collaboration in multi cloud computing environments framework and security issues

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Collaboration in multi cloud computing environments framework and security issues slides


  • 1. Introduction to Cloud Computing: Cloud computing is an environment where the computingresources are outsource as a service through the internet. Services of cloud computing: I as S(Infrastructure as a service) P as S(Platform as a service) S as S(Software as a service)

2. Types of clouds: Hybrid cloud Private cloud Public cloud Community cloud 3. What is Collaboration? Collaboration is a new emerging way of sharing andco-authoring computer files through the use of cloud computing. 4. Objective: Providing Collaboration in Multi-cloud 5. Current Environment: A client that wishes to simultaneously use frommultiple clouds must individually interact with each cloud service gather intermediate results process the collective data and generate final results. cloud mashups require pre established agreements among providers as well as the use of custom-built, proprietary tools that combine services through lowlevel, tightly controlled and constraining integration techniques. 6. Disadvantages: The following are the restrictions: Heterogeneity and tight coupling. Preestablished business agreements. Service delivery model. 7. Proposed System: I propose network of proxies to overcome theserestrictions Proxy is an edge-node-hosted software instance. 8. Cloud-hosted proxy: 9. Proxy as a Service: 10. On-premises proxy: 11. Modules: Collaboration Framework for multi cloud systemModule. Client/Users Module. Cloud Service Provider Module. Proxy Service Provider Module. 12. Hard Ware Requirements: Processor Speed RAM Hard Disk Floppy Drive Key Board Mouse Monitor: : : : : : : :Pentium IV 1.1 GHz 1 GB 20GB 1.44 MB Standard Windows Keyboard Two or Three Button Mouse SVGA 13. Software Requirements: Operating System : Technology : Web Technologies : IDE : Web Server : Tool Kit : Database : Java version :Windows java and J2EE Html,java script, CSS My Eclipse Tomcat Android Phone My SQL J2SDK1.5


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