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Denmark has developed unique experience over several decades with the integration of renewables into the power supply, and has a very flexible electricity market as a result. Thus, the country has already got a head start in the development of a new intelligent power grid that is planned to allow the integration of 100% renewable energy.


  • 1. DENMARK: A EUROPEANSMART GRID HUB Asset mapping of smart grid competencies in Denmark
  • 2. Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster 2Table of content Foreword3 Introduction4 Smart Grid in Denmark 5 Denmark has a unique concentration of smart grid assets 10 Smart grid commercial landscape of Denmark 12 Future smart grid challenges in Denmark 14 Conclusion18 References Appendices - company matrix20 Introduction to company matrix 21 Technology company matrix 24 Consultancy company matrix 28 Company contact list Appendices - cases30 Vikingegaarden: Creating intelligent charging 34 Inopower: Integration of large scale Wind Power into Smart Grid systems 36 QEES: Taps into large market potential 38 Spirae: from USA to Denmark 39 Appendices - projects EcoGrid EU testing the intelligent power system 40 EDISON: Utilizing Danish Expertise to Create Sustainable Solutions 41 Electricity Demand as a Frequency-Controlled Reserve (DFR) 42 PowerLabDK: a world-class research platform 43
  • 3. ForewordThis report is an extensive mapping of the Danish smart grid mann PhD, Associate Professor, Copenhagensector. The purpose of the report is to: Business School, for methodological advice. We are also very grateful for the valuable 1. Provide an overview and general outline comments and extensive advice from Vibeke of the competencies in the Danish smart Thyge Frandsen, Ea Energy Analyses; Jacob grid industry stergaard, Professor and Head of the Centre 2. Display Danish competencies within for Electric Technology at the DTU Depart- smart grid research, development, test ment of Electrical Engineering; Gran Wilke, and demonstration consultant at Exergi; Birger Hauge, Founder 3. Describe the possible future develop- and CEO of VillaWatt; Brian Vad Mathiesen, As- ments within the smart grid industry in sociate Professor, Aalborg University, Michael Denmark Nymann Folmer, Consultant, The Danish IT In- dustry Association; Morten Baadsgaard Trolle, Through this study, Copenhagen Cleantech Chief Consultant, Danish Energy Association. Cluster and Copenhagen Capacity aim to strengthen Danish smart grid stakeholders Copenhagen Capacity would also like to thank and Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster by provid- all the companies that are listed in the com- ing a unique overview of over 60 smart grid pany matrix for their participation. companies. The report also seeks to visualize the array of smart grid business opportuni- ties in Denmark, and will serve as a tool for Editor: international stakeholders (e.g. companies, Cecilie Hestbk public authorities or research units) that wish to approach the Danish smart grid sector as, Contact: for example, possible partners, customers or Copenhagen Capacity, suppliers. tel: +45 33 22 02 22 The report has been prepared by Copenha- gen Capacity with extensive assistance from Copenhagen Capacity Mikael Togeby, partner at Ea Energy Analyses. A part of Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster Acknowledgements A number of dedicated professionals from industry, academia and various organizations have kindly assisted in the production of the report. Copenhagen Capacity would like to thank Marcy Lowe, Senior Research Analyst, Duke University; Silvia Pagani, Managing Direc- tor, Euroimpresa; and Christian Erik Kamp-
  • 4. Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster 4IntroductionDenmark has developed unique experience over several and environmental impact while maximizingdecades with the integration of renewables into the power system reliability, resilience and stability.1supply, and has a very flexible electricity market as a result. Globally, there is a pressing need to acceler-Thus, the country has already got a head start in the devel- ate the development of carbon free energyopment of a new intelligent power grid that is planned to technologies in order to address the globalallow the integration of 100% renewable energy. challenges of energy security, climate change and economic growth. To enable this tech- As Denmark already manages the integra- nological development and implementation, tion of more wind power into the grid than smart grids are essential. Moreover, they will any other country in the world and has a wide turn out to be a more cost-effective solution array of smart grid assets within test and in most cases than merely expanding capacity demonstration and over 60 smart grid firms, in the existing grid. it has the potential to be a world leader in the smart grid industry in the coming years. Our findings The present study has been conducted to Smart grid is a necessary and cost-effec- provide an overview of the smart grid sector tive solution in Denmark from a business perspective. The A smart grid is an electricity network that aim of the report was to identify and show- uses digital and other advanced technolo- case the strengths of the Danish smart grid gies to monitor and manage the transport of sector as well as to highlight opportunities for electricity from all generation sources to meet international smart grid actors. The results the varying electricity demands of end users. give a clear picture of a Danish smart grid sec- Smart grids co-ordinate the needs and capa- tor with strong assets, continuous innovation bilities of generation assets, grid operators, and increasing growth: over 60 companies end users and electricity market stakeholders