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This is an early version of a deck I am working on to describe the clients and tools that you can use with CloudStack. CloudMonkey is covered in another presentation, apache libcloud is a python package which provides abstractions to many cloud providers, deltacloud is a ruby abstraction layer similar to libcloud which provides a standard CIMI frontend, jclouds is a leading abstraction for java applications. Apache Whirr builds on jclouds to provide on-demand big data infrastructure on clouds. All tools are within the Apache Software Foundation, either top level projects of in the incubator (jclouds). this makes the ASF a one stop shop for your cloudplatform, your big data solution and your cloud clients. With Stratos from WSO2 joining the incubator, this means that the ASF now has a PaaS solution, completing the cloud ecosystem. One foundation, clear governance and processes, IaaS, BigData, PaaS and clients.


  • 1. CloudStack clients and ToolsSebastien Goasguen@sebgoaJune 13th2013Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 2. Examples
  • 3. CloudMonkey$ cloudmonkey Apache CloudStack ? cloudmonkey 4.1.0-snapshot3.Type help or ? to list commands.>
  • 4. libcloud Python module thatprovides a CloudProvider API abstraction Ability to write appsusing multiple providers Now with an improvedCloudStack driver
  • 5. jClouds Under Incubation at theApache SoftwareFoundation (ASF) Wrapper to multiplecloud providers Basis of many Cloudtools
  • 6. Deltacloud Cloud Provider APIabstraction Good way to get aDMTF CIMI interface Avoid lock-in for apps ?
  • 7. Ruby client
  • 8. StackmateAWS CF
  • 9. GCE
  • 10. ApacheWhirr Big Data Provisioningtool Deploys Hadoop, cdh,Hbase, Yarn, etc in theCloud Use jclouds Works with multiplecloud providersincluding CloudStack
  • 11. Chef with knife-cs
  • 12. Conclusion Build your Open Cloud with Apache SoftwareFoundation softwarePaaS ?
  • 13. Thankyou and Info Apache Top Level project #cloudstack on @cloudstack on Twitter contributions and feedback !Sebastien Goasguen@sebgoa