon the seriousillness of a child. A written request is required for each six(6)month period. Such request shall not be unreasonably denied. Thisleave is granted in addition to the sick leave taken pursuant toArticle 21.

25.6 During each six (6) month parental leave period, employeesshall (a) be allowed to continue the insurance coverage provisionsprovided by this agreement at their own expense, and (b) accrueseniority for all benefits thereto provided by this agreement.

25.7 Family and Medical Leave shall be granted in accordance withthe city's Family and Medical Leave Policy.


26.1 In the event that an employee is required to be absent fromwork due to a job-related accident, and as a result thereof, hasbeen determined to be entitled to compensatory Worker'sCompensation payments pursuant to the state statute, such employeesshall be paid the·difference between eighty percent (80%) of thatemployee's regular straight-time weekly earnings and the amount ofthe weekly Worker's Compensation pay for each of the third (3rd) totwelfth (12th) weeks during which the employee is thus required tobe absent from work. This provision shall not apply to backweakness or back soreness cases and no differential payment shallbe made in any such case.

26.2 Absence from work required by virtue of a job-related accidentdetermined to be compensable under the Worker's Compensationstatute shall not reduce the sick leave allowance of the employee,which has been accumulated pursuant to Section 2 of Article 21,"sick Leave", of this Agreement.

26.3 If an employee on workers' compensation has a modified orrestricted work capacity, the City may, in its discretion requestthe employee return to a modified duty position. Such work shallbe within the restrictions outlined by the treating medicalprovider. The City reserves the right to limit the availablenumber of modified duty positions. These positions are intended tobe temporary in nature, not to exceed three (3) months in duration,and prepare the employee to return to full duty.


Page 25: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

26.4 Each employee injured or disabled as provided under thisArticle must choose from the list of health care providers for theCity of Bridgeport Workers Compensation Managed Care Plan asmodified from time to time by the Plan Administrator and approvedby the Workers' Compensation commissioner.

26.5 Employees on Workers Compensation shall be granteduntil they have reached maximum medical improvement,otherwise provided under this Agreement.


a leaveunless

For each of its employees who is summoned to serve on a juryin the Superior Court or United States District. Court (in theabsence of solicitation by the employee to be listed as aprospective juror) and is required to serve on said jury, the citywill reimburse such employees for the difference in thecompensation received from the Court and the pay which saidemployee would have received had the employee worked those hoursthat the City would have scheduled for the employee I s servicesduring the same time period subject to the following provisions:

Employees shall be eligible for this payment afterpresentation to the City of a statement by the appropriate Clerk ofthe Court setting forth the dates on which the employee wasactually present in Court pursuant to the jury duty summons and theamount paid by the Court as the result of the performance of suchjury duty. No employee shall be eligible for the City reimbursementprovided herein required for jury duty more often than once in afiscal year.


28.1 Employees desiring to transfer to other jobs shall submit anapplication in writing to their department head. The applicationshall state the reason for the requested transfer.

28.2 Employees requesting transfer or involuntarily transferredfor reasons other than the elimination of jobs shall be transferredto equal or lower paying job classifications; on the basis ofseniority, provided he/she has the ability to do the jobeffectively without further training.


Page 26: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

28.3 Employees requesting transfers or involuntarily transferredbecause of elimination of their jobs or elimination of funding fortheir jobs, shall be transferred to the same job or any other jobof an equal classification on the basis of seniority.


29,1 Shift preference will be granted on the basis of senioritywithin the classification as openings occur. Such preferencesshall be exercised first by employees within a division. If noemployees within the division exercise such preference, thenemployees within the department will be given preference byseniority.


30.1 All employees' work schedules shall provide for a fifteen(15) minute rest period during each one-half shift. The rest periodshall be scheduled at the middle of each one-half shift wheneverthis is feasible.

30.2. Employees who, for any reason, work beyond their regularquitting time into the next shift. shall receive a fifteen (15)minute rest period before they start to work on such next shift.In addition, they shall be granted the regular rest periodsoccurring during the shift.


31.1 During the term of this Agreement, neither party shalldiscriminate against employees because of race, color, sex, sexualorientation, age, religion, ethnic or national origin, maritalstatus, handicap or union membership in a manner contrary to stateor federal law. Any claimed violation of this Article shall beprocessed through the step prior to arbitration under the grievanceprocedure. Thereafter, any claimed violation of this Article maybe arbitrated if agreed by both parties. Use of the male or femalegender in this Agreement is intended to. apply equally to the other.


Page 27: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

31.2 Any claimed violation of this Article over which the CTCommission on Human Rights & Opportunities and/or the Federal EEOCwould have jurisdiction may be processed through the grievanceprocedure to the last step prior to arbitration but will only bearbitrable if both parties so agree in writing.


32.1 This Agreement applies to and includes all employees of theCity of Bridgeport listed in Exhibit A (Recognition) of thisContract, as amended by Article 11.6.

32.2 Part-time employees who work twenty (20) hours or more perweek are included in the bargaining unit; those who work less thantwenty (20) hours per week are excluded.

32.3 The inclusion in the bargaining unit of a newly establishedsupervisory or professional classification will be a subject fornegotiations between the City and the Association.

32.4 Any dispute on whether a newly established classification isto be included or excluded from the bargaining unit will besubmitted to the Connecticut State Board of Labor Relations' toresolve such dispute. If a newly established classification isdetermined to be a part of the bargaining unit, such classificationshall be included as a part of the bargaining unit, suchclassification shall be included as a part of the bargaining unitwithout having to report to an election.


33.1 The City agrees that an Association Officer or Steward shallhave time during working hours without loss of pay for theinvestigation and adjustment of grievances; permission to absenthimself from his/her work area may be withheld by the departmenthead only, because of operation requirements, but in no event laterthan the start of the next regular shift. The Association agreesthat the complaint will be handled as quickly as possible.

33.2 Four (4) Association officials may attend meetings for thepurpose of negotiations during working hours, without loss of pay.


Page 28: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

33.3 Appropriate Association officials may attend meetings duringworking hours without loss of pay when such meetings are requestedor approved by the Labor Relations Director or his/her designee.

33.4 Association officers shall be able to consult with theEmployer, his/her representative, Local Association officers, orother Association representatives concerning the enforcement of anyprovisions of this Agreement, provided the City's Labor RelationOfficer or his/her designee is notified in advance of such meetingsand consultations.


The City will furnish and maintain suitable bulletin boards inconvenient places . in each work area and may be used by theAssociation. The Association agrees that the material posted willnot contain propaganda against or attacks upon the City or anyofficial thereof.


Within ninety (90) days after the signing of this Agreement,the City shall furnish a copy of this Agreement to each employee.New employees shall be given a copy of this Agreement at time ofhire. The Association is to receive ten (10) signed copies of thisAgreement.


If any section, sentence, clause or phrase of this Agreementshall be held for any reason to be inoperative, void or invalid,the validity of the remaining portions of this Agreement shall notbe affected thereby, it being the intention of the parties inadopting this Agreement that no portion thereof, or provisionherein shall become inoperative or fail by reason of the invalidityof any other portion or provisions.


Page 29: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract


All provisions of this agreement shall be effective as of thefirst (1st) day of July, 1999 .and shall remain in full force and·effect until the thirtieth (30th) day of June, 2003. Thisagreement shall be automatically renewed from year to year.thereafter, unless either party shall notify the other in writingnot more than one hundred fifty (150) days nor less than onehundred twenty (120) days prior to the expiration date that itdesires to modify this agreement. In the event such notice isgiven, negotiations hall begin not later than ninety (90) daysprior to the expiration date.


The City will use its best efforts to pay all sums due retro­active. to July 1, 1999, in one lump sum within ninety (90) days ofthe acceptance of this agreement by the parties.


39.1 The City of Bridgeport recognizes that a wide range ofproblems not directly associated with one's job function can haveundesirable effect on an employee's job performance.

39.2 The City of Bridgeport also recognizes that almost any humanproblem can be successfully treated provided it is identified inits early stages, and referral is made to an appropriate modalityof care. This applies whether the problem is one of physicalillness, mental or emotional illness, finances, marital or familydistress, alcoholism, drug abuse or legal problems.

39.3 Therefore, the City of Bridgeport believes it is in theinterest of the employees, the employee's family and the City toprovide an employee services which deals with such persistentproblems.

39.4 The Employee Assistance program may establish, and thereforeeliminate, and provide its services to all City employees and theirimmediate family members at no cost to employee or family.


Page 30: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

39.5 The decision to seek the assistance of the EAP is left withthe employee. An employee may seek assistance on his/her own ormay agree to accept assistance at· the suggestion of his/hersupervisor.

39.6 No employee shall be required to seek the assistance of theEAP by his/her supervisor nor penalized for refusal to voluntarilyseek such assistance.

39.7 NoPersonnel,other filethe EAP.


or record shall be made or stored in anySupervisor 's, Civil Service Commission, oran employees' need for, access to or use of

39.8 All records of the EAP, including whether or not an employeeis participating in EAP, ·shall be confidential and not available toany person, Supervisor, Commission Board, or other organization,without the employee's express written consent. No employee shallbe required to waive such privilege of confidentiality.

39.9 Employees are assured that their job, future and reputatlonwill not be jeopardized by utilizing this employee service. Strictrecord confidentiality will be observed at all times.

39.10 Employee problems causing unsatisfactory job performancewill continue to be handled in a forthright manner within theestablished Bargaining Agreement procedure. There is no conflictor contradiction with the prevailing bargaining unit procedures.

39.11 To insure consistency and cooperation, the appropriate unionsteward will, if the employee consents, become involved whennecessary. It should be understood from the outset that thisservice is a cooperative effort supported by administration andunions representing City employees.

39.12 The Employee Assistance Program will offer retirementcounseling services to individuals preparing to retire.



Page 31: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract


Public Health Nursing Supervisors shall receive transportationallowance and educational incentive to the same extent, and underthe same conditions as Public Health Nurses. Public Health NursingSupervisors shall continue to receive vacation benefits duringChristmas recess, provided however that adequate coverage for thePublic Health Nursing Department is maintained.


41.1 The City shall reimburse each employee for the cost oftuition up to a limit of one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) percredit for undergraduate courses and two hundred dollars ($200.00)per credit graduate level courses. Payments shall be made withinsixty ,,( 60) days of submission of their cost to the Director ofLabor Relations or his/her designee and upon satisfactorycompletion at a Grade C or better for each course, at an accreditedcollege or university, in subjects which are designed to increasehis/her proficiency in his/her present or potential assignment athis/her respective departments and shall be related to his/herresponsibilities. The employee must apply and obtain writtenapproval of the City I s Chief Labor Negotiator in advance ofenrollment. Such approval shall be limited to whether or not theemployee's request complies with the standards set forth withinthis Article and shall not be unreasonably withheld. The tuftionreimbursement expenditures for the bargaining unit shall be cappedat fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000) per fiscal year for all BCSAmembers.

41.2 Each employee shall be limited to nine (9) credits per fiscalyear. Employees must remain in City employment for a period of one(1) year after completion of a course or the employee shallreimburse the City for any tuition reimbursement received duringthe one (1) year period prior to separation from employment.


Page 32: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract


The provisions of this agreement shall apply equally to allemployees who have retired or separated from City service followingthe expiration of the prior agreement before the effective date ofthis agreement, unless otherwise stated herein or agreed by theparties.


Nothing in this agreement shall prohibit the City from takingsteps to comply with the requirements of the American withDisabilities Act.


The City reserves the right to conduct drug and alcoholtesting as provided in Connecticut General States Statutes,Section 31-51t through 31 c 51bb, inclusive excluding Section 31­51v. The drug and alcohol testing policy for those employeesrequired to have a CDL shall be incorporated by reference. TheCity shall provide Union with thirty (30) days notice prior toimplementing drug and alcohol testing.


The City shall establish in-house training programs, scheduledannually, to enhance present employees skills, knowledge andabilities to their current position. Such City courses shallinclude, but not be limited to: Management Skills for NewSupervisors, Management Skills for Experienced Supervisors, SexualHarassment, OSHA required course, computer skills for managers andother courses developed to enhance and . improve thesupervisory/management skills of City Supervisors.

New Probationary supervisory employees shall be required tocomplete Management Skills for New Supervisors course (2 days)within their probationary periods. Experienced supervisoremployees shall be encouraged to attend four (4) days (25 hours ofcourses developed by city supervisors per year.


Page 33: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

If such training is conducted during normal working hours, theemployee shall receive his/her regular hourly rate while undergoingtraining.

The selection of candidates, for training programs, shall bedetermined by the employee's expression of interest, aptitude, record. All requested training shall be approved byemployee's Department Head. For qualified applicant, assignmentsto training will be determined by order of seniority. Probationarysupervisory employees shall be provided Management Skills for NewSupervisors within their probationary period.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF,· the parties have caused their names to be

signed this 24 th day of May 2001.

FOR THE ~C_.....

Edmund E. Winterbottom,Director of Labor Relations



Page 34: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract



AccountantAccountant - NutritionAccountant - Federal & State ProgramsAdministrative AssistantAids Program SupervisorAirport ManagerAssistant Building InspectorAssistant City ClerkAssistant City EngineerAssistant Comptroller-Financial Information ServicesAssistant Comptroller - PaymentsAssistant Director - Administrative ServicesAssistant Director - Clean & GreenAssistant Director Welfare - Social ServicesAssistant Director - WorkfareAssistant Medical DoctorAssistant Operating EngineerAssistant Personnel DirectorAssistant Purchasing AgentAssistant Recreation SuperintendentAssistant Registrar of Vital StatisticsAssistant Superintendent of ParksAssistant Tax AssessorAssistant Tax CollectorAssistant Town Clerk IAssistant Stationary EngineerAssistant Supervisor Shipping & ReceivingBranch LibrarianBridge SuperintendentBuilding OfficialChemistChief Project Manager (40 HRS)City EngineerCity Planning AssistantCity Planning Engineercivil Engineer Icivil Engineer IIClinic CoordinatorClinic PhysicianComputer Specialist - Nutrition



Page 35: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

Computer System AnalystConstruction Development ManagerCustodian IVCustodial Supervisor ICustodial Supervisor IIDeputy Director of HousingDeputy Housing Code DirectorDeputy Housing Code Enforcement OfficerDeputy Director of Public WorksData Center ManagerDentistDeputy Building OfficialDeputy Director - Community DevelopmentDeputy Sealer Weights and MeasuresDietitianDirector of Info TechnologyDirector - Department on AgingDirector of Community DevelopmentDirector of Environmental SanitationDirector - Office for Persons with DisabilitiesDirector, Office of PlanningDirector of Public Health LaboratoriesDirector of Public Works MaintenanceDirector School MaintenanceDirector Public Facilities MaintenanceDirector of TransportationDirector Veteran AffairsDirector, Senior AidesDirector, WICDispensary DoctorElectrical InspectorEquipment Mechanic ForemanExecutive SecretaryGolf Courses Assistant ManagerGolf Course ManagerGolf Course SuperintendentH.I.V. CounselorH.I.V. Education CoordinatorHousing Code Enforcement OfficerImmunization CoordinatorInformation Services CoordinatorLaboratory Technician IILandscape ArchitectLead PC Network/Application AnalystLegal Office ManagerLibrarian ILibrarian IILibrarian III


Page 36: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

Librarian IVLibrarian VLibrary Maintenance ManagerManager, Municipal GarageManager, Treatment & Field OperationsManager of Programming - MICSMechanical InspectorNutrition Plant ManagerOffice ManagerOperating EngineerOperations CoordinatorPara Personnel AssistantParent Aide SupervisorPark CaretakerPark ForemanPayroll ManagerPayroll/Benefits SupervisorPermit.lnspectorPersonnel SpecialistPlan ReviewerPlanning DirectorPlumbing InspectorPrevention Project CoordinatorPrinting ForemanProgram CoordinatorProgram Coordinator - Infant MortalityProgram ImplementorProgram Nutritionistproject Coordinator - Lead PoisonPublic Health District SupervisorPublic Health Nursing SupervisorPublic Works Foreman IPublic Works Foreman IIPublic Works Foreman IIIPublic Works Traffic ForemanPurchasing AgentRecords ManagerRecreation SupervisorRecreation SuperintendentSanitation SupervisorSanitation SuperintendentSchool Based Health CoordinatorSchool Lunch ConsultantSchool Lunch District SupervisorSchool Lunch Operations SupervisorSchool Lunch SupervisorSchool PhysicianSchool Security Director


Page 37: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

School Plant Maintenance SupervisorSenior ZookeeperSite CoordinatorSite Coordinator/BCSASocial WorkerSocial Service SupervisorSpecial Assistant to Director - CafeteriaSpecial Project CoordinatorSpecial Project/Student Intern SupervisorSr. project Manager/ConstructionStationary EngineerStore Room SupervisorSuperintendent of OperationsSupervising Dental HygienistSupervisor Department on AgingSupervisor of Shipping & ReceivingSupervising SanitationSupervisorSupervisor of District OperationSupervisor - School Base Health CenterSupply/Inventory CoordinatorTax Assessment EngineerTraffic EngineerTree ForemanTree Climber IIIUnit SupervisorVocational Services CoordinatorVoting Machine MechanicZoning Enforcement OfficerZoo CuratorZoo Manager


Page 38: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract


Thirty-Five Hour Per Week Employees


Abery, KrisAiken, JayAntonelli, DianeAntonini, AugustAyala-Maldonado, CarmenBaldwin, BradBartlett, TheaBelcher, FredBennorth, BarbaraBielawa, MichaelBoehm, WilliamBordeaux, VivianBoyd, SylviaBruno, BartholomewBuckley, DennisBurks, Bessie.l:aruso, JosephCatrone, ConstanceCavalli, Anthony

, Cervero, Linda~Clark-Smith, Robin

Colligan, JohnCreatore, Judy


LibraryLibraryLibraryBuilding DepartmentHealth DepartmentLibraryComptrollersHealth Department IZ/9/LibraryLibraryPolice ClericalLibraryLibraryLaboratoriesZoning DepartmentSocial ServiceLaboratoriesHealth DepartmentBuilding DepartmentDepartment of AgingHealth DepartmentCivil Servicecivil Service



Librarian ILibrarian ILibrarian IIAssistant Building InspectorParent Aide SupervisorLibrary Maintenance MangerPayroll Manager

. Site CoordinatorL1.J5rarlan1:1:Librarian IIInformation Services Coordinator

·Librarian ILibrarian IVLaboratory Technician IIZoning Enforcement OfficeVocation Services CoordinatorDirector of Public HealthSupervisor-School Base HealthElectrical InspectorDirector Senior AidesAids Program Supervisor~ersonnel DirectorAs~istant Personnel Director

Page 39: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

Name Department Title

Curtis, Robert Comptrollers AccountantCzerwinski, William Purchasing Department Purchasing AgentFerree, Renate Library Librarian IIIFlynn, Jane Library Librarian IFontaine, Ronald Library Librarian IDeBiase, Louis Building Department Mechanical InspectorDillard, Scott Health Department DentistDinatale, Vincenzo Engineers civil Engineer IDomack, Joan Health Department Public Health District SupervisorDomizio, Susan Health Department Social WorkerDuda, Thomas Building Commission Deputy Building OfficialEng, Patricia Health Department Social WorkerEpstein, Roslyn WIC DirectorFaherty, Walter Health Department Supervising Sanitarian

~Gaines, Audrey Health Department Program CoordinatorGredinger, Katharine Health Department Supervisor-School Base Health

----mrgI~elmo, Angela L~brary J>ttblcirian I:LHayatgheybi, Morteza Engineering Traffic EngineerHolloway, James Public Facilities Permit InspectorHoyt, Rosemarie Department of Aging DirectorHuczel, Steven Library Librarian IHunter, Kathleen Social Service Assistant Director, Admin.Jacobson, Michele Library Librarian IKeegan, Paula Library Librarian IVKeller, Mollie Archives Records & Info Record ManagerKowalchik, Sharon Health Department Social Worker

; Kunkel, Maureen Health Department School Physician


Page 40: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

Name Department Title


Kurtz, Diane Library Librarian IIIKwasnik, Stephen Library Librarian ILazration, Herbert Library Librarian IILombard, Irene Comptrollers Assistant ComptrollersLuysterborghs, Jonathan Health Department Site CoordinatorMack, Jane Health Department cIlnlc physlclanMaio, Anne Library Librarian IVMarshall, Carol Library Librarian IMartin, Ann WIC Program NutritionistMaurao, Dennis Social Services Assistant Director of WelfareMaya, Marcy Health Department .SupervisorMcCarn, William Building Department Mechanical InspectorMcCoy, Patricia Vital Statistics Assistant Registrar of VotersMicinilio, Pamela Tax Collector AccountantMcInerney, Daniel Building Department Electrical InspectorMoretti, Arthur Health Department Laboratory Technician IIMoyer, Wheeler Information Tech. Services Data Center ManagerMurphy, Jane Library Librarian INelson, Bruce Building Department Plan ReviewerNerkowski, Irene Engineers Executive SecretaryNewman, Karen Comptrollers AccountantNichols, Bonnie Clean & Green Assistant Director CleanNidoh, Michael Office of Panning & Econ. Planning DirectorNovajo~ky, Michael Comptrollers AccountantO'Brian-Collins, Susanne Health Department Special Project/Student IOrtlz, Veronlca Social Services SupervisorOsbon, Ann Library Librarian IOstrowski, Eve Health Department SiteCoordinator/BCSA1?aajanen, PeteI Builolng Department BUlldlng ufticlalPacacha, Kathleen City Attorney Legal Office ManagerPaoletti, Daniel Sealer Weights & Measurers Deputy Sealer Weights & Measurers


Page 41: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

Name Department 'l:'itle


Panullo, Charleen Police Department Executive SecretaryPalumbo, Anthony Printing Department Printer ForemanPerez, Hilda Health Department HIV CounselorRamos, Francisco Social Services Unit SupervisorRicci, John Airport Airport ManagerRodriguez, Alba Town Clerk Assistant Town Clerk IRosario, Para ODA Administration· Deputy Director - Comm.Roseman, Karen Office of Persons with Dis. DirectorRossa, .Judith Library Librarian IRuggio, Richard Tax Assessor Tax Assessment EngineerSantos, Deborah Social Services SupervisorSendlein, Kurt Airport Superintendent of OperationsShaw, William Planning Commission City Planning EngineerSheridan, Eileen Library Librarian IVSkinner, Barry Engineers City EngineerSmalls, Anita Health Department Clinical CoordinatorSul1:"'Ii~vl'la!i"'in;-,-R=e:rb;<e;;c"1h;;a.-----,H~e=a"tl.,.C"tli,.....,D."e".p,..,.".a...L"l"C."li,."te"i'i'1iCr--------;:S:7ol'1c""J.Ha!l!r't'lWrroi"fr"l:kFle""rr----'Sweeney, Nancy Library Librarian IIITardy, Bernd Purchasing Assistant Purchasing AgentThibodeau, Annmarie Town Clerk Assistant Town Clerk IIVan Tuyl, Elizabeth Library Librarian IVitulano, Donna Health Department Social WorkerWalker, Patricia WIC Office ManagerWilliams, Mary Library Librarian IWitkowski, Mary Library Librarian III


Page 42: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract



The City of Bridgeport and the Association hereby agrees asfollows:

1. For the life of this contract, City Hall hours will be 9:00a.m. to 5:00 p.m. inter alia, and one hour for lunch.

2. Any department, including the Board of Education, which nowstart the work day prior to 9:00 a.m. or end after 5:00 p,m.maycontinue such starting and/or closing times, but the hours of workof such employees· affected thereby, shall be correspondinglyadjusted if necessary so that such employees will not be requiredto regularly work more than their normal hours per week. The Citymay further adjust such starting and closing times as provided inArticle 7 of this Agreement.



Page 43: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

Exhibit D

The following supervisory employees shall receive time and one half(1 1/2) for any hours worked in excess of forty (40) hours per:weekor eight (8) hours per day, provided such work is approved by,theappropriate department head:

Custodial Supervisor ICustodial Supervisor IICustodian IVEquipment Mechanic ForemanGolf Course SuperintendentLabor ForemanPark ForemanPrinting ForemanPublic Works Foreman IPublic Works Foreman IISanitation SupervisorSenior Zoo KeeperTraffic ForemanZoo Manager


Page 44: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract


The equal distribution of overtime as, stated in the contractshould be distributed equally within the budgetary divisions suchas but not restricted to:

ParksRecreationZooAirportHarbor MasterEngineeringBoard of Education


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Page 45: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract


This exhibit is to set forth the application of the provisions ofthe City of Bridgeport's (the "City") collective bargainingagreement (the "Contract") with the Bridgeport City SupervisorsAssociation ("BCSA") to the issue of compensatory time and/orflexible work schedules.

General Provisions

1. Any permanent change in the work schedule of an employee or adepartment which involves employees who are BCSA members("employees") will require the advance written approval of theDirector of Labor Relations. A change which lasts more than 15working days will be considered permanent.

2. Employees who are considered exempt under the Fair LaborStandards Act are generally expected to work the normal workhours and any additional time necessary to perform their duties.Employees not exempt under the Act will be treated accordingly.

3. No accrual of compensatory time or other time off to becarried on the records for employees will be permitted in excessof a total of thirty (30) days without the prior written approvalof the Director of Labor Relations and OPM.

4. No monetary payment shall be made to employees forcompensatory time or accrued time-off for work in excess ofnormal work hours as provided under this memorandum. Nocompensatory or flexible time off may be granted to or taken byany employee except as provided in this memorandum without theprior written approval of the Director of Labor Relations.

5. Department heads ' are expected to keep accurate and up-to­date written records of the accrual and usage of time byemployees as provided under this memorandum. Records should bemaintained on a first-in/first-out basis.

Flex/Compensatory Time

1. The Contract provides for a list of specific positions whichwill receive monetary payment for overtime hours worked in excessof forty (40) hours in one week. Those positions are set forthin Exhibit D to the Contract. Utilization or payment of overtimefor these positions will require the department head to obtainprior written approval of OPM unless otherwise directed inwriting by the Director of OPM.


I This limitation applies to all references to department heads who are BCSA members.

Page 46: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

2. The Contract also provides that: USubject to the approval ofthe Director of Labor Relations, employees may work.a flexiblework schedule, provided such approval shall be subject to thecondition that the economy and efficiency of operation are notthereby impaired. H

3. A Department head may authorize a flexible work schedule foremployees who work in excess of normal work hours and are exemptemployees under the Fair Labor Standards Act and not eligible forovertime payments under the Contract subject to the following:

a. Employees will only receive compensating time-off forwork performed in excess of their normal working hours ona temporary basis if such work has the specific priorwritten authorization of the department head (or the nexthigher supervisor who is not a BCSA member if thedepartment head is a BCSA member) 2. Department heads areexpected to exercise sound judgment in granting suchapproval. Approval should not be granted for minorincreases or fluctuations in workload or time required toperform normal responsibilities but reserved for majorprojects or work requirements of an unusual, emergency orextensive nature which require major additional time forperformance.

b. Department heads may authorize or require employees totake time off that day or that week to reflect additionalhours worked so as to bring the total time worked for theweek into conformity to normal work hours. Prior writtenapproval of the department head will be required for suchtime-off. Approvals shall not be given that adverselyaffect the operation of the department or its hours.Timesheets should reflect these hours.

c. Time off in compensation for time worked in excess ofnormal work hours which is not taken off within the workweek may be carried forward, on an hour for hour basis,for up to sixty (60) days with the written approval ofthe department head. Department heads may not extendsuch sixty (60) days period except with prior writtenapproval of the Director of Labor Relations. Time whichis not utilized within the sixty (60) days period, orsuch extended period as the Director of Labor Relationsmay approve, will be forfeited and removed from thebooks.


2 This limitation applies to all references to department heads who are BCSA members.


Page 47: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract


CITY OF BRIDGEPORTEffective: January 1, 2001


The City of Bridgeport I BOE plan is an open access plan that offers you-the opportunity to use either PHS network or non·networkhealth care providers each time you seek medical care," and- still receive benefits for covered services. The plan gives you a powerfulchoice. You can work within the PHS provider -network at: choose a provider not affiliated with PHS. Care delivered within thenetwork is covered. In-Network. Outside the network, ·care is subject to. coinsurance, and completion of claim fOnTIs.



Deductible: NQne NoneMaximum Out-of-Pocket Coinsurance Cost: None $1,000 Single, $2,000 Family

(does not include charges in excess ofallowed amountor non-covered benefits)

Max. Lifetime nenefit Per Member Unlimited $1,000,000

Coinsurance Level N/A 80%ofUCR


Physical Examination for

Children through Age t7

• The maximum frequency ofcovered routine $10 Copayment per Visit Subject to 80% Coinsurance2

health exams is Monthly during the first 5months ofHfe (maximum 5); once every 2months from age 6 months through 11 months(maximum 3); once every 3 months from age 12months through 23 months (maximum 4); onceevery 6 months age 24 months through 3Smonths (maximum 2); and once per CalendarYear from age 3 through age t7 years.

Hearing Exams until Age 18 ,$ t0 Copayment per Visit .Subject to 80% Coinsurance2

Adults Age 18 and Over $ t0 Copayment per Visit Subject to 80% Coinsurance2

• The maximum frequency ofcovered routineadult health exams, according to age is: 18 yearsthrough 29 years, once every third Calendaryear; age 30 years through 49 years, once everysecond calendar year; age 50 and over, once perCalendar Year.

Preventive Immunizations:

• Children through Age t7 No Cost Subject to 80% Coinsurance2

• Adults Age 18 and Over No Cost Subject to 80% Coinsurance2

Mammograms (See Section VI for schedule)

• Screening No Cost Subject to 80% Coinsurance2

• Diagnostic No Cost Subject to 80% Coinsurance2

Routine Gynecological Care, for female Members $10 Copayment per Visit, covered for one Subject to 80% Coinsurance2

over age 15 pap test and one pelvic exam per calendaryear.


Pre-Natal and 'Post·Natal (from eff. date ofPHS $10 Copayment for the initial Visit, then Subject to 80% Coinsl,lrance2

coverage) covered in full

Hospital Services for Mother & Child (Includes all $200 Copayment per Admission3 $200 Copayment per Admission, thennewborn costs even ifnewbom requires continued subject to 80% Coinsurance2

hospitalization after mother is discharged)

Family Planning and Infertility Services (Excludes $10 Copayment per Visit Subject to 80%Coinsurance2

In·Vitro Fertilization, GIFT, and ZIFT)


Page 48: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

,', ,


OUTPATIENT CAREPhysician Office Visits $10 Copayment per Visit Subject to 80% Coinsurance'

X-Rays and Laboratory Tests No Cost Subject to 80% Coinsurance'

Physical & Occupational Therapy and Chiropractic $10 Copayment per Visit Subject to 80% Coinsurance'Care. for up to 30 Visits per Year

Cardiac Rehabilitation for up to 12 weeks following $10 Copayment per Visie Subject to 80% Coinsurance'·lmyocardial infarction or cardiac surgery

Speech Therapy, for up to 60 days pe.r year $10 Copayment per Visie Subject to 80% Coinsurance',1

Diagnostic Procedures No Cost Subject to 80% Coinsurance')

Surgery perfonned in a Hosphal or Outpatient $10 Copayment per Visie Subject to 80% Coinsurance')Surgical Care Center

Allergy Services $10 Copayment per Visit Subject to 80% Coinsurance'


Semi·Private Room and Board $200 Copayment per Admission) $200 Copayment per Admission, then subjectto 80% coinsuranceJ

Inpatient Skilled Services such as Physical, $200 Copayment per Admission3 $200 Copayment per Admission, then subjectOccupational therapy, and Skilled Nursing Care to a to 80% coinsuranceJ \combined maximum of 60 days per calendar year

VISION CAREVision Screening, annually (excludes refraction) $10 Copayment per Visit Subject to 80% Coinsurance'

Medical Care for Injury or Illness to the Eye $10 Copayment per Visit Subject to 80% Coinsurance'

MENTAL HEALTH CAREOutpatient Mental Health Care $10 Copayment per Visit Subject to 80% Coinsurance'

Outpatient visits may require approval inadvance.

Inpatient Mental Health Care $200 Copayment per AdmissionJ $200 Copayment per Admission, thensubject to Coinsurance")

DRUG/ALCOHOL ADDICTIONInpatient Diagnosis and Medical Treatment for Drug $200 Copayment per AdmissionJ $200 Copayment per Admission then subjectand Alcohol Detoxification to 80% Coinsurance')

Inpatient Rehabilitative treatment for the abuse of, or $200 Copayment per Admission] $200 Copayment per Admission, then subjectaddiction to drugs and alcohol to 80% Coinsurance',3

Outpatient Rehabilitative treatment for the abuse of, $10 Copayment per Outpatient Visie Subject to 80% Coinsurance'or addiction to drugs and alcohol

HOME HEALTH OR HOSPICE CAREHome Health or Hospice Care when skilled services No Cose Subject to 80% Coinsurance")are required

Inpatient Hospice Care $200 -Copayment per AdmissionJ $200 Copayment per Admission thencovered 100%J


Durable Medical Equipment (Certain devices require PHS pays 100% of the cost of covered PHS pays 100% of the cost ofcoveredprior authorization) item(s) up to a combined in and out of item(s) up to a combined in and out of

network maximum of$500 per year network maximum of$500 per year

-Foot Orthotics PHS pays 50% of the physician's charge or PHS pays 50% ofthe physician's charge or$125, whichever is less $125, whichever is less

Prosthetics (maximums are combined in and out ofnetwork)

• Internal No CostJ No Cosf,J

• External, to a maximum of$5,OOO No Cost] Subject to 80% Coinsurance")

• External replacement. to a maximum of $5.000 NoCose Subject to 80% Coinsurance',J

Oxygen NoCose No Case

Acupuncture $10 Copayment per Visit] Covered In Network only


Page 49: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

· I"



At Physician's Office $10 Copayment per Visit $10 Copayment per Visit

Urgent Care at an yrgent Care Center $10 Copayment per Visit $10 Copayment per Visit

At Hospital Emergency Room $75 Copayment per Visit $75 Copayment per Visit

(ER Copayment waived if admitted, then $200Inpatient Copayment applies)

Ambulance, in case ofemergency Naeost No Cost

*.. Usual, Customary and Reasonable Charge. (UCR) is defined as. maximum allowable charge as determined by PHS.- ** For outpatient mental. health, .rehabilitative treatment for the abuse of or addiction. to. drugs .and. alcohol,. and chiropractic care, the allowed

amount is determined by the vendor's fee schedule.

1 In Network services are services and benefits provided or arranged by a PHS participating provider.2 Out ofNetwork services require a member to pay coinsurance.3 When Medically Necessary and Approved in Advance by the PHS Medical Director.

Conditions and Limitations

You are covered for emergencies anywhere in the world. If the situation is Iife·threatening, go straight to the nearest hospital's emergency roomor call 911. If at all possible, try to reach your PHS primary care physician. Please be sure it is a true emergency. Many people go to theemergency room for things like colds, sore throats, coughs, and routine fevers because it is convenient. While none of these problems constitutesan emergency, you are covered for all of them through a visit to your physician's office. You will be· responsible for any emergency room chargeswhen it is not an emergency.

Out ofNetwQrk BenefitsWhen using Out of Network benefit, prior authorization is required for all inpatient and outpatient hospital admissions, all elective ambulatorysurgical procedures, and mQst diagnostic procedures performed in a non·plan hQspital or free·standing surgical center. To obtain priorauthorization, please CQntact PHS' Customer Service Department at ]·800-205·0095. A $100 penalty is applied tQ Out of Networkreimbursement when.the member does not complete the prior authorization process.

Out ofNetwQrk Inpatient Hospital Copayment MaximumAll of yOUf out-of-network inpatient hospital I facility copayments will be applied to an annual copayment.maximum of $1,000 per member or$2,000 per family per calendar year.

General ExclusionsYou are not covered for physical exams' for employment, insurance, schoQl, premarital requirement or summer camp (unless substituted for anonnal physical exam); hearing aids; routine foot care; some transplant procedures; cQsmetic or reconstructive surgery, unless medicallynecessary; custodial services; weight-reductiQn programs; or long-tenn psychiatric treatment.

Plan will nQt duplicate any benefits for which members are entitled under worker's cQmpensation, No·Fault, Medicare, or other group healthinsurance coverage.

The services, excluslQns and limitations listed above do not constitute a contract and are a summary only. The City of BridgeportSummary Benefit Description is the final arbiter Qf coverage under PHS. If you have any questions) please call the PHS CustomerService Department at 1-800·205-0095.

Slpd City ofBridgeport (CI2BP5/CI2BP6)5/24/01


Page 50: Bridgeport City Supervisors Association Contract

BEFORE MAKING AN APPOINTMENT WITH EITHER A MEMBER ORNON-MEMBER DOCTOR, you must obtain a request card brochure from yourPersonnel Department. The brochure will further explain the benefits andprocedures. Simply complete the pre-addressed request-for-service postcardattached to the brochure and mail itto VSP. The request-for-service postcardshould be sent in just prior to your desired appointment date, since the benefitsfrom expires sixty (60) days from the date of issue. Within approximately ten (IO)days, you will receive a benefit from along with a list of member doctors in yourarea. For questions other than eligibility, call VSP's National Customer ServiceCenter at (1800) 622-7444.

l'XJ:illilT H


The new vision care plan will be provided by Vision Service Plan. The planprovides a complete vision examination and lenses once every twelve (12) months,and a frame once every twenty-four (24) months. The vision examination willinclude tests to determine the general health of your eyes and whether glasses arenecessary. A wide selection of frames are available, and contact lenses are coveredif medically necessary. An allowance will be made if cosmetic contacts areselected.

The plan has a network of over 22,000 doctor locations nationwide for you tochoose from. WHEN SERVICES ARE OBTAINED FROM A MEMBERDOCTOR, Vision Service Plan will pay the doctor directly. There will be no out­of-pocket expense except for a twenty ($20.00) dollar co-payment for theexamination and a thirty ($30.00) dollar co-payment for materials. There can be anextra charge for cosmetic items such as tints, over-sixed lenses, or blended lenses,etc. These extras are charged at predetermined wholesale prices.

In addition, your benefit includes a forty dollar ($40.00) wholesale frameallowance. This typically equates to a pair of frames which retail for onehundred/one hundred twenty ($1001$120) dollars. Should you exceed the wholesaleframe allowance, you will be charged the additional wholesale cost, plus a servicefee equal to the overage. (Example: You choose frames which carry a fifty dollar($50.00) wholesale value. You would be charged the additional wholesale cost often dollars ($10.00) plus a service fee equal to the overage, or ten ($10.00) dollars.Therefore, these frames would cost twenty ($20.00) dollars in addition to your co­payment.

You also have the option to receive SERVICES FROM A NON-MEMBERDOCTOR, and VSP will reimburse you according to a schedule of allowances.There is,no assurance that the schedule will be sufficient to pay for the entire costof the e~ination or the glasses.


Contact LensesNecessaryElective


Vision ExaminationSingle Vision Lenses, up to (per pair)Bifocal Lenses, up to (per pair)Trifocal Lenses, up to (per pair)LenticularFrames, up to