colour my life (painting and photography) campaign for supporting the street child

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This campaign is to support the Street Child via Auction or Sale of Painting & Photography via Final Exhibition of 50 Painting & Photographs of Street Child only.


  • 1. Add a touch of color to every childs dream! Encourage your students to share their love & compassion through a simple drawing or photograph portraying a street childs life

2. India has the largest population of street children in the world. We have an opportunity to raise awareness amongst the government, the people and the donor community that an extremely vulnerable group of children need to be included in their policy priorities.We at PayUMoney in association with MasterCard aim to drive this social initiative school to school through our Colour My Life campaign. The campaign aims to draw attention to an issue that has largely been ignored for decades. We also endeavor to guide students and encourage them to showcase their talent and in return learn the invaluable lesson of compassion, kindness and help them realize that every child has the right to education, happiness and deserves a promising second chance at life. 3. Painting and Photography Terms of registration and participation Children between the age group of 12 to 17 can participate Register online with a fee of INR 100 (amount to be given to India Vision Foundation as donation) through the gateway of PayUMoney Upload your art on the website, which would be further promoted on Facebook for voting and short listing purpose While the art would be promoted for voting, it would also involve online auctioning for funds generation, the funds will be donated to the NGO The minimum participation from a school shall be 10 students; but considering that this is for a good cause you may encourage more than the stipulated number of students to participate. 4. Over 300 schools will be participating and 250 participants (125 each for each art) will be screened for final exhibition day, which would include final 50 (25 for each art) from all age groups. 5. There will be a Chief Guest Ms Kiran Bedi (onscreen / off screen) who will grace the occasion along with esteemed judges, Mr. Keshav Malik (Padmasree Awarded), Mr. Uday Shankar, Mr. Avinash ,one for each art, the final 50 paintings will be listed for sale as well and the funds generated by the same will be routed to the NGO, through the gateway of PayUMoney. 6. Six winners will be announced on the final day of exhibition. The winners will be rewarded with scholarships 7. We request you to urge your students to participate in this campaign and extend their support in making a small yet significant difference to the life of a street child. 8. THE SM ART NEW W AY TO PAYFor More Details Call: Deepak Singh Rawat: +91-9958492039 (11:00 am till 6:00 pm) Payal Kataria: (0124)6793150 Monday To Friday only.

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