bridging the website, expanded our social media presence, redesigned our logo, conducted a...

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  • BRIDGING THE GAP Newsletter of the

    Section for Women in Public Administration

    Hello to all the members and friends of the Section for Women in Public Administration! As the new SWPA chair I would like to thank all the members, presenters, and volunteers for a fantastic 2018 conference, particularly with the success of the Ally Training and Awards Breakfast with keynote speaker Brenda Allen. This newsletter will feature some of the highlights of the conference, member achievements, and upcoming section plans.

    As I was deliberating on what to include in this message, I thought I’d respond to the most frequent question I get about this section - what’s the point of joining SWPA? I’m sure we all have different reasons for our interest, but for me the section has been instrumental in guiding my recent career and life path. I first joined the section on the recommendation of a professor, never imagining where it would take me. I went from a scared doctoral student showing up for my first conference as a lucky recipient of a SWPA scholarship, thinking I would be an overlooked wallflower with no

    idea what I needed to do.

    Instead SWPA members welcomed me with open arms, provided friendship, mentorship, and networking, not just at that conference, but continually as I maneuvered through the dissertation process, academic job search, and new faculty transition. They have inspired me with their advice, support, and their amazing academic research and practitioner expertise.

    And that is my personal mission for the next year – to continue to build upon all the great work that SWPA has done for the 35 years and help pay it forward for future generations. Our section had a hugely productive past year under the guidance of Meghna Sabharwal, the board, committee chairs, and volunteers. We reinvented our website, expanded our social media presence, redesigned our logo, conducted a membership survey, and reactivated our newsletter to highlight all the accomplishments of our members.

    But perhaps the most intriguing initiative from this past year was the Ally Training for Social Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion training that we partnered to

    offer at the 2018 ASPA conference. This professional development workshop highlights and reminds us that we are not just a section OF women or FOR women. The training reinforced the importance of intersectionality of our members and friends, and that issues that impact women also impact men, and LGBT, and ethnicity, and…everyone.

    SWPA’s mission focusing on activities that promote and recognize women and diversity in public administration will continue with an active agenda over the next few years. We hope to continue partnering with other sections on inclusive professional development trainings, promoting the activities and accomplishments of our members (don’t be shy, send us items so we can shout and applaud your accomplishments), offering webinars for all those members who aren’t able to join us at the conference, exploring partnering on a journal, and long-term plans recognizing the 50th

    anniversary of the original Task Force on Women in Public Administration in 2021. So enjoy the highlights and member accomplishments in this newsletter, start



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    ASPA 2018 Highlights

    Newsletter Date September 5, 2018

    following us on Facebook ( ) and Twitter (@swpaaspa), start promoting fellow women by nominating them for things like research awards, book awards, dissertation awards, or workplace recognition. And think about doing some self-promotion as well (check out #ImmodestWomen on Twitter).

    I’ll finish with a quote I found online and fell in love with (but have no idea how to properly cite): HERE’S TO STRONG WOMEN. MAY WE KNOW THEM. MAY WE BE THEM. MAY WE RAISE THEM.


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    Rita M. Hilton Rosemary O’Leary

    SWPA members featured in PA Times


    Mary Feeney, AWPA co-founder, has been named editor of Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory.

    Hillary J. Knepper has been named incoming co-editor of the Journal of Health & Humans Services Administration.

    Rita M. Hilton (Independent Psychologist) and Rosemary O’Leary (Distinguished Professor at the University of Kansas) just published a book titled LEADING IN PLACE: LEADERSHIP THROUGH DIFFERENT EYES (Routledge 2018). Through surveys and interviews, this practitioner-academic team has conducted a thorough and fascinating study of women in various leadership roles, from paid high-level executives to community volunteers. The book bridges the

    chasm between what the experts write about leadership and what is experienced in organizations and communities.

    It pushes the reader to think about how unconscious biases have influenced perceptions of leadership in research and organizations. They suggest leadership research should be updated to integrate 21st century realities by moving past both bias towards male prototypes, as well as the ‘great women’ genre.

    Evans, M. (2018). Gender representation in MPA ethics courses. Journal of Public Affairs Education, 24(3), 342-360. 6803.2018.1426427

    Borry, E. L., DeHart-Davis, L., Kaufmann, W., Merritt, C., Mohr, Z. T., Tummers, L. (2018). Rule Formalization and Rule Consistency Heighten Organizational Compliance: Experimental and Survey Evidence. Public Administration. doi/full/10.1111/padm.12407

    Borry, E. L. (2018). Linking Theory to Television: Public Administration in Parks and Recreation. Journal of Public Affairs Education, 24(2), 234-254. oi/full/10.1080/15236803.201 8.1446881

    Borry, E. L. (2018). Teaching Public Ethics with TV: Parks and Recreation as a Source of Ethics Case Studies. Public Integrity, 20(3), 300-315. 99922.2017.1371998

    Knox, C. C. & Harris, A. (2016). Evolution of an Experiential Learning

    Partnership in Emergency Management Higher Education. Journal of Emergency Management, 14(3), 201-212.

    Jacques, P. & Knox, C. C. (2016). Hurricanes and Hegemony: A Qualitative Analysis of Micro-level Climate Denial Discourses. Environmental Politics. 25(5), 831-852.

    Knepper, H., Sonenberg, A. & Levine, H. (2017/2018). The socio-environmental context of our actions: Marginalization and its influence on building a culture of health. Symposium Editor, Journal of Health & Human Services Administration, 2 Volumes. Fall, 2017/Winter 2018.

    Knepper, H. & Dwyer, P. (2017). The Path Not Chosen: Effective Succession Planning. PA Times. Feb. 2018.

    Sonenberg, A. & Knepper, H. (2017) Considering disparities: How do nurse practitioner regulatory policies, access to care, and primary care health outcomes vary across four states? Nursing Outlook, 65(2), 143-153.

    “Positioning Markets and Governments in Public Management,” a book published by IGI Global (November, 2017) co-edited by Brooklyn’s Long Island University (LIU) MPA Program Director, Dr. Helisse Levine, a past SWPA Board Member and Rita Mae Kelly Distinguished Research Award recipient, and LIU’s MPA Program assistant professor, Dr. Karina Moreno, a long- standing SWPA member and author of several publications

    SWPA MEMBER NEWS advancing the discussions of gender inequities and immigration reform.

    This timely book seeks to advance the state of the field in terms of our understanding of key research and theoretical frameworks on the dynamics of governments and markets, as well as provide a comprehensive assessment of how these affect and are affected by public policy, hoping that, ideally, forthcoming policies reflect lessons of our past.

    Contributors of this book, both practitioners and scholars, reinvigorate the debate around the positioning of markets and governments in the evaluation of public management and policies.

    Furthermore, the contributors of this edited volume extend the existing political economy literature to reflect modern day issues, and include recent critical empirical evidence and case studies in their assessments.

    Page 3 Summer 2018

    Helisse Levine (right) Karina Moreno (left)

    Rosemary O’Leary

    Rita Hilton

  • SWPA SECRETARY, SHILPA VISWANATH RECEIVED THREE FELLOWSHIPS THIS SUMMER. She is one of the 14 young scholars chosen by ASPA to attend the 7th International Young Scholars Workshop in Mexico: ASPA/In-the- Community/Releases/2018IYSW.aspx?platform=hootsuite She has received APPAM's Diversity and Inclusion F