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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Cheap Ways to Save EnergyWWW.DESIGNERRADIATORSDIRECT.CO.UK</p> <p>Although energy prices have come down slightly, how long is it going to last? It could be that sometime soon, interest rates will go up and life will get more expensive again.</p> <p>Moreover there are many baby boomers who have become pensioners and they may be on a fixed pension income. They may need to make savings in order to keep themselves warm. </p> <p>There is much that can be done to keep the home fires burning by saving energy. Firstly, if you need new radiators you may want to have a look at cheap radiators online. You could change your old boiler to a more efficient newer one.Cheap Ways to Save Energy</p> <p>Products..</p> <p>You could make sure that you have double glazing installed and have your loft and walls insulated. However, these alterations come at a price, which your budget many not stretch to.</p> <p>If new radiators are your priority, you could take measures to make them even more energy efficient by using low tech tricks.</p> <p>Everybody will have a roll of aluminium foil in their kitchen draw these days. You could use foil behind radiators, especially if they are on outside walls to reflect heat back into the room rather than disappearing through the walls.</p> <p>Most modern households prefer curtains that float to the floor, but if you buy heavy curtains they will protect against heating loss through the windows. If these are unaffordable to you, you could always line your existing drapes.</p> <p>We hit upon a cheap and effective way to trap the rays of the sun by enclosing a balcony. Not only does it not get flooded by rain, but the balcony now acts as an extra radiator. It makes sense, therefore, that if your living area faces the sun most of the day, to let as much sunlight into the room for extra warmth.</p> <p>What many people dont think about but they still do is to place furniture in front of a radiator. If you buy cheap radiators online you can prevent doing this by purchasing vertical rather than horizontal radiators. They fit on minimal wall space and give out just as much heat as a similar horizontal one.</p> <p>Radiators Online</p> <p>There are many cheap heaters on the market. You have to ensure that when you buy these that you approach a bona fide retailer online. So many cheap ones get into our country through the back door via Eastern Europe.</p> <p>These imports can be unsafe and if they are electric, they could cause fires. A kite symbol is a good bench mark, but be aware that the inferior ones may also carry these. You can always find out via social media and read what other people are thinking about retailers they have dealt with.</p> <p>To research cheap radiators online, please visit</p> <p>Thank YouGet in touch with - DesignerRadiatorsDirectContact Us:Designer Radiators DirectUnit 12 Old Mill Industrial Estate, Bamber Bridge, Preston, PR5 6SYTel: 01257 442911</p> <p>Product Inquiries - Status -</p>