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1. BUILDING A MULTIMEDIA WEB OBSERVATORY PLATFORM Jonathon Hare 2. WHY MULTIMEDIA? 3. THE WEB IS MULTIMEDIA 4. MULTIMEDIA GIVES US A MORE COMPLETE PICTURE OF THE WEB, BUT ALSO A MORE COMPLETE PICTURE OF SOCIETY. 5. HOW CAN WE EXPLOIT MULTIMEDIA DATA? 6. INTERLINKING CONTENT THROUGH MM FEATURES Detection of near-duplicates using MM analysis can interlink content across languages, domains and groups. Aggregating documents about the same subject/event/ opinion Finding cases where media is used in differing contexts is also interesting. Exploring how different social groups talk about the same media 7. Detection & recognition of people General object, logo, etc. detection & recognition Detection of locations Temporal detection of duplicates MINING ENTITIES,TRENDS, TOPICS AND EVENTS 8. Facial analysis of visual data Course-grained automatic classication (sentiment/privacy/attractiveness) Investigating Correlations between images and opinions mined from text UNDERSTANDING MEANING OF CONTENT 9. THE ARCOMEM APPROACH 10. Intelligently harvest data from the web and social web around specic ETOEs. Provide a scalable and extensible platform for analysis taking into account all modalities of data. Expose the results of the analysis in the form of semantic knowledge. Export the data in standardised formats for preservation and exchange.


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