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  • Diamonds are available in all sorts of colors.

    The Rarest Diamond Colors White, Red, Pink, and Blue

    Most Diamonds come with a yellow tint as they are mined. These are caused by the presence of nitrogen in the diamond.

    OF course the more a diamond is free from such impurities the more expensive it will be.

    The Color of a Diamond is graded along a scale which starts from D and goes all the way to Z in a descending order of color hence quality.

    Diamonds which are graded as D are more whiter hence more expensive than diamonds

    The Diamond Color is of exceptional importance when determining the quality and Price of the Stone.

  • Fluorescence is the quality of a diamond to give of light when exposed to ultra-violet radiation

    Most diamonds which are fluorescent in nature are blue colored.

    Extremely strong Fluorescence, while looking good in dark light actually makes the diamond look oily, which is unwanted.

  • Colors D, E, and F do not demonstrate any color.

    Colors below these demonstrate colors, usually a yellowish tint.Read more on Diamonds and their attributes at Lenyas Online Jewelry Store

    Diamond Color Grades DescriptionD F Colorless, White StonesG H Slightly colored, can be told that it is colored when put next to a D grade stoneI J Slightly Colored, but generally speaking acceptableK Z Yellowish stones


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