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  • BRT Bus Livery RFP No. 2019-1487

    AC Transit 1 July 12, 2019

    1600 Franklin Street Oakland, CA 94612

    Request for Proposals (RFP) NO. 2019-1487

    BRT Bus Livery

    July 12, 2019


  • BRT Bus Livery RFP No. 2019-1487

    AC Transit 2 July 12, 2019

    Table of Contents

    RFP NO. 2018-1487

    BRT Bus Livery Services

    Section Title Page

    I. Summary of Proposal Request/Schedule of Events 3

    II. Instructions to Proposers 4

    III. Scope of Work 10

    IV. Standard Conditions 12

    V. Exhibits and Attachments 15

    Attachment 1A – Proposer’s Statement of Qualifications and Reference Questionnaire


    Attachment 1B – Price Proposal Form 20

    Attachment 1C – Prime Contractor & Subcontractor/Supplier Report 21

    Exhibit A – Insurance Requirements 22

    Exhibit B – Sample Contract 26

    Exhibit C – Federal Clauses 37

    Exhibit D – Bus Technical Specification 45

  • BRT Bus Livery RFP No. 2019-1487

    AC Transit 3 July 12, 2019




    Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Bus Livery

    RFP No. 2019-1487


    1. Proposal Request.

    The Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (District) is requesting proposals from qualified firms (hereafter referred to as "Proposer/s") to provide BRT livery services, as set out in Part III, Scope of Work. The District invites proposals in accordance with the provisions, specifications, and instructions set forth in this RFP. Proposals will be received until the date and time specified below. Late proposals will not be considered. All Proposers are cautioned to read the entire RFP, noting insurance and submittal requirements, and to complete all required forms. Failure to provide all requested information may cause the proposal to be deemed nonresponsive.

    2. Schedule.

    Listed below is the schedule of solicitation events that outlines the pertinent dates of which Proposers should make themselves aware.

    Solicitation Event Date Time

    Distribution of RFP July 12, 2019 N/A

    Proposer's deadline to submit questions, requests for modifications and/or clarifications

    July 18, 2019 5:00 p.m.

    District’s response to questions, requests for modifications and/or clarifications

    July 22, 2019 N/A

    Proposals Due July 30, 2019 5:00 p.m.

    Proposer Interviews (Tentative) August 1, 2019 N/A

    Recommendation for Award (Tentative) August 7, 2019 N/A

    3. Description of the District.

    The Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District is a California Special District created by the voters in 1956 and is subject to regulation under the Transit District Law, as amended (see California Public Utilities Code Section 24501 et seq.). The District provides public transit services to riders throughout western Contra Costa County to southern Alameda County. The District has four (4) operating divisions in addition to the Central Maintenance Facility, Training Center, and the General Office. The District is financed through the receipt of transit fares, property taxes, and state and federal funding.

  • BRT Bus Livery RFP No. 2019-1487

    AC Transit 4 July 12, 2019


    1. Proposal Submittal.

    A. Questions, Requests for Modifications and/or Clarifications.

    Any questions or requests for modifications and/or clarifications of the Proposal specifications shall be submitted in writing by electronic transmission to Michael Silk at or delivered to his attention at 1600 Franklin Street, 6th Floor, Oakland, CA 94612. Questions and requests for modifications and/or clarifications must be received no later than July 18th, 5:00 Pacific Daylight Time.

    Any interpretation, change, or correction of said specifications will be issued by Addenda only, duly issued by the District. All oral modifications of these conditions or specifications are void and ineffective. The District reserves the right to reject any Proposal that contains unauthorized conditions or exceptions.

    B. Proposal Due Date.

    Final proposals shall be emailed to: Michael Silk,, Subject: RFP No. 2019-1487. Alternatively, proposals can be mailed to 1600 Franklin Street, 6th Floor, Oakland, CA 94612 but the District prefers email submission. All submissions are due by July 30, 2019 5:00 Pacific Standard Time. Final proposals received after the time and date specified will not be considered. All packages shall be sealed and clearly marked as:

    RFP No. 2019-1487 BRT Bus Livery Due Date/Time: July 30, 2019 - 5:00 P.D.T

    Submission of a Proposal shall constitute a firm offer to the District for 120 calendar days from the submission deadline for Proposals. A Proposer may withdraw its proposal any time before the date and time when proposals are due, without prejudice, by submitting a written request for its withdrawal to the address specified in this Section II.1.B. A telephone request is not acceptable. The withdrawal of a proposal does not prejudice the right of a Proposer to submit another proposal within the time set for receipt of proposals. After the proposal due date, a proposal may be withdrawn only if the District fails to award the contract within the proposal validity period set forth here, or any agreed upon extension thereof.

    District staff will review all Proposals received and one or more finalists may be selected. These finalists may be invited to an oral interview.

    C. Project Background.

    The Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District is the third largest public bus system in California, covering a 364 square mile service area. The District operates 156 bus lines with an average annual ridership of 51,760,000 million trips. Bus rapid transit (BRT) is a new and innovative service that is a sub-brand of AC Transit and will be launching in the East Bay in late 2019. This type of service is often called “light rail on wheels” because it brings the frequency and reliability of light rail to the bus rider without having to lay down the infrastructure required for rail

  • BRT Bus Livery RFP No. 2019-1487

    AC Transit 5 July 12, 2019

    transit. AC Transit’s BRT service will run the 9.5-mile corridor from downtown Oakland to San Leandro BART, connecting people and places more efficiently. The hybrid diesel, high-capacity vehicles used in this service will differ significantly from AC Transit’s regular fleet and need to be branded uniquely to reflect the distinction in rider experience. Vehicles will travel in bus-only lanes bypassing traffic congestion and, like trains, will have doors on both the left and the right sides to allow passengers to board at either curb or median stations along the route. The livery design for the twenty-seven (27) 60-foot articulated BRT vehicles will be executed by a combination of an existing paint scheme and a partial vinyl wrap (preferably) that covers between 75 and 100 percent of the body, including windows. AC Transit is currently working with a design consultant to provide the final specifications of the wrap.

    2. Proposal Content.

    Proposals shall be prepared simply and economically, providing a straightforward and concise description of the Proposer’s capabilities and approach for meeting the requirements of this RFP. The Proposal shall be divided into sections with index tabs and cover pages identifying the contents of the sections. Failure to provide ALL of the required submittals may render the proposal non-responsive. Clarity and conciseness are essential and will be considered during Proposal evaluation although the District is not specifying a page limit.

    A. Cover Letter

    The signed cover letter should be on company letterhead clearly stating the firm name of the Proposer, business address, telephone, and e-mail address. The following information must be provided:

    • Introduce the firm and summarize its qualifications.

    • Name(s) of authorized principals with authority to negotiate and contractually bind the firm.

    • A statement that binds the Proposer to the proposed Scope of Work and price proposal for 120 calendar days.

    • Indicate whether there are any conflicts of interest that would limit the Proposer’s ability to provide the requested services. See Section IV(9).

    • Acknowledge receipt of all addenda by including the addendum number for each addendum received.

    B. Minimum Qualifications / Technical Proposal.

    Proposals are requested of firms with the ability to produce and install large-format decals and wraps for public transit buses. The successful proposer will be required to have the capacity to produce and reproduce bus decals within a two-month timeframe (preferably). For the technical proposal, please include the approach(es) unique to the proposer’s firm to perform the tasks and deliverables listed in Section III, Scope of Work.

    (1) Technical Ability to Perform Required Services: The extent to which the proposer can demonstrate a firm understanding of the RFP requirements,

  • BRT Bus Livery RFP No.

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