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Cinderella Around the World-07

Cinderella Around the World-07

By Joanne Griffin


-math shapes

-math shapes

-add, subtract or multiply

-Cinderellas shoes



-find the words

-abc order


-comparing stories



Writing-fairy godmother

-diamante poem

-story chains

-Cinderella needs help

Social Studies

-world map

Fun Things

-draw Cinderella

-Cinderella word search


-fairy tale facts for overhead


Cinderella: math shapes

Design a castle for the Prince and his family and use the different shapes:

square, rectangle, circle, triangle, octagon, hexagon, etc.

Write a few sentences about your castle design.





Cinderella: Math Shapes

Design something for Cinderella to ride in to go to the palace for the Princes ball.

Write a few sentences about your design.

Cinderella: Add, subtract or multiply

1. Cinderella has 12 boxes of shoes in her closet. How many shoes does she have? Draw the array and answer.

2. Cinderella had 12 blue bird friends, 15 black bird friends, and 10 squirrel friends. How many bird friends did she have?

3. Cinderella counted the potatoes she had peeled. On Monday she peeled 12, on Tuesday she peeled 14, on Wednesday she peeled 10, on Thursday she peeled 16, and on Friday she peeled 15. How many potatoes did Cinderella peel during the week?

4. Cinderellas first stepsister had 44 pairs of shoes and her second stepsister had 25 pairs. How many more shoes did the first stepsister have?

5. Cinderella scrubbed the kitchen floor 220 times during the year. How many days did she not scrub the floor? (reminder: 365 days in a year).

Cinderellas Shoes-

Glass is an unusual material for a shoe, not to mention uncomfortable! What other kinds of shoes might Cinderella have worn? You are to create new shoes for Cinderella. You must consider size, shape, color and the material. Draw your shoe and write a paragraph describing them.





Find the Words in the Cinderella books and write in the shapes.

Cinderella: Write the words in abc order














Cinderella Sequencing-

Cut out the pictures below and glue onto notebook paper. Then write the correct sentence beneath the picture. Spread them out so you have room to write.

The slipper fits Cinderella.

An invitation to the ball arrives.

Cinderella had to do all the hard work.

The fairy godmother says, You can go to the ball.

Cinderella Comparing stories:

Compare the original Cinderella story with another story. For each item listed below, write how it is different in the other Cinderella book you read.


Cinderella has to do chores

around the house like scrubbing


Cinderella wants to go to a fancy

ball at the palace.

The Fairy Godmother helps

Cinderella go to the ball.

The Fairy Godmother makes

Cinderella a beautiful dress.

Cinderella goes to the ball and

loses her glass slipper.

The Prince looks for Cinderella

by using her glass slipper.

Cinderella main idea (write names of other books in boxes)-

Someone Wants But So

Cinderella to go to the ball and Cinderella hasCinderellas Fairy

marry the prince

no ball gown,

godmother sends her

and her mean

to the ball where she

stepmother wontmeets the prince and

let her go.

falls in love.

Cinderellas fairy godmother-

In Cinderella, there is a fairy godmother who is magical. What would your fairy godmother look like? Draw her below.

List three things your fairy godmother could do for you.




Cinderella Adjectives:

1. Find an adjective that describes a noun in one of the Cinderella books. 2. Write and draw it. 3. Think of one for each of your five senses. Example: red rose, beautiful dress, glass slipperSight-



Cinderella Story Chains (retelling story)

Students will write events on strips of paper and make them into a chain in order from beginning to end.


1 inch by 10 inch construction paper strips

glue stick or stapler

1. Each student will receive or cut 10 strips of paper.

2. On the first strip is the name of the Cinderella story and author.

3. On the next strip is the country the story is from.

4. On the remaining strips the students will write a couple of sentences describing main events in the story. Events from the beginning, middle and end of story should be included.

5. After the strips are written, they will glue or staple them in the correct order from the story to make a chain.

6. Students can then share with the class.

Cinderella Needs Help-

Something terrible has happened and Cinderella needs your help.

Imagine that something goes wrong in the Cinderella story. Write

your own story telling what would happen if.-the fairy godmother lost her wand

-the glass slipper broke

-one of the coach horses ran away

-the slipper fit one of Cinderellas stepsisters

-Cinderella threw away the glass slipper

Circle the event you will write about and write about it on the lines below.

Cinderella: Map Skills

Where does all the Cinderella books come from? Color in the countries as we read all the different Cinderella books.

Cinderella Word Search-

Cinderella ideas-


Cinderella Around the World


Draw Cinderella