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Technology in Action – Birmingham Science City Tuesday 14 th September 2010 University Collaborations David Burden Managing Director Daden Limited

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Presentation on University Collaborations that Daden has been involved with with regional HEIs.


  • 1. University Collaborations David Burden Managing Director Daden Limited


  • Virtual Worlds solution provider
  • In Virtual Worlds since late 1990s, and Second Life since 2004
  • World-class capability in Integration and Artificial Intelligence
  • Member, Serious Games Institute
  • Based in Birmingham UK, and Second Life
  • Winner Times Higher Education Award for Outstanding ICT 2009
  • Winner US Government Federal Virtual World Challenge 2010

3. PREVIEW Project and PIVOTE Open Source Software

  • JISC funded project
  • Paramedic and Care Manager training in virtual worlds
  • Led to further funding for creation of the PIVOTE virtual training authoring system
  • PIVOTE won THE award and US FVWC challenge
  • Growing open-source community

4. Navigating Automated Avatars in Virtual Worlds

  • TSB funded project with University of Birmingham
  • Examined how their robotics navigation tools could be used to navigate avatars within virtual worlds
  • Re-created Second Life inside the industry-standard Peekabot tool
  • Learnings being used to inform development of Daden's robotic avatars

5. Emotion and Memory Engines for Virtual World Robotic Avatars

  • Two Index Voucher funded projects with University of Wolverhampton
  • Examined how to implement emotions and memory within SL automated avatars
  • Used Wolverhampton's E-AI Emotional Architecture
  • Finalist in BSC Machine Intelligence competition
  • Learnings being used to inform development of Daden's robotic avatars

6. Other Projects

  • Theatrebase AWM funded project with Birmingham Royal Ballet and Kings College London/UoCoventry
  • Millennium Point 1:1 scale build in Second Life for Birmingham City University for media training
  • MOD two Cyber & Influence Centre research projects starting Sep 2010

7. Random Thoughts

  • Initially hard to find out who was doing what
  • Index vouchers were a useful in
  • Begun to switch from University/Public Sector-led to Daden-led
  • Little luck so far with EU FP7 bids (4 failed so far, on 5th!)
  • Admin has not been too hard so far (ERDF worst)
  • Very dependent on personalities (both researchers and university business development)
  • TSB getting far more commercial
  • Definite benefit from picking academics' brains but they don't have a monopoly on them!