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this presentation includes what a control system is with examples of air conditioning and central heating system.


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2. AS ICT Asser Ayman Control Systems 3. Objectives To know what a control system is Knowing the common variables controlled by a control system Be able to describe the applications that these uses can be put to. 4. What is acontrol system? A control system is a device, or set of devices that are used to manage, command and direct the behavior of other device 5. Examples ofcontrol systems Air conditioning systems Central heating systems Refrigeration Medical applications: Intensive care Car Manufacture plants Process Control 6. Variablescontrolled by control systems Te m p e r a t u r e Pressure Humidity Light Moisture And more XD 7. Hardware requirements: Input Numeric Keypad Push buttons/switches Te m p e r a t u r e s e n s o r Moisture sensor Pressure sensor Light sensor Contact Switch 8. Hardware requirements: ProcessADC ( Analogue to digital converter ) Used to translate signals coming from devices such as sensors into signals that a computer can read and process.DAC ( Digital to analogue converter ) Used to translate digital signal output of the computer to signals that other devices can read and act upon.Timer 9. Hardware requirements: Output Ro b o t Fans Heaters Boilers Buzzer/alar m Lights LED display 10. Central heating systemsA central heating system provides warmth to the wholeinterior of a building (or portion of a building) fromone point to multiple rooms. When combined with othersystems in order to control the building climate 11. Central heating systemsThe boiler is controlled by a microprocessors that iscontrolled using a touch screen. It heats the water in the watercylinder which obviously stores heated water until its used.When the radiators are turned on, the pump starts moving theheated water from the water cylinder to the radiator throughpipes running usually inside the houses walls (being outsidewill give an ugly scene) using convection the atmosphere ofthat part of the house starts changing its temperature. 12. P.S>> this is going to look confusing ;) The arrows should give u a hint :PTo store heated water from boilerBoilerMonitors temperature continuously and sendsHot water cylinder feedback to microprocessorsPump Metal panels that are fixed to the wall in therooms that need heatingRadiatorsPumps the water across the pipes to radiatorsTe m p e r a t u r e s e n s o r s Used to heat waterCentral heating systemHardware required for 13. Inputs Processes Outputs Touch screenSensors monitor temperature continuously LED display Analogue data from temperature sensorRadiatorsNumber pad or dialconverted to digital by ADC Temperature compared to preset range/valueTemperature sensor input by user Signal sent to actuators to switch pump on & open valves if temp is too low Signal sent to actuator to switch pumpoff/close valves if temp is OK 14. This actually means that the system controls it self.. It is not necessarily as good as you think because these couldve been jobs for JOBLESS people.Closed Loop system Output directly affects the input No human intervention is necessary Good for situations where control is required 24/7, or in a dangerous/difficult environment 15. Homework Describe a central heating system in your own words Mention the uses of a central heating system 16. Class dismissed ;)

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