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  • 1. TRAINING PRACTICES IN COAL INDIA LIMITEDCoal India Limited-By Pankaj -PGDM(11-13) -Roll no.111166-Subject Human Resource Training and Development

2. Company overview:1. An organized government owned coal mining corporation;2. Formed in 1973 as Coal Mines Authority Limited;3. November 1975 it was changed to Coal India Limited as a holding company;4. Has a modest production of around 79 million tonnes;5. Operates through 81 mining areas CIL is an apex body with 7 wholly owned coal producing subsidiaries and 1 mine planning and consultancy company spread over 8 provincial states of India;6. Contributes about 85% of total Coal production in India;7. A Nav Ratna Company is the single largest coal producing company in the world;8. Employees around 4.15 lakh employees;9. Maharatna recognition in April 2011. 3. Mission-The mission of Coal India Limited is toproduce the planned quantity of coalefficiently and economically with dueregard to safety, conservation andquality.Vision-To emerge from the position of domesticleader to leading global player in theenergy sector by adopting best practicesfrom mine to market with due care toenvironmental and societal sustenance. 4. Coal India Ltd. is the holding company withits H.Q. at Kolkata and has eightsubsidiary companies: 1.Eastern Coalfields Ltd. (Sanctoria nearAsansol)2.Bharat Coking Coal Ltd. (Dhanbad)3.Central Coalfields Ltd. (Ranchi)4.Western Coalfields Ltd. (Nagpur)5.South Eastern Coalfields Ltd.(Bilaspur)6.Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd. (Sambalpur)7. Northern Coalfields Ltd. (Singrauli)8. Coal Mine Planning & Design Instt.Ltd. (Ranchi) 5. Training N Development Practices of CoalIndia Limited1. CIL manages 200 establishments like workshops, hospitals etc;2. it owns 26 technical & management training institutes and 102 Vocational Training Institutes Centres;3. Indian Institute of Coal Management (IICM) - the largest Corporate Training Institute in India - operates under CIL and conducts multi disciplinary management development programmes;4. Training is conducted with short as well as long term objectives in view which results in development of employees along with the organizations growth. 6. Training Infrastructure:-Coal India hasdeveloped a strong training infrastructurethrough-(a)Indian Institute of Coal Management(IICM) The apex training institute located in Ranchi Caters the training needs of Coal India but also many other companies It has residential hostels withinternet broadband facility +audiovisualtraining aids+ indoor badminton court,swimming pool, tennis court and gym for useof participants +full time dedicated faculty +organizes training and conferences for all co.s. 7. (b)Vocational Training Centers (VTC) Each area has a VTC which conducts mainly work related training in regular intervals and also houses simulation rooms / equipment. Executives from the level (E.1 to E.5) are provided a need based training is imparted at the Management Training Center of each subsidiary companies. The apex training Center, Indian Institute of Coal Management, Ranchi, for higher level, i.e. from (M.1 to M.3 )level executives.(c)CETI/BETI Different subsidiaries of Coal India also have dedicated training institutes for excavation/mining related training. 8. Other modes-(a)Planned Interventions - For up-gradation ofprofessional and managerial skills and abilitiesof employees, Coal India also providesdevelopmental interventions designed for eachstage in a persons career to givedevelopmental input to assist in co.sprofessional growth.(b)Education Up-gradation Schemes - To meetdevelopmental aspirations of employees, CoalIndia is entering into tie-ups with institutes ofrepute like IIM Indore,sponsors fixed sizebatches of employees who are inducted intothese courses. 9. Technical Training :It is to provide requirement of training for technology being used in each subsidiary and any other technology necessary to meet current shortage of skilled manpower-* Basic Course :Appropriate to technology, equipment and system;* Refresher course :Once in three years to those who have already gone through basic course or are already working in specific skill area;* Specialized course :In case of change in technology, in equipment configuration and capacity and improvement in the system of production, suitable input is given to all the new entrants to the critical skilled areas. 10. Management Training :Executives at eachlevel and at the time of assuming the chargeat the new position, a need based training isImparted at the Management TrainingCentres(MTC) of each subsidiary companiesfor the level from E1 to E5 and at IndianInstitute of Coal Management, Ranchi, forhigher level, i.e. from M1 to M3 levelexecutives. 11. Period of training - For one year.SECURITY DEPOSIT-Require to serve for a minimumPeriod of 50 months for which an amount of Rs.1,000/per month will be deducted from the salary of thetrainee concerned. After completion of 50 months ofservice the amount will be refunded. In case of leavingemployment prior to completion of 50 months ofservice, the amount so deducted will be forfeited.


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