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Artist Collaborations Sophie Chatfield

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Artist Collaborations

Artist CollaborationsSophie Chatfield


Mizukagami literally means water mirror.

This is a collaboration between Young art director Rikako Nagashimaand acrylic craftsman Hideto Hyoudou.

The pieces were photographed in black and white to compliment the neutral tone of the room and mirrors.

The exhibition challenged viewers perceptions of reality. On the walls there were pieces of text such as "When water is still, it reflects our world as is. Beautiful or horrid, chaos or neat, light and shadow, accepting it all. which were only legible when reflected in a mirror.

Comfort Food

This is a collaboration between model maker and prop stylist Jessica Dance and food photographer David Sykes.

Jessica used a sewing machine to create all food within the shots using only wool. Even the tea in this shot is made of wool.

Collaborating with photographer David Sykes meant that they could pass off the woolen food as the real deal.

They wanted to capture british cafes and fast food restaurants.

Greetings from Utopia

Amanda Jasnowski and Jimmy Marble, both photographers, collaborated on this piece whereThey painted their friends head to toe in colour. Theyre aim was to represent the surreal Dreaminess of LA. It shows a juxtaposition of personalities and energies.

BryJin is a creative collaboration between american photographer Bryant Eslava and korean illustrator and graphic designer Hajin Bae.

The end result is a marriage between photography and illustration. Some of their work is also animated. The work created is a fun take on youth and life.

Missing Garden

A collaboration between photographer Domonik Smialowski and illustrator Monika Prus.

The project explores the nostalgic memories of childhood. The way that the illustrationis done in black and white and very simplistic reflects the way in which our memories arent always very clear and how as a child our drawings and even views of the world are more simplistic.

This is a collaboration between Photographer richard Burbridge, stylist Robbie Spencer and artist Maurizio Anzeri.

The end result is black and white photographs embroidered with brightly coloured shapes and patterns.

The group were actually inspired by old photographs of mediums in trans and ectoplasm, leading to the interesting expressions.

A photographer is commonly a solitary worker when it comes to creating their work. Artists like Francesca Woodman, Duane Michals and many more were solitary artists. Working collaboratively can be difficult as you have to place your ego aside and work towards a common idea. The exchange of ideas and processes can be very healthy for an artist. You have to learn to respect one another.