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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Content + UXGo Together Like PB&amp;J</p> <p>CR</p> <p>Krista SiniscarcoAssoc. Dir, UX StrategyBEAM Interactive@KristaSinisCaroline RobertsContent StrategistiFactory@pepperypen</p> <p>CR/KS</p> <p>mu//en</p> <p>M U L L E N L O W E G R O U PJanuary 2014 - March 2015</p> <p>KS</p> <p>How our relationship began...</p> <p>Grain Foods Foundation (KS, CR to chime)lobbying foundation for wheattwo websites, one for a campaign, one internal: Should it be one site or two sites?</p> <p>We were working in parallelContent Strategy</p> <p>UserExperience</p> <p>KS, CR to chimeCR: auditKS: research, card sorting</p> <p>and discovered there was a lot of overlap.Content Strategy</p> <p>UserExperience</p> <p>KS, CR to chimelots of content, easier to determine what to keep/delete/revise by looking at it through the lens of the userrealized we could merge our brains together</p> <p>So, we started working as a team.Content + UX</p> <p>KS, CR to chimeA team from the very beginningOur immediate supervisors supported this type of collaborationResourced</p> <p>Case Studies</p> <p>CRjoke about bread</p> <p>Medicine + the MilitaryU.S. Department of DefenseChallenge: Design an informational site to help recruit medical doctors into the Military.Bring together content scattered across multiple sources into one place.Present all aspects of military life without favoring any specific branch or type of enlistment.</p> <p>CR</p> <p>Primary &amp; Secondary Research156 Web Pages Explored 36 Government Documents 24 Market Segments 14 Interviews 11 Government PowerPoints 5 Competitors Evaluated 4 Survey Results 2 Podcasts</p> <p> = 252 Sources</p> <p>CR: You need to know what you have first before you make new content.KS: This is insane. We tag-teamed on the reading.</p> <p>Primary &amp; Secondary Research156 Web Pages Explored 36 Government Documents 24 Market Segments 14 Interviews 11 Government PowerPoints 5 Competitors Evaluated 4 Survey Results 2 Podcasts1,931 Unique Facts/Perspectives Discovered 815 Unique Facts Used on Site 79 Acronyms Encountered 6 PersonasWeeks Taken to Research: ~ 15 weeks, or 3 months and 17 days</p> <p>Date Content Research Started to Date of Creative ConceptingCR</p> <p>Gap Analysis</p> <p>CRbroad categories and narrower subjects based on research and issues that came up during stakeholder interviewsthe red indicates that we had a lot of content creating to do</p> <p>Flow Chart</p> <p>KS: living, breathing document, walk through the flow chart with the subject-matter expertsCR: made stakeholder interviews more efficient and productive. know what you need from the start, dont waste any time.</p> <p>Archetypes</p> <p>KS: archetypes, life-stage focused, which aspects of the 360 life would appeal</p> <p>Site Map</p> <p>KS, C to chimeC: labelingC: a brief overview of each page to ensure we have the content we need</p> <p>Writing &amp; Wireframing</p> <p>bothCR: start, doing the research makes it easier to write</p> <p></p> <p>KSCR: Our overall framework still holds upDO NOT CLICK ON THE LINKS</p> <p>Killing JesusNational Geographic ChannelChallenge: Design a digital storytelling experience to complement the television event.Create engaging and informative content for both a secular and religious audience. Tell the story in a new way, and make is beautiful and responsive.</p> <p>KS: Bill OReilly, TV movie, second-screen experience.Jesus is a sensitive topic.</p> <p>Secondary Research</p> <p>CR: Standards &amp; Practices, have the research approved ahead of timeacademics, religious writers, etc.divided up the work and got to reading, discovered Bahai</p> <p>Top-down Content StrategyChapter|Crown|Character Perspective|Scene|Moment|Supporting Content</p> <p>CR</p> <p>Top-down Content StrategyChapter|Crown|Character Perspective|Scene|Moment|Supporting Content 8 Chapters</p> <p> 3 Crowns (thorns, headdress, laurels)</p> <p>16 Perspectives</p> <p>24 Scenes</p> <p>77 Moments</p> <p>97 Pieces of Supporting Content</p> <p>CR: Again, universal to the particular</p> <p>Story Mapping</p> <p>KS: War room. Each board represented one chapter, specific scenes and moments, thinking of the perspective and how each scene moved alongLived in this room for several monthsWhen it was time to write content, we knew what we had to write and sourceServed as the basis for the direction we gave the illustrator, who was off-site</p> <p>Content Mapping</p> <p>KS: Once illustrations arrived, we mapped secondary content to specific points in the scene.CR: Developers had an idea of how much content to expect</p> <p>Writing &amp; Wireframing</p> <p>CR: copy deck on Google docs, including sources of information.KS: took a more active role in copy, actually religious, the Biblical scholar of the team.</p> <p></p> <p>CR: DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINKS</p> <p>What we learned along the way...Content Strategy + UX = Art + CopyWorking with UX automatically emphasizes audience when creating contentLess lorem ipsum when wireframing - we know what were working withHelps to focus the design processCross-training between Content Strategy + UXEasier to provide evidence for decisionsReduced surprises during production phase</p> <p>CR: transitionequals Art + Copydesign process: not limiting, built a foundation on which they can build a beautiful site, raw materialsKS: Could make changes for each other, learned a lot from each other, wearing more hats nowKS: evidence for decisions, we won more than we lostCR: knowing what to expect can be a psychological boost for the entire teamKS: the strategy led the creative, not the other way around</p> <p>Thank you.Caroline Roberts @pepperypenKrista Siniscarco @KristaSinis</p> <p>Bios</p> <p>Caroline RobertsContent StrategistiFactory</p> <p>@pepperypenLinkedInWebsiteCaroline Roberts just started as a content strategist at iFactory. She was a senior content manager at Mullen Lowe Boston, where she works on such brands as the Department of Defense, Ernst &amp; Young, the National Geographic Channel and PepsiCo. Before joining an ad agency, Caroline worked for Fidelity Investments, and she managed the Careers &amp; Money and Technology channels for the how-to website In a past life, she supervised writers and content managers for a video search service in San Francisco, where she also indexed and managed content for AOL, the NFL and PBS. Since she enjoys organizing content and finding patterns, she never met a spreadsheet she didnt like.</p> <p>Krista SiniscarcoAssoc. Dir, UX StrategyBEAM Interactive</p> <p>@KristaSinisLinkedInWebsiteKrista is the Associate Director, UX Strategy at BEAM Interactive. Kristas focus on research and strategy, combined with her background in user experience design, allows her to bridge the strategy and design practices at BEAM. She has worked on brands such as American Greetings, Department of Defense, National Geographic Channel and Fidelity Investments. Before making the transition to an agency, Krista worked for several years in higher education as an educational technologist specializing in instructional design, visual design and media literacy. She combines her background in teaching and learning with design research, design thinking, service design and strategy to advocate for the user and design user-centric digital experiences.</p>