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Cloud Services Lexington Ky

Cloud Services Lexington KyAs a company scales, your IT infrastructure scales with it. On-site servers and workstations begin piling up, bringing overhead and the same capital expenses over and over every three to five years. Escape the madness with Integrity ITs private cloud solution; well host your servers and all employees desktops for you! An all-workstation update only takes moments. Backups are someone elses problem. Hardware and warranties are no longer in your books.

Application Development Lexington KyYou dont enjoy patching solutions together, trying to make systems designed for another company work for yours; key features are missing, systems dont integrate, reporting is deficient, and covering the gaps costs you precious time. Thats why we launched a software development team within Integrity IT whose expertise is the planning, development, and long-term support of custom software and system interfaces.

Backup Lexington KyYour data is your most precious asset invaluable, irreplaceable, and unique. Our Integrity Vault is the ultimate means of ensuring the continuity of your data; encrypted in transit and locked in our vault, we will maintain the integrity of your datas story.

Managed Services Lexington KyOperating with unreliable technology is bad for business; productivity diminishes, downtime interrupts, and expenses pile up. Its important to keep dependable IT to avoid these unfavorable outcomes. Integrity ITs Managed Services keep technology mishaps, network glitches, and hardware failures far away from your business.

Virtualization Lexington KyA strained hardware budget and a stack of under-utilized servers should not go together, yet often they do. Integrity IT can guide you through the jump to virtualization. Combining your servers into a single virtualized infrastructure saves thousands of dollars in reduced electrical bills, eliminated annual vendor warranties, and reduced maintenance.

Email Security Lexington KyWithout professional-grade email, customers and businesses simply are not taken seriously anymore, but its not al1ways cost-effective as a business to have your own email server on-site. An email platform from Integrity IT will further enhance how you see your messaging service. Whether you need on-premise or a cloud-based email platform either are equipped with spam filtering, archiving, encryption, heightened security; all which translates to an incredible uptime.

Antivirus Management Lexington KyTake antivirus management as an example. Its unrealistic to expect people outside the IT realm to be experts on what viruses are out there, where the vulnerabilities may be, how to prevent all viruses, and how to recover from a virus, should an infection occur.

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