camperdown contact ... of photography, acmi and visited hozier lane to check out the graffiti. a...

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    CAMPERDOWN COLLEGE NEWSLETTER Term 2, Week 3, 4th May 2017


    Camperdown College students, staff and families again participated proudly in the town ANZAC march and service. Flag bearers Andrew Anderson and Alanah Blake ably led the various community participants in the march and our Junior and Senior School Captains Evie Clementson, Bailey McGillivray, Soraya Clark and Nicholas Jones led our school group and laid wreaths on behalf of their peers.

    Clockwise from top: Alanah Blake; School Captains Evie Clementson, Soraya Clark; Nicholas Jones and

    Bailey McGillivray; Junior Campus students watching the service; Andrew Anderson.

    Soraya also joined the official party to give a reading during the service. It was terrific to see so many of our Camperdown College students from Prep through to Year 12 participate in this important day of remembrance, paying tribute and giving thanks to the service men and women of Australia and New Zealand.

    Cherie Kilpatrick Principal

  • Our Mission: Camperdown College will provide exemplary teaching and learning programs within excellent facilities which foster school pride,

    aspiration and persistence to achieve high levels of learning for all students.

    From the Principal’s Desk…

    The Camperdown College 2016 Annual

    Report was presented and endorsed at

    last Wednesday’s School Council

    meeting. It is a compliance requirement

    that schools report annually on student

    achievement, engagement and

    wellbeing as well as the school’s

    financial performance and position.

    Copies of the Annual Report can be obtained through the

    College website and either campus office.

    Teachers are once again completing progress reports on

    Compass for all students from Prep to Year 12. Every six

    weeks, teachers allocate a rating on a 1-4 scale for four

    learning attributes that underpin student achievement. The

    progress report is presented on Compass in the form of

    coloured graphs as well as numbers, so that students and

    parents can keep track of improvements and identify areas

    for attention in the next six week period. We have included

    an explanation of the Junior and Senior Campus 1-4

    learning attribute ratings in this week’s newsletter. You can

    also find these learning attributes tables within Compass

    (open in browser) by selecting the pencil icon and clicking

    on the School Resources button. Please note that a paper

    copy of your child’s progress report can be supplied

    through the relevant campus office if you are unable to

    access Compass at home.

    I am very appreciative of the efforts made by our students

    and families to ensure school attendance is an absolute

    priority. Any support you are able to give neighbours and

    other College families to assist with transport or other

    matters that affect school attendance is greatly appreciated.

    Every child attending school on time, every day, ready for

    learning leads to much better educational and wellbeing

    outcomes for individuals, and our whole community

    benefits in the long run.

    We have made great gains with our overall school

    attendance data and our data compares very favourably

    with other schools. There is, however, still work to be

    done to achieve greater consistency. We will continue to

    work towards reducing the percentage of students with 20

    or more absences per year to zero, to close the

    achievement gap and ensure that every student has the best

    chance of a happy, healthy and successful future.

    There is a process you can follow if you are concerned

    about a young person not attending school and wish to

    refer the matter to the Department of Education for

    investigation. Any member of the community can make a

    referral to a School Attendance Officer about a child of

    compulsory school age who appears not to be enrolled,

    and copies of the community referral form are available at

    either campus office.

    Ms Cherie Kilpatrick, Principal

    Thursday – Friday 4th – 5th May Year 10 Careers Camp

    Thursday – Friday 4th – 5th May Year 9 Halls Gap Camp



    Monday 8th May Sporting Schools: Football and Netball

    Tuesday – Thursday 9th – 11th May NAPLAN

    Wednesday 10th May Senior House Cross Country (Session 5/6)

    Wednesday 10th May Sporting Schools: Funastics

    Wednesday 10th May Parents & Friends Meeting at the Junior Campus from 7.30pm

    Friday 12th May Mother’s Day Breakfast from 7.30am – 8.30am at the Junior Campus

    Friday 12th May Mother’s Day Stall for Prep – Year 6 students at the Junior Campus

    Friday 12th May Year 10 TAFE Taster Day in Warrnambool

    Friday 12th May Year 3 – 6 District Cross Country in Noorat



    Monday 15th May Sporting Schools: Football and Netball

    Wednesday 17th May Sporting Schools: Funastics

    Thursday 18th May Year 9/10 Drama Excursion to Melbourne

    Friday 19th May Year 3/4 Tower Hill Excursion

    Friday 19th May VSSS District Rehearsal in Colac

    Friday 19th May HSSSA Cross Country



    Monday – Friday 22nd – 26th May Education Week: Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

    Monday 22nd May Year 11 Geography Field Trip to Apollo Bay

    Monday 22nd May Yoga at the Junior Campus for Education Week

    Monday 22nd May Sporting Schools: Football and Netball

    Tuesday 23rd May ICAS Digital Technologies Competition

    Tuesday 23rd May Yoga at the Junior Campus for Education Week

    Tuesday 23rd May Year 9 SSL Information Night at the Senior Campus

    Wednesday 24th May Junior Campus Grandparents/Special Persons Morning from 9am – 11am

    Wednesday 24th May Junior Campus National Simultaneous Storytime in the BER Building at 11am

    Wednesday 24th May Sporting Schools: Funastics

    Wednesday 24th May Year 7 Information Night at the Senior Campus from 7pm – 9pm See below

    Thursday 25th May Yoga at the Junior Campus for Education Week

    Thursday 25th May Junior Interschool Sports: Year 7 – 9 Football and Year 7 – 8 Netball

    Friday 26th May Year 3 – 6 Division Cross Country in Warrnambool

    Friday 26th May Prep – Year 6 First Aid in Schools

  • Excellence ~ Respect ~ Responsibility ~ Caring ~ Honesty

    ANZAC Parade:

    Our campus was very well represented at the ANZAC parade last week. SRC members Andrew Anderson and

    Alanah Blake led the parade carrying the Australian flag. School Captain Soraya Clark presented a reading and with

    fellow Captain Nicholas Jones laid a wreath on behalf of the Senior Campus.

    Camps: Both Year 9/10 students have had the pleasure of being on camp from Wednesday through until tomorrow. Year 10

    students have travelled to Melbourne to participate in a discovery program that aims to expose students to a range of

    careers/tertiary options whilst also familiarising students with the use of public transport. Year 9 students have spent their time

    enjoying all that the Grampians have to offer. Students have camped in Halls Gap, prepared their own meals using trangeas and have

    completed three hikes.

    Federation University – Discovery Day:

    Years 9 students participated in a range of activities conducted by students and staff from Federation University as part of their

    careers’ program last week. The activities centred on breaking down the barriers about university education. Thanks to Mrs Maskell

    for organising this excursion.


    The National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) tests for students in Year 7 and 9 will be conducted next

    week. It is very important that students are in attendance on these days as performance on these tests is used to monitor student

    growth and set future learning targets. The timetable for NAPLAN is:

     Tuesday – Language Conventions and Writing

     Wednesday – Reading

     Thursday Numeracy. Students who are unable to attend on the day of the test will participate in catch up sessions.

    Student Surveys:

    As was mentioned in the previous newsletter Senior Campus students have had the opportunity to complete a brief online survey on

    each of their subject teachers over the past three weeks. Student feedback forms an integral part of a teacher’s professional

    development. Staff will receive valuable feedback on: their practice, impact of learning activities, relationships and enable future

    discussions to take place on how to improve learning outcomes.

    In addition to this, students in Year 7-12 will next week complete the annual Attitudes to School Survey and for the first time this will

    be completed online. The results from this survey provide us with valuable data on students’ views of their wellbeing, teaching and

    learning, and school in general, to support sch


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