centuries of dutch-hungarian relations. st. elisabeth of hungary (1207-1231) this year is the 800th...

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Centuries of Dutch-Hungarian relations

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  • Centuries of Dutch-Hungarian relations

  • St. Elisabeth of Hungary(1207-1231) This year is the 800th anniversary of her birth

  • the daughter of King Andrew II of Hungary and Gertrude of Andechs-Merania

    married at the age of 14 (Ludwig IV of Thuringia)

  • Her children: Hermann, Sophia, Gertrude

    Sophias husband was Henry II, Duke of Brabant whose descendant is Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands

  • -relinquished her wealth to the poor

    - built hospitals

    -became a symbol of Christian charity

  • Her legend:

    she was taking bread to the poor in secret

    her husband asked her what she had in the pouch

    she opened it and the bread turned into roses

  • Maria van HongarijeLouis II (King of Hungary)Maria van Hongarije

  • She came from the Habsburg dynasty and married the King of Hungary Louis II

  • Maria was the Queen of Hungary and Bohemia from 1521 to 1526

  • After her husbands death her brother, Charles V appointed her the governor of the Netherlands for 24 years

  • Actual Dutch-Hungarian relations started with the Reformationfight for autonomy and freedom of religion

    Hungarian Reformed schools sent students to study in the Netherlands for centuries

    their stay was funded by Dutch scholarships

    they studied in Harderwijk, Utrecht, Leiden, Groningen and Franeker

  • Apczai Csere Jnosa great 16th century scientist

    Studied in The Netherlands

    Hungarian Encyclopaedia

    married Aletta van der Maet

  • Kroli/Vizsoly BibleKroli Gspr, a Calvinist pastor and the dean of Gnc, first published this Bible in 1590 in Vizsoly, Hungary.

    This is the first complete Hungarian version of the Bible and is commonly known as the Vizsoly Bible.

  • The Kroli Bible

  • For centuries the Hungarian Kroli Bible was printed in the Netherlands and Switzerland

  • Miszttfalusi Kis Mikls and the Golden Bible of Amsterdam

  • He was born in 1650 in a town, called (Als)Miszttfalu

    Travelled to Amsterdam in 1680 to learn printing His aim was to print the revised Hungarian-language Bible

    Learnt: letter moulding typography

  • Because of wars, he started to have the Bible printed on his own

  • He had the publications covered in leather ornamented with gold then brought them back to Hungary

  • Michiel Adriaenszoon de Ruyter 1607-1676rescued 26 Hungarian Protestant preachers from slavery in Naples

  • Admiral de Ruyter

    400th anniversary of his birth24 March 2007

  • Monument of the galley slaves in Debrecen, Hungary I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. 2 Timothy 4:7-8

  • Charitable Hosts

    After the two World Wars suffering poor and orphaned Hungarian children were invited to stay in the Netherlands and Belgium for months or years

    Some of the children were adopted

  • Emigrants from Hungaryin 3 waves, afterWW IWW II1956

  • Partnership 2005 ad infinitum

    He was born in 1650 in a town, called (Als)MiszttfaluHe travelled to Amsterdam in 1680 to learn to printHis aim: printing the Hungarian-language BibleLearnt letter cutting, letter moulding,and typography

    Because of wars, he started to have the Bible printed on his ownHe had the publications covered in golden leather then brought home to Hungary.