corruption in the public sector around the world

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Corruption in the public sector around the world


*Corruption in the public sector around the world

*According to the annual survey by the Berlin-based organization Transparency International which measures the level of corruption , in the 2011 survey, out of 182 countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina ranked 91st .

* Most corrupt nations? Myanmar, North Korea, and Somalia are at the bottom of the list, thus are perceived to be the most corrupt.

*Learning from the mistakes of others.

*SOMALIA For five years straight, Somalia has been on the top of the most corrupt countries list. The Somali governments corruption, lack of progress and extreme incompetence is not only due to revolt attacks but lack of liability coupled with validity derived from outside actors and not earned from within. The government of Somalia has no incentive to show progress. There are no consequences from TFG inaction or their extreme ways of corruption.

* CORRUPTION IN NORTH KOREAThe important problem that North Korea must resolve is the structural corruption itself in the political and bureaucratic system in that country. In other words, the serious political and bureaucratic corruption caused by Kim's 50 years of control may indicate a red signal of self-collapse in the near future.

*In North Korea where one of the causes of famine is because of corruption between political leaders or bureaucrats and the famine is also causing more corruption.

*Exactly what types of corruption is North Korea dealing with? North Korea has a serious problem with police, troops and border guards stationed near China. It's all a breakdown of order along the border , as long as you tip the border guard, getting through is no problem.

*Comparison to Bosnia and Herzegovina

*Learning from the success of othersThe first three spots are held by Finland, Denmark, and New Zealand, which are perceived to be the world's least corrupt countries.

*New Zealand least corruptOne of the ways the country prevents corruption is by having a number of regulators, commissioners and other independent authorities that investigate complaints of official misbehavior and hold officials accountable for their activities.* DenmarkThe Danish society has through the years developed a widespread culture against corruption. Starting in the 17th century, corruption was made a criminal offense and enforced rather strictly. The next major achievement came during the 1920s where a code on public servants that guaranteed a reasonable salary, job security and pension in particular for the lower class was adopted, and corruption laws came under review. Today, it is morally and utterly unacceptable to provide or receive anything that could resemble corruption.

*FinlandFinally, although Finland is not entirely without corruption, it gets consistently high ratings in international surveys on the topic. How did Finland acquire all these strengths? Finlands development is due to the fact that the values of liberty, the common good and democracy have gradually become distinctive features of the administrative culture and the structures of government, legislation, the judicial system, the media, the economy and civil society.


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