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Cat 114-Community Service Advertising Lists of community resources for emergency contacts and information in case of natural disaster


  • Tools Flashlight(s) (keep one by your bed) Portable battery-powered radio Extra batteries Loud whistle (signal for help) Multipurpose pocketknife Goggles Dust face masks

    1/2 rope Coils of bailing wire Duct tape

    Fire extinguisher CandlesWaterproof matchesCrescent wrench (turn o gas)CrowbarHandsawSledgehammerScrewdriver, pliers, hammerGarden hose (siphoning and re ghting)Can of uorescent spray paint

    Shelter/clothingCold weather clothingSturdy shoesHeavy work glovesOne complete change of clothingHat (rain, sun, cold protection)Sleeping bags/blanketsPlastic sheeting or tarpsTent

    CookingManual can openerPaper plates & eating utensilsPots & heavy-duty aluminum foilCamp stove and fuel (do not use indoors)

    Personal ItemsCashCopies of key personal documents

    Birth certi cates Property Deeds Credit cards Insurance policies, etc.

    Plastic tapePenPaperSeeing and hearing aids

    Home and Family PreparationCreate a family communications plan,

    including an out-of-state person to contact.Learn how and where to shut o utilities

    electricity gas waterStrap water heater to studs in wall or oorSecure heavy furniture, especially

    bookshelves, to wall studsProvide strong support & exible

    connections on gas appliancesInstall clips, latches on cabinet doors

    Non-Perishable foodManual can openerReady to eat canned meat, fruit & vegetablesCanned fruit & vegetable juicesBoxed milk or powdered

    (in nitrogen-packed cans)High protein diet shakesCompressed nutrition barsGranola barsTrail mixReady-to-eat cereals (in metal containers)Nuts (in jars or cans)Peanut butterJellyCookies, crackers

    (in plastic bags and tight containers)Dried fruit (in metal container)Candy barsHard candyInstant co ee, tea, & cocoaReady-to-feed-baby formulaDried pet foodSalt & pepper, sugar

    SanitationLarge trash bagsSealable plasticHand soap & liquid soapPersonal hygiene productsFeminine hygiene productsInfant suppliesToilet paperPaper towelsPre-moistened towelettes

    First Aid KitFirst aid bookletPrescription medicines & medical suppliesTwo pairs of latex/sterile glovesSterile & adhesive bandagesEyewash solutionAntibiotic & burn ointmentsThermometerAspirin or non-aspirin pain relieverAnti-diarrhea medicineAntacid

    WATER: If you do nothing else, stock water & encourage your neighbors to do likewise!

    1 GALLON OF WATER PER PERSON PER DAY.(Store a minimum 3-day and preferably a 10-day to 2-week supply. Do not use milk jugs; 2 liter pop bottles can be used or food-grade plastic drums. Rotate every six months OR purify immediately before use, as described below.)

    WATER PURIFICATION PRODUCT OR BOTTLE OF UNSCENTED LIQUID BLEACH TO PURIFY WATER.(Use only regular household liquid bleach that contains 5.25 percent sodium hypo chlorite. Do not use scented bleaches, color-safe bleaches or bleaches with added cleaners. Add 16 drops of bleach per gallon or 8 drops of bleach per 2-liter bottle right before you use it, NOT before you store it. Add drops, stir and let stand for 30 minutes. If the water does not have a slight bleach odor, repeat the dosage and let stand another 15 minutes.

    Both water and bleach must be changed out every year; strength of bleach deteriorates over time.Store a minimum of a 3-day supply (and preferably a 10-day supply 2 weeks supply) of foods requiring no refrigeration and little to no preparation or cooking. Be careful of high salt content, increasing thirst. Use a marker to date items. Inspect regularly for spoilage.


    Urgent CareEmergency Numbers

    9-1-1 for EmergenciesVashon Health Center 463-3671Vashon Family Practice 463-2800Vashon Plaza Medical Clinic 463-3696Ambulances Services:9-1-1 for EmergenciesMental Health Services:Vashon Youth & Family Services 463-5511

    Washington StateDomestic Violence Hotline

    1-800-562-602524-hour Crisis Line

    461-3222Before and during a disaster, check this website to learn how to protect yourself, your family and your home. Plus, nd links to useful sites.

    Information courtesy of, Good preparation makes good neighbors.

    1650 AM

    Voice of Vashon has a 24/7 radio station

    on the air. Broadcasting on 1650 AM, VoV Standing By is a low power information service that can be heard right now in central Vashon.

    VoV Standing By uses a service called Travellers Information Service, similar to to the radio you can hear when going over Snoqualmie Pass. Intended to keep you up to date as you go through a community, this service will be used to inform Islanders about current events. In times of emergency, this may prove crucial as other methods of communication become unavailable.

    Right now VoV Standing By can be heard on much of Vashon and parts of Maury, with the signal getting clearer as you get closer to the transmitter up behind Grannys Attic. In the future, more transmitters will be installed North of Vashon town and on Maury Island.

    If an emergency happens, be sure to tune to 1650 AM.

    Never use a camp stove indoors!