car mileage: which is a better buy?

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Car Mileage: Which is a better buy?. September 24 th 2012. What do you know about these cars?. Accord. Hummer. Camry. Prius. Mustang. What is gas mileage?. What does it mean? Why is it important?. miles per gallon . Gas is expensive - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Car Mileage: Which is a better buy?September 24th 2012What do you know about these cars?

CamryHummerAccordPriusMustangWhat is gas mileage?What does it mean?

Why is it important?

miles per gallon Gas is expensiveThe farther you can go on a gallon of gas, you dont have to go to the gas station as often so you spend less moneyWhich one you think has the best gas mileage?

CamryHummerAccordPriusMustangGas Mileage Rank the cars in the order you think is the best for gas mileage.

Did you change your mind?The Camry can travel 392 mi per 14 gallons of gas How do we find how many miles the Camry can travel on 1 gallon?

What are some strategies that we can use?

We need to take the total miles divided by the total gallons the car can hold.

28 miles/gallonIs it better to have higher or lower gas mileage?

Now work with your table to find the gas mileages for the rest of the cars.

What did you discover?Strategies that you used?Car that had the most miles per gallon? Car that had the least miles per gallon?How did that compare to your original prediction?

If you wanted the most gas efficient car, which car would you buy?