by, wonder of words megha bajaj ([email protected])

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By, Wonder of Words Megha Bajaj ([email protected]). ‘I am WoW ’. S haring the common dream with you of making a difference in the lives of children… . Together we can make so many students lives a little more WoW !!! Here is how…. What is the “I am WoW ” program?. One workshop - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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By,Wonder of WordsMegha Bajaj ([email protected])

Sharing the common dream with you of making a difference in the lives of children I am WoW

1Together we can make so many students lives a little more WoW !!!

Here is how

2What is the I am WoW program?One workshopTwenty worksheets

A positive change in students..!These informational yet fun worksheets help children enjoy English more as well as develop certain important attitudes like self-love, introspection, empathy and gratitude.

If a single English period per week is dedicated to WoW, within a few weeks teachers notice an attitude shift in children - towards English as well as themselves, their parents and their friends.

3How does it work?There are two sets of booklets that the school will receive: One for the teachers and one for the students.

The teachers booklet has special notes and information entailing how the session is to be conducted.

In case the teachers have any queries they can mail us with their questions and contact details and within five working days their doubts will be cleared either via mail or through a phone call.

Extremely simple and straightforward enhancement to your English lecture: All you need is a blackboard, chalk and WoW booklets.


Why I am WoWWoW English worksheets are made much more effective because they deal with kids lives.

WoW worksheets are fun and activity based for younger kids, AND interesting, inspiring and thought provoking for the older kids.

WoW uses motivating stories, novel techniques, songs, poems, fun speaking and listening games and much more to enhance the learning experience.

The program can be used across all boards as it has a universal tone and relates to kids of all backgrounds..

Excellence + Commitment to make a difference = WoW!5

Why WoW when we have Text Books?TextbooksWoWDont have suggestions, tips and activities for the teachers...WoW does!Dont relate to a childs life like his relationship with his friends, issues relating to looks, competition, dealing with teasingWoW does!

Dont talk directly to students as a friend, as a guideWoW does!

6With WoW by their side, teachers can do wonders! TEACHERS WoWSometimes teachers get restricted with curriculum.WoW not only helps students improve in their curriculum but also goes above and beyond to help them deal with practical life.Teachers often find themselves restricted with time and deadlines. How can you ensure that each child loves learning?WoW worksheets are extremely fun and activity based. Idea is, if children develop a liking for English and writing it will help them in other subjects too. While teachers are excellent at teaching, they may sometimes face difficulties in writing stories or letters or poems themselves. WoW hopes to become an aid for teachers since it has been developed by an award winning writer who has learnt how to structure essays, write effective letters and short stories through eight years of experience.

7What makes WoW so special?From becoming better speakers to enhancing listening skills, WoW has activity based worksheets for all standards. Certain problem areas in grammar like tenses are taught in a very exciting and innovative manner.

Structured essay writing, descriptive essays, poetry writing, newspaper style writing and much more is included in the WoW module for older kids.

Phonetics games, poems on manners, activities that will make children comfortable with their bodies, songs that will make children love themselves so much more are all included in the WoW module for younger kids.All six key aspects of English, namely, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking find expression through the WoW program


Love and support keeps us going!I AM WOW booklets have English Enrichment exercises blended with subtle layers of spirituality, introspection and values - something our kids REALLY need! Having gone through few of those worksheets I instantly decided to take this forward for all the 4000 students of my school. Looking forward for a beautiful transformation to happen with my kids! Best of luck WoW. Gayathri Ramachandran, Principal, Shri Natesan Vidhyasala, Chennai. Writing has always been my passion, but WoW helped me give direction to this writing. Not only did my skills improve, it also really paid off when I topped the CBSE XII standard exam all India with 98% in English. WoW definitely helped me reach that place thanks to all the sessions we had on editing, grammar and various facets of the language! Thank you WoW!Nanditha Hariharan, Student, Chennai.

9Based on the number of students, we work out an investment just right for your school!

Gift your children a unique, unparalleled learning experience.

With a discounted rate you can continue with the updated and upgraded WoW program for the years to follow.

For an additional investment WoW can organize teacher training programs for schools.

Small investment.Big results !!!


A little about WoW, a registered company based in Mumbai conducts online English workshops for adults as well as children.

Started my Megha Bajaj, an acclaimed writer and school teacher, in a year, WoW has reached over 15000 students in 3 states.

We were recently interviewed on Red FM and Times of India as well as The Hindu have spoken about WOW being, well WOW.

A passionate team of writers, parents, students, principals, child psychologists and business leaders, brings you the expertise that can take your school and students to the next level!


A little about A small decision on your part can help so many students lives become a little more WoW.

Allow them to fall in love with English, enable them to re-think their attitudes and empower them to become mature, compassionate, responsible citizens of the world.

In short, make their lives, a little more WoW.

Email us at [email protected] more information!

www.wonderofwords.orgLike us on Facebook

A single step can make all the difference!12