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Claremore Disaster Tab 2013




    The American Red Cross is volun-teer driven staff and volunteersprovide services and resources tothose in need in the 31 counties thatthe Tulsa Regional Chapter (whichincludes the Rogers/Mayes/WagonerCounty Service Center) serves.The Rogers/Mayes/Wagoner

    County Service Center receives itsfunding in Rogers County from threesources: 1) Rogers County UnitedWay; 2) Annual HEROES for theAmerican Red Cross Campaignheld each March, during AmericanRed Cross Month; 3) Donations re-ceived throughout the year from indi-viduals, organizations andcompanies. All money donated locally stays

    local to help those who experience adisaster, like a home fire.The American Red Cross needs

    blood donations on a year roundbasis. It is the largest supplier ofblood and blood products in theUnited States. Log on to for more informationregarding blood drives. Please consider donating your

    time, money and blood today. A do-nation made today ensures that theAmerican Red Cross remains strong,prepared and ready to respond at amoments notice when our commu-nity is in need.For additional information, please

    go online to To contact your local

    Rogers/Mayes/Wagoner CountyService Center, please call (918) 343-1803, visit our office at 400 W. WillRogers Blvd., Claremore, or like uson Facebook at

    Consider donating time, money & blood

  • Since Clara Bartonfounded the American RedCross in 1881, the RedCross has been there when-ever and wherever there hasbeen someone in need. It isthe largest and most expan-sive human services organi-zation in the world.In Oklahoma, the Indian

    Territory Branch of theAmerican Red Cross wasestablished in 1906. TheChiefs of the Five CivilizedTribes were vice presidentsof the new organization andDr. Frances Bartow Fitewas the first president.The Indian Territory

    Branch later evolved intoand is now part of the pres-ent day Tulsa Region.The Tulsa Region en-

    compasses 31 counties(which includes theRogers/Mayes/WagonerCounty Service Center) andis made up of the chapteroffice in Tulsa, five servicecenters and two communitychapters. The Rogers/Mayes

    County Service Center wasexpanded in 2005 to betterserve the citizens of Rogersand Mayes County. On July 1, 2008, Wag-

    oner County joined thecounties the service centerserves. TheRogers/Mayes/WagonerCounty Service Center islocated at 400 W. WillRogers Blvd., Claremore,Oklahoma 74017. Officehours are Monday thru Fri-day from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30p.m. The office phonenumber is (918) 343-1803.The 24 hour emergencyphone number is (918) 831-1109.Though many things

    have changed since 1881,new technology, advance-ment in delivery of servicesand resources, some thingsremain the same. TheAmerican Red Cross stead-fastly remains where peoplemobilize to help theirneighbors across thestreet, across the country,and across the world inemergencies. Each year, in the large

    and small communities ofEastern Oklahoma, victimsof disasters turn to theirneighbors the staff andvolunteers of the Tulsa Re-gion, American Red Cross.Through the programs pro-vided, people gain skillsthey need to prepare for andrespond to emergencies intheir homes, communitiesand world. The American Red Cross

    mission is to help peopleprevent, prepare for and re-spond to emergencies.They achieve their missionthrough providing servicesand programs that include:Emergency Disaster Serv-ices; Services to ArmedForces; Health, Youth andSafety Training; Commu-nity Disaster Education;Volunteer Services; andBlood Services.

    Emergency Disaster


    When a disaster strikes,American Red Cross Disas-ter Action Team (DAT)members are on the scene,no matter the time of day ornight. In the case of a home

    fire, they interview the fam-ily to assess what their im-mediate emergency needs(lodging, clothing and food)are and then assisting them

    with these needs. Canteenservices are also providedfor emergency workers.Services to Armed Forces:

    When family membershave an emergency andthey need to con-tact a militarymemberwho is de-ployed,theAmeri-can RedCross isthe com-municationslink betweenour brave servicemembers of the UnitedStates military and theirfamilies back home. Also,the American Red Crosscan help the families applyfor military loans. They meet with deploy-

    ing troops and their familiesregarding the resources andservice they provide.Health, Youth and Safety


    The American RedCross prides itself in teach-ing a variety of health andsafety classes to businesses,community groups andschools.

    Community Disaster


    The American RedCross is the trusted sourcefor disaster safety informa-tion. If you have a question

    regarding a type of disaster,chances are the AmericanRed Cross has a disastersafety presentation and/orbrochure that will answer it.

    Volunteer Services:

    As a volunteer organi-zation, the American RedCross has a great history of

    offering a variety of oppor-tunities to volunteer. Ap-proximately 1,200volunteers serve throughthe Tulsa Regional Chapter.

    Blood Services:

    Some four mil-lion peoplegive blood the gift oflife throughthe Amer-ican RedCross,making itthe largest

    supplier ofblood and blood

    products in the UnitedStates.The American Red Cross

    is not a government agency;

    it relies on donations oftime, money and blood todo its work.No matter how much

    things change, the Ameri-can Red Cross remains thesame, yesterday, today andtomorrow. Someone you can count

    on in the time of disaster!For additional informa-

    tion, please go online contact your local

    Rogers/Mayes/WagonerCounty Service Center,please call (918) 343-1803,visit our office at 400 W.Will Rogers Blvd., Clare-more, or like us on Face-book

    About the American RedCross:The American Red Cross

    shelters, feeds and providesemotional support to vic-tims of disasters; suppliesabout 40 percent of the na-tions blood; teaches skillsthat save lives; provides in-ternational humanitarianaid; and supports militarymembers and their families. The Red Cross is a not-

    for-profit organization thatdepends on volunteers andthe generosity of the Ameri-can public to perform itsmission. For more informa-tion, please .


    American Red Cross A History of Helping




    The American Red Cross has launchedits official Tornado App, putting lifesavinginformation right in the hands of peoplewho live in, visit or have loved ones in tor-nado-prone areas.This free appavailable in English or

    Spanishgives iPhone, iPad and Androidsmart phone and tablet users instant accessto local and real-time information, so theyknow what to do before, during and after atornado. The app includes a high-pitched siren

    and tornado warning! alert that signalspeople when a NOAA tornado warning hasbeen issued in their area even if the app isclosed. An all clear! alert lets users knowwhen a tornado warning has expired or hasbeen cancelled.Tornadoes often happen in the

    overnight hours when people are sleeping,said Mark Ogle, Director,Rogers/Mayes/Wagoner County ServiceCenter. The audible alerts in this app cansave lives - even if users cant monitor theweather because they are away from radio,

    TV or in places where weatherband radios may not work.Other features of the app in-

    clude:Location-based NOAA tor-

    nado, severe thunderstorm andflood watch and warning alerts;Enhanced weather maps;One-touch Im safe mes-

    saging that allows users tobroadcast reassurance to familyand friends that they are out of harms way;Simple steps and checklists people can

    use to create an emergency plan and shareit with household members;Preloaded content that gives users in-

    stant access to critical action steps, evenwithout mobile connectivity;Toolkit with flashlight, strobe light and

    audible alarm;Locations of open Red Cross shelters; Badges users can earn through interac-

    tive quizzes and share on social networks.Launched during National Severe

    Weather Preparedness Week, the Tornado

    App is the latest in a series ofmobile apps created bythe Red Cross, the nations leaderin emergency preparedness. The apps have been used to

    help save lives during hurricanes,earthquakes and wildfires.The American Red Cross has

    made great strides in putting vitalinformation in the hands of peo-

    ple who need it during emergencies. Infact, our apps are now on more than twomillion mobile devices across the country,added Ogle.Right after the storm, the Hurricane App

    was updated with real-time recovery infor-mation including Red Cross shelter andfeeding sites, FEMA sites, open gas sta-tions and warming centers to help those af-fected by the storm.The Tornado App,

    along with the others, can be found in theApple App Store and the Google Play Storefor Android by searching for American Red

    Cross or by going to Apps can help prepare people fordisasters, but they a

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