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  • By Jamin

  • Presentation Goals3) Share what it means to be a Reflective Blogger1) Connect with and help you on your journey2) Inspire collaborationLook at some examplesExplain my journeyGive some helpful tips

  • Collaboration ExamplesRachel Boyds class used collaborative project = Voices of the World

  • Record a greeting sentence using VokiRecord Twinkle Twinkle Little Star using One True MediaCreate a Photostory using the numbers 1-10Introduce your School to the WorldCreate a powerpoint on Peace, Hope, Joy and Love using Slideboom for Christmas

  • My Collaborations Journey

  • Collaborative Project Sites:Rochelle Jensons Handpicked Collaborative Projects Blog Internet Projects Registry E3s Collaborative Wiki Teacher Tap Project Ideas Epals Classroom Collaborations CIESE (Engineering and Science Education) looking for ideas

  • 1) Check time zones and school terms/semesters

  • 2) Find like minded Teachers

  • 3) It helps to have a similar platform eg: PC or Mac

  • 4) Create a central place to

  • 5) Start small

  • 6) Be organised

  • 7) Check it out for yourself first!

  • 8) Develop student independence by using one piece of software at a time.

  • Why Collaborate?It can break the isolation of typical classrooms. You can reach out to people and to learning opportunities from all over the world.It can allow you and your students to be mentored and to mentor others.


  • Why do I professionally blog?It sharpens me

  • Builds an online Personal Learning Network (PLN).

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