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  • 1. Car Parks or Cross RoadsFinding new spaces and places forlearningDerek Moore@weblearning

2. 3. HOW DOES SPACE DICTATE WHAT ISLEARNED & HOW IT IS LEARNED? 4. Rembrandts The Anatomy Lecture of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp - 5. Media are not justtools or means ofcommunication.Media mediates ourrelationships. So whenmedia changes ourrelationships changeM WeschImage from The learning class 6. Six new spaces Secret Spaces Group Spaces Publishing Spaces Performing Spaces Participation Spaces Watching Spaces 7. Garrison, Anderson and Archers (2000) Community of Inquiry (CoI) Model 8. 9. 10. 11. Social space Social space for informal learning throughinteractions with co-workers as innovation isfundamentally social. Ideas arise as much outof casual conversations as they do out offormal meetings.the best ideas in anyworkplace arise out of casual contacts amongdifferent groups in the same company. 12. Personal Space Personal Space for knowledge workersrequiring a different environment to stimulatecreativity or individual time for concentration,reflection and learning away from continuousoffice interruptions. This space will also beavailable to guests and visitors 13. Team Space Team space for collaborative learning byteams of knowledge workers. During certainphases of collaborative teamwork, such as thestarting or creation stage, teams needprotection from intrusion. As the knowledgecommons is removed from immediate workareas of researchers, interruptions can beminimised 14. Fresh & Light 15. Connections& Power 16. Agilefurnishing 17. Rule of 3 No more than three walls so that there is never fullenclosure and the space is multifaceted rather than justopen. No fewer than three points of focus so that the stand-and-deliver model gives way to increasingly varied groupslearning and presenting together (which by the wayrequires a radical rethinking of furniture). Ability to accommodate three teachers/adults with theirchildren. The old standard size of about 30 students in abox robbed children of so many effective practices; theselarger spaces allow for better alternatives. 18. @weblearningeLSIDEREK MOORE