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  • Agenda10.30 10.40 Context10.40 10.50 Sourcing multimedia content10.50 11.05 Interface Functionality11.05 11.25 Interface Design11.25 11.30 Break11.30 11.40 Encouraging use11.40 12.00 Exploring new models

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  • Digital Images for Education Slide * context(caren)

  • Current JISC funded image and film collections

    Digital Images for Education

    Newsfilm Online

    Film and Sound Online

  • Digital Images for Education2.75 million56,000 still images500 hours of film25 years of UK history

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  • AP Archive

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  • Royal Geographical Society

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  • Imperial War Museum: War postersDigital Images for Education Slide *

  • Design Archives, University of Brighton

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  • North Highland College

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  • ITN

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  • GettyDigital Images for Education Slide *

  • Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

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  • GovEd Digital Images for Education Slide *

  • MediaHubDigital Images for Education Slide * NFO free contentFSOL paid for contentDIE paid for contentPortal to view other contentImages on demand buy images and store them in mediahub

  • Digital Images for Education Slide * Sourcing Multimedia Content

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    Usefulness of understanding the context of users accessing collections:

    Where do you start when looking for multimedia content? Answers please: (stating any special or good features on those websites)

    Before you begin.

  • Digital Images for Education Slide * Interface Functionality

  • BackgroundHistory of developing web interfaces for multimedia content back to 2002 Film & Sound Online (originally Education Media OnLine)Education Image GalleryNewsFilm OnlineEach process involved community consultation Experience built on now, with many of the same featuresUser comments on design and content often hard to get

  • Mediahub planningTwo way exchange Show you a work-in-progress, and give a timeline for releaseHear the features you would like to seeOur obligations -To cater for a variety of users and range of search preferencesBut need to get the on-screen balance of elements rightUndesigned layout (wireframe) for preview/commentWhat do you think? Anything missing?

  • Functionality and toolsDigital Images for Education Slide *

  • Digital Images for Education Slide * Interface Design

  • More of what you might expect..

    Earlier focus group (Edinburgh College of Art, December 2009) helped inform initial development (lead by in-house designer)Approach - based on user-centered design principles considering the tasks, goals and experience of the user. One clear finding simple Google-like searchInconclusive on other preferences, although Search by Subject used by some. Search by Place not rated as so useful.

    Timeline, no consensus - A useful feature for you?Preferred designs?

  • Comments

  • Digital Images for Education Slide * encouraging use(caren)

  • Encouraging useHow are images and film currently used as a teacher / librarian / student / researcher? Can you describe a use case?How can we best provide you with tools to help embed the use of the content?

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  • Digital Images for Education Slide * exploring new models(caren and anna)

  • Business ModelsAnnual Subscription ModelInstitution pays annual subscription feeAll staff and students have free access to all the contentor Project SubscriptionLecturer requires access to MediaHub for a specific projectAsk library to subscribe for one month and during that month, all institution has accessDownload images / film requiredPay per download ModelInstitution signs in to Mediahub using authenticationAll users have free access to view all the content in MediaHub onlineWhen anyone downloads an image / film the institution is charged a set feeNo matter how many downloads, the institution will not pay more than the annual subscription feeIf a learning material is created and placed in JORUM / MediaHub, institution gets a discount at end of year

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  • Images and Film on DemandDigital Images for Education Slide *

    ***In early 2011, JISC will launch a new multimedia platform offering a single point of access to a wealth of digital image, film and sound content. While this platform is under development, we are offering current Education Image Gallery subscribers an interim service.The new platform will offer a wide range of benefits:All content will be free-at-the-point-of-use, and licensed for use in education and research.The user interface will be easy to use.Different collections will be fully cross searchable, enabling users to source content from a wide range of content providers with ease.Extensive metadata will be available to enhance search and browse, and thumbnail images will be displayed in results lists. It will include access to both free and paid-for content:NewsFilm Online 3,000 hours of news stories and cinema newsreels taken from the ITN/ Reuters archive. Over 60,000 clips are available covering significant historical events that shaped the 20th and 21st century such as the the first interview with Nelson Mandela, and the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. (Access to NewsFilm Online will be free to all UK HE and FE)Digital