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  • GEIntelligent Platforms

    The power of CIMPLICITY in your browserCIMPLICITY* GlobalView from GE Intelligent Platforms is a highly scalable software application that delivers the power of Pro-fi cy* HMI/SCADA - CIMPLICITY to remote clientsenabling real-time monitoring, data analysis and plant fl oor control from within a web browser.

    With GlobalViews powerful capabilities, you can reduce costs, improve time to action, and expand your analytic capabilitydriving sustainable advantages across all levels of your business.

    Empowering your mobilized workforceGlobalView allows operators, engineers and managers to view, react, and operate from wherever they are. Its full-featured HMI/SCADA web client functionality helps empower your mobilized workforce and increases collaboration and productivity.

    Better, faster decision makingConnecting your workforce, GlobalView ensures effi cient response to situationshelping you avoid signifi cant downtime, lost batches or catastrophic events. It also transforms the way your teams work and collaborate because with GlobalView, mul-tiple users can easily connect to the same system to simultaneously analyze situa-tions for better, faster decisions.

    Scalability for plant-wide and global accessUnique from other solutions, CIMPLICITY GlobalView introduces a Profi cy-fi rst technology, the Relay Server. With the Relay Server in the system architecture,

    CIMPLICITY GlobalView Achieve powerful control and visualization within the plant or across the globe!

    GlobalView servers can be easily added or removedenabling quick expansion or troubleshooting. Additionally, the Relay Server balances the client load across the available GlobalView servers, enabling sup-port for hundreds of simultaneous users and expanding your application within the plant or across the globe.

    Easy installationSetting up GlobalView is quick and easy, resulting in web-enabled applications within minutes. It deploys automatically to clients with a simple automatic down-load into the web browser. Additionally, when you update your CIMPLICITY base application, GlobalView picks up the change automatically and updates any new client connections.

    Features: Highly scalable, modular components

    Redundancy and web client high availability

    No restrictions on third-party controls

    One-time server configuration with zero client configuration

    Easy migration path from CIMPLICITY WebView

    Thick client functionality within Internet Explorer or Firefox

    Supports up to 120 simultaneous clients per server

    Compatible with CIMPLICITY 8.0 or 7.5

    Advantages: Lower system total cost of ownership

    Reduced training and maintenance

    Easy, secure system access for all levels of your workforce

    Improved time to action

    Flexible client connections and concur-rent licensing model

    In this example, one Relay Server is using three GlobalView servers to enable a system for up to 360 clients. It can be quickly scaled up or down by adding or removing GlobalView servers.

    120 Clients 120 Clients 120 Clients

    360 Clients

    Relay Server

  • Components to Truly Globalize CIMPLICITYIn this example, three connected plants feed information into a CIMPLICITY Enterprise Server at a corporate centralized point. GlobalView servers take this enterprise-level application, providing worldwide access. The included GlobalView Relay Server not only enables a large number of users, but also provides a level of redundancy in the event that one of the GlobalView servers is offline.

    Easy and Fast ExpansionIn this example, a single Global-View Server is remotely connected via the internal intranet to an existing CIMPLICITY server. This architecture doesnt affect the existing setup and enables the entire plant to make decisions with real-time data.

    Existing CIMPLICITY System Expanded Plant-Wide Access

    Single Site

    GlobalView Architecture Examples

    Site 1

    Site n

    Site 2Enterprise

    Server Relay Server

    Corporate Office









    Full-featured HMI/SCADA over the webGlobalView extends your CIMPLICITY application viewing and control abilities right into a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. As a full-featured CIMPLICITY client, GlobalView doesnt compromise on features, graphics, or functionality.

    What is full featured?Real-Time Data Updates. The client is updated on changes directly from the SCADA, so users can react in real time.

    Multiple Sessions. Support for multi-tab browsers.

    ActiveX Controls. GlobalView accommodates third-party controls with the same ease as CIMView!

    Navigation. GlobalView supports CIMPLICITYs built-in, easy application navigation toolbardelivering the same interface to your users as your thick clients.

    Animations. GlobalView supports CIMPLICITY displays with animations.

    Control Elements. All control elements are operable in GlobalView and inherits the CIMPLICITY applications security setup.

    Alarms and Warnings. View, ack and silence just like a thick client.

    Third-Party Apps. GlobalView launches third-party apps triggered from within your CIMPLICITY application.

    GlobalView - A full-featured HMI-SCADA Client

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    With GlobalView, you are in control

    Redundancy and Web Client High Availability If your CIMPLICITY application is using redundant servers, GlobalView can auto-matically switch between your primary and backup without user intervention. Addition-ally, GlobalView delivers functionality that can eliminate a single point of failure, and when used in conjunction with the Relay Server and server clustering, can become a powerful high availability client option for your critical applications.

    GlobalView FlexibilityCIMPLICITY GlobalView has many flex-ible configuration topologies and can be installed on an independent, dedicated server or on the main CIMPLICITY server.

    Dedicated Server(s) This setup is typi-cally used when a large number of clients are expected, allowing GlobalView to utilize the entire power of the server for connected clients.

    CIMPLICITY and GlobalView Server In the event of sporadic connections or a lower volume of simultaneous connected clients, you can install CIMPLICITY Global-View directly on the same hardware as the CIMPLICITY SCADA server.

    Also, GlobalView can use CIMPLICITYs built-in, no-hassle web server or the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) to deliver content to client sessions.

    System RequirementsClient Internet Explorer 7.0 or 8.0

    Mozilla FireFox 3.0 or 3.5

    Microsoft Windows XP Pro, Server 2003, Server 2008 or Vista

    Server Network connectivity to a CIMPLICITY

    7.5/8.0 SCADA Server or a local instance of 8.0 SCADA server

    CIMPLICITY Viewer 8.0 R2

    CIMPLICITY Webserver or Microsoft Inter-net Information Server (IIS)

    Microsoft Windows XP Pro, Server 2003 or Server 2008

    Install and GoYou can install and set up GlobalView right alongside your existing shop floor CIMPLICITY system. As a result, your team can get online within minutes and with minimal interruption to your installed CIMPLICITY application and/or network.

    GlobalView AdminAdminister your system via the dedicated GlobalView Admin application, which pro-vides the following key tools for managing your system and its connections.

    Client Disconnect

    Client Session Shadowing

    SSL 56-bit Encryption

    Port Selection

    Maximum Client Limit

    Relay Server Designation

    Version SupportYou can extend the power of GlobalView for a wide variety of CIMPLICITY versions. GlobalView offers native support for CIMPLICITY 8.0 systems and the ability to web enable previous CIMPLICITY 7.5 versions.

    For more information, visit

    02.10 GFA-1298

    Existing CIMPLICITY WebView User? You can seamlessly transition to CIMPLIC-ITY GlobalView for enhanced functionality within minutes. Contact your local GE Intel-ligent Platforms software representative to evaluate GlobalView.