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Thought Provoking Gifts With A Difference - for people of all ages


Caring Gifts

For All Occasions

Thought provoking gifts with a difference for people of all ages!Heres an exciting way to give immediate help to the homeless while you solve your what-to-buy present, or if you wish to make a charitable donation to support our homeless services. The idea is that you choose a gift by making a donation to the value of one of our services for a friend, family member or yourself - but the real gift goes to directly help a homeless person.

Choose from our range of services and we'll send you a greeting card and certificate with details of the gift you have donated.We want to help homeless people to be the best they can be and actively look for ways that we can give those who need it a second chance. In many cases, a simple solution such as practical training or a much needed rest for someone at breaking point may be all it takes to get a life back on track and 100% of the money you donate goes into providing those services.

Help us set an extra place for that special occasion - 8Its not just the food that makes an occasion special its enjoying it in the company of loved ones. But when youre homeless, theres often no one to invite you to share those special moments. For thousands of homeless people, this is reality for times such as Sunday Lunch and Christmas Day but with your gift we can change this. Each night we accommodate 124 homeless people, 365 days of the year.

Your donation means that we can provide a homeless person with a fantastic nutritious meal and a hearty, healthy breakfast, in a warm, welcoming and secure setting.

Im lucky. My mum always cooks for the entire family. Donating a meal to a homeless person on mums behalf will mean we both feel good all day!

Help us providea box of essentials - 15

For a person who has been living rough on the streets, simply keeping warm, clean and dry is almost impossible. Our Box of Essentials contains dry food, food vouchers, a fresh towel, and toiletries which form part of our emergency support package to help a homeless person while longer-term housing solutions are found.

It was great to have a shower and freshen up after spending a few nights on the streetHelp a homeless person access a training, volunteering or employment opportunity - 50Help a homeless person learn new skills, and access training, volunteering or paid employment. YYour gift will enable us to provide practical advice, support and incentives to give a homeless person greater self confidence, independence, work experience, and an opportunity to earn a wage.

It gave me the confidence to move out of the

hostel and get back into the community

Your donation can also offer access to accredited qualifications and a range of tailored programmes providing skills for life including: cooking, budgeting, communication skills, social and personal development, and a focus on developing personal and social skills. This approach helps people to believe in themselves.

Your donation will enable one person to access the scheme for one week, or cover the cost of two workbooks to be OCN accredited. It opened doors to new opportunities and gave me the confidence to take up a volunteering opportunityStaff support and motivate residents to find and maintain paid or voluntary work and help set up training and work placements. Not only does the scheme benefit homeless people - it has also promoted a positive work culture within our hostels and demonstrates that it is not always unwillingness to work that is at the root of unemployment.

Help us fund our emergency beds - 30

Our hostels are almost always full, but we recognise the urgent and immediate need for some people with literally nowhere to go but the streets.

For this purpose, we keep available two rooms for an emergency. These rooms are staffed 365 days of the year.

Someone can stay overnight, enjoy a cooked meal, have breakfast in the morning and be given some practical advice and help to find a place to stay.

Our Emergency Beds are available every night of the year, and are offered to vulnerable people who would otherwise be sleeping rough. By donating this gift you will be helping us to rescue a homeless person from the danger and loneliness of sleeping on the streets.

I will always be grateful to the YMCA for being there when I needed them. Without them I dont think that I would have got my life back on track

Help us fund our pet rooms - 15

Homeless people with pets find it even more difficult to find somewhere to live. With advice from the Canine Protection League and the Dogs Trust we have set aside two rooms for people with pets.

We have successfully housed a number of people with cats, and a number with dogs ranging from Boxers to Jack Russells and Rottweilers and they have all been very well behaved and popular with residents and staff alike!People told me that having my dog was holding me back, but she was everything to me and having lost everything else, home, job, car, possessions, I couldnt bear to lose her tooIf you are a business or group, why not help to sponsor a room - 150 Home, warm home! On cold winter evenings, there really is no place like it. But for hundreds of people, a freezing street or a park bench is the only place they have left to go. By helping to sponsor our rooms, you can give a homeless person not just a safe place to stay, but a future where they will also have the opportunity to learn the skills they need to move on with their lives.

Helping to sponsor a room is a great way to know that youve helped a person get back on their feet.

Whilst at the hostel, we take residents through a programme to help them develop the skills needed to maintain a tenancy which includes the development of essential life skills.

We had a dress down day to raise the funds to sponsor a room. It was great fun and its nice to know that the funds we raised has helped a homeless person build a better future for themselves

If you are a company and would like to make a donation to Cardiff YMCA Housing Associations services, the amount donated is treated as a 'non-trade charge' - this means that your company can make a claim in your Company Tax Return and set the amount of the donation against your taxable profits.The donation should be paid gross - before tax is deducted and is deductible from the total profits of your business when calculating Corporation Tax.

Many thanks from those who will benefit from your Caring Gift!Choose your Gift1. Choose the service you would like to donate to the YMCA. 2. Send in the order form, or telephone, write or email: Mandy Smithson, Cardiff YMCA HA, The Walk, Roath, Cardiff. CF24 3AG. Tel: 02920 466381.3. Make your cheque payable to: Cardiff YMCA Housing Association.4.All enquiries to: you will receiveWe will send you a card and certificate that illustrates the donation you have made. The card is perfect for giving to a friend, relative or colleague for any occasion and the certificate confirms your donation and the service you are supporting.

100% of the money raised through the sale of Caring Gifts will go directly into those YMCA related services that you have chosen.

Delivery and

Postage is FREE

We aim to dispatch all Caring Gift cards and certificates by return.

Cardiff YMCA HA is committed to helping homeless people, particularly in times of need, regardless of age, gender, race, ability or faith.Designed in-house to reduce cost.

Caring Gifts Order FormTo order your Caring Gift, please complete the form below and post with your payment to: Mandy Smithson, Cardiff YMCA HA, The Walk, Cardiff CF24 3AG making your cheque payable to: Cardiff YMCA Housing Association.Name ________________________________________________________________Address________________________________________________________________

________________________________________________________________Post Code _____________________________ Tel: _______________________________

*Email address ____________________________________________________________

*Please put me on your Newsletter mailing list: Yes/NoI would like to donate: Personalised Message/Occasion

(please enclose separate sheet if necessary)Enclosed

An extra place for that special occasion - 8

A box of

Essentials - 15

Training volunteering employment - 50

Emergency Bed - 30

Pet Room - 15

Room Sponsorship


Gifts With A Difference For All Ages!



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Anyone wishing to make a donation from 1 up to 10 can also do so by texting

YMCA04 and either 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10 to 70070.

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