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  • Smart solutions for the automated world™


    Custom and Standard Robotic End-of-Arm Tooling

  • Innovative and Reliable Palletizing Robotic End-of-Arm Tooling

    As leaders in robotic gripping solutions, Piab and SAS Automation design EOATs with modular and custom-machined components that will operate on any style or make of robot. We also partner with most leading automation companies. We are ISO 9001:2015 Quality System Certifi ed for quality assurance. EOAT components are proudly engineered and built in one of our world class production facilities.

    + INNOVATION We are only as good as our ability to solve our customers’ challenges. Piab is dedicated to more than supplying end-of-arm tools and components; we are dedicated to developing new solutions that drive our customers’ success.

    + EXPERTISE We can only consider ourselves experts if we are fi rst humble learners and explorers. We listen to our customers. We focus on learning more about our craft . We practice and test until we get it right. We set high standards for ourselves.

    + PRECISION Our components and tools work because we pay attention to details. Successful automation requires precision to accommodate the size and weight of the products being moved. We must also be able to handle the right speed, plus a variety of materials and shapes. Successful automation is a complex business that requires a dedication to precise execution.

    BENEFITS • Reduced down-time and increased productivity thanks to our modular system

    • Increased productivity through collaborative innovative thinking that solves your EOAT challenges

    • Decrease your cost through our innovative in- house engineering, manufacturing, and testing

    • Minimize administration cost through online purchasing at our e-commerce site

    • Increase your uptime as we off er next day delivery on components

    • Increase your productivity as we can provide world-wide on-site sales, installation, training, and service


    Our family of robust bag grippers are ideal for palletizing plastic, woven cloth, or paper bags containing grains, chemicals, dog food, minerals, and many other products. We off er reliable and adjustable Hybrid Bag Grippers (HBG) and our durable Fixed Bag Grippers (FBG). • Designed for 25 and 50kg payloads • HBG eliminates custom tooling and with adjusts in less than 30 seconds • FBG adjusts in less than 4 minutes • Secure solid stainless-steel gripper fi ngers • Decking plates align for precision placement • Optional slip sheet and pallet hooks are also available


    Retracting Fork-style EOATs are particularly well suited for open-top containers and over-sized bags that must be picked from the bottom. The stroking forks are designed to pick product from a roller conveyor. The forks retract through a stationary stripper plate and the product is placed on the pallet. • Durable secure solid stainless-steel construction • Engineered to provide fast and reliable performance • Optional slip sheet is also available • Forks can also be used to pick and place a shipping pallet

    Hybrid Bag Grippers

    Hybrid Bag Grippers

    Fork Tools

    Hyrbrid Bag Grippers with Vacuum Depalletizer Ideal for palletizing plastic, grain bags, chemicals,

    and other bagged products

    Fork Grippers Ideal for open-top containers and oversized bags

    that must be picked from the bottom


    Side clamp EOATs work particularly well for slip top cartons as well as heavyweight applications where a topside pick is not possible; such as 18.14 kg (40 lb.) blocks of cheese in glued-up corrugated cartons. The clamping cylinders are programmable for force applied to the carton. This also allows for multiple sizes of cartons to be palletized with the same EOAT. • Suited for high demand environments • Adjustable and customizable to multiple applications • Engineered to provide fast and reliable performance • Optional slip sheet system is also available

    Combination Bag / Carton Gripper


    We provide Vacuum Plate End-of-Arm Tools to palletize single containers and even complete pallet layers. These EOATs are powered to provide superior gripping capabilities by using high-vacuum fl ow. We design and build vacuum plate EOATs for cartons, pails, and bag applications. • Powered by vacuum turbines or venturi generators • Plates can also be zoned for multiple pick and place • Valved vacuum ports automatically close when there are gaps • Designed for heavy and high vacuum fl ow applications

    Carton Clamp

    Carton Clamping

    Area Wide Vacuum Grippers

    Area Wide Vacuum Grippers

    As one of the world’s largest suppliers of end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) and gripper systems for palletizing, you can trust our ability to provide you the components, installation training, technical service and troubleshooting your business needs to keep operations on schedule.

    Call our sales team at 888-SAS-EOAT (727-3628) to request a quote.


    Learn how to build tools at training sessions offered at our headquarters in any of our facilities. You may select a standard tool building session or a

    custom tooling session specific to your application.

    SPARE PARTS NEXT DAY The Piab shopping cart makes getting replacement parts that much easier. Most parts ship from inventory next day. Our modular components are

    manufactured in-house at our locations. Therefore, custom machined parts are also available with quick turnaround!

    EOAT CERTIFICATION Piab now offers training at our US

    headquarters near Dayton, Ohio with an added benefit: EOAT Certification. We recommend that certification training take place at our corporate facility, so

    you can take advantage of our training environment and the variety of robots,

    automation equipment, and tools available.

    QUALITY PRODUCTS & SERVICE We meet or exceed customer

    expectations by providing superior Robotic End-of-Arm Tooling and

    Automation Technology. Together with our customers and suppliers, we

    continuously improve our products and services to assure market leadership.

    TECHNICAL SERVICE Call our toll-free line to speak with a skilled technician or engineer for any troubleshooting or installation questions. Application advice and

    assistance is also available via phone or email. We also provide an online forum

    on our website.


    Our skilled technicians can re-stock your spare parts, train your personnel, or solve automation problems on your

    production floor.

    MODULAR COMPONENTS Piab offers a complete line of modular components to allow you to rapidly build tools in your own plant, meeting rapidly changing automation needs on-demand.

    Any part. Any robot. Anywhere.

  • Smart solutions for the automated world™

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