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Candidate Information Pack

Project Manager - Rainforest Friendly Cocoa/Comic Relief Project


Job Title

Project Manager-Rainforest Friendly Cocoa

Purpose of Job

Manage the day-to-day strategic and operational implementation of the Gola Programmes components of the Securing forest community livelihoods through sustainable smallholder cocoa development Comic Relief-funded project led by TWIN and in partnership with Rainforest Alliance to ensure project deliverables are met within time and budget.

Salary Range

24,000-26,000 pa (plus relocation and accommodation)


Global Habitats/Tropical Forest Unit/ Securing forest community livelihoods through sustainable smallholder cocoa development Project.

Primary Work Base

Kenema (90%), Freetown (10%) in Sierra Leone

Line Manager


ropical Forest Conservation Manager


Project Staff (to be recruited), including Cocoa Officers and Producer Organisation Manager for example

Main Duties

The post-holder will manage the project by providing leadership, high calibre technical advice and guidance in all aspects of the work in country. In particular, this will include:

1. To provide expert advice, strategic direction and technical support to the project staff and project partners, with particular focus to the national BirdLife partner to ensure the effective implementation of the project;

2. To ensure that the projects operationsrely on sound policies, procedures, financial controls and reporting but also ensuring robust monitoring of implementation which all meet donor requirements;

3. Provide capacity building in effective cocoa/tropical commodities value chain development activities, with particular attention to the national Birdlife Partner and to the Gola Programme.

4. Lead on the development, implementation and monitoring of project activities and outputs (technical and financial) for the Gola Programme components of the TWIN/Comic Relief cocoa project;

5. Provide high quality leadership and management of the Gola Programme cocoa team;

6. Provide high quality technical advice to the Gola Programme;

7. Provide high quality plans and reports to the projects Steering Committee, and ensure timely reporting to Twin to meet the donors reporting schedule;

8. Liaise closely with the RSPB in the UK on work progress, planning, budgeting, reporting and internal evaluations.

Other Duties

1. Lead on the development and implementation of a monitoring and evaluation protocol for measuring success at the outcome level for the project;

2. Undertake any other task as delegated by the Tropical Forest Conservation Manager

Partnership Information

The Gola Programme of work is implemented in partnership with the Conservation Society of Sierra Leone (national BirdLife partner) and the Government of Sierra Leone. See This project is lead by Twin (Comic Relief Grantee), in partnership with Rainforest Alliance and local partner Jula. The Gola Programme is the main implementer.




B.Sc in tropical agriculture, development/sustainability,agroforestry, natural resources management or other related field

Post-graduate degree in related field



Tropical Commodities & value chains

Project management, including monitoring & evaluation

Threat analysis and strategy development

Crop-based Sustainable Livelihood strategies

Cocoa Improvement Strategies (yield & quality)


Certification Process



Physically fit and able to walk in the forest and stay overnight in remote locations as needed

Able to mentor and lead teams

Conflict resolution and mediation

Cross-sector thinking between rainforest conservation and development


Able and licensed to drive a 4WD vehicle


Proven experience as a project manager/technical advisor in natural resources management/tropical agriculture management projects, ideally cocoa in developing countries

Demonstrated experience in delivering and monitoring tropical agriculture/tropical commodities value chain development projects

Demonstrated experience in monitoring effective project implementation

Experience of Value Chains, Tropical Commodities preferably cocoa

Experience of working and living in West Africa


Certification Process (requirements & process)



Practically minded, flexible and patient ability to listen and advise

Well organized with ability to implement multiple tasks and meet deadlines as required

Additional Information

The RSPB works for a healthy environment for all and we therefore expect you to take action in accordance with our Environmental Policy and objectives. Together we can make a positive difference for our world.

You will be expected to apply sound value for money principles in undertaking purchasing or supply of goods and services.

In the RSPB volunteers are a major resource and make a vital contribution to the RSPBs aim to take action for the conservation of wild birds and the environment. You will be expected to encourage, develop and support volunteer involvement in our work.

How we expect you to work

The RSPB has seven key competencies that are important to our organisations success. We expect all employees to demonstrate the following behaviours in everything that they do:


You ensure you have a clear direction and sense of common purpose that guides what you do and how you approach your work.


You bring energy and urgency to the RSPB to motivate people to do the best they can.


You build your own and other peoples capabilities, directly and indirectly.


You communicate effectively and build productive internal and external relationships


You support continuous improvement and change and constantly look for way to do things better.


You act as an advocate for the RSPB.


You get things done, achieve ambitious goals and the RSPBs aims.

How to Apply

We would invite you to complete the application form at the end of the pack and send it on to Heather Mitchell at [email protected]

If you have questions about the role please contact Nicolas Tubbs at [email protected] or on 01767693546.

Please take care to ensure you clearly detail how your skills/knowledge/experience demonstrates you are able to deliver on the key result areas, remove the role information and only send the application.

Closing Date

15 September 2015

Interview Date

24 September 2015

Who we are and what we do

(The RSPB exists to give nature a home. We help our birds, other wildlife and natural places survive and thrive.On our doorstep are woods and farmland, moors and marshes, cliffs and mountains. They are home to an astonishing array of precious but threatened wildlife. Every species is unique, but they are all connected to one another. And every one of them needs a home to survive.Sadly, many of our best loved and most iconic species cant find a welcome home here any more. Its our job to change this. A country thats not home to skylarks and puffins, red squirrels and hedgehogs is not a country any of us want to live in.To protect our threatened birds and other wildlife, we need to protect the places where they live. If we are taking care of nature, we are taking care of ourselves and future generations.)

The RSPB in a nutshell

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB):

Was formed in 1889 to counter the barbaric trade in bird plumes for womens hats

Has since grown into a world-leading wildlife conservation organization and now speak out for all birds and wildlife, tackling the problems which threaten our environment

Has over a million members, including more than 200,000 youth members

Has more than 2,000 active staff members and almost 18,000 volunteers, who donate more than a million hours of their time thats the equivalent of 600 full-time staff

Has a NET income available for charitable purposes of 89.3 million

Has more than 200 nature reserves covering 143,7800 hectares and home to 80% of our rarest or most threatened bird species

Has a UK headquarters, three national offices and eight regional offices

Has a network of over 150 local groups and more than 150 youth groups

Has an impressive global reach, with active projects and capacity building programmes in 26 countries and 8 UK Overseas Territories

Is the UK partner and leading player, in Birdlife International

Has the largest charity mail order operation in the UK, and also has the UKs most successful charity credit card


Volunteers founded the RSPB 125 years ago and remain a vitally important part of the organization today; there are approximately nine volunteers for every paid member of staff

Our volunteers bring a unique range of skills and qualities to the RSPB, help stretch our scarce resources and keep us in touch with grass roots.

Our Strategy, Mission and Cultural Values

Our Strategy

Our vision: a world richer in nature