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So much of the news about technology is that it's bad for us - it's tapping in to our worst possible selves, it makes us anxious, we get caught in a dopamine loop. We'd just be happier without it. Or would we? Maybe, just maybe, there are things that make us happy when we use a favorite website and tap into a trusted mobile app. A combination of data, little things, not-so-little things, social science, experiments, and real life uncovers some moments of truth about happy user experience, including a short list of patterns, across sites and apps, that make people happy.


Design For The One Little Thing That Changes Everything Pamela Pavliscak @paminthelab We think that Big Things Will Make Us Happy Credit: ThinkGeek Monkeys We seek Adventure We desire Fortune Credit: Fat Face & Me Credit: Yuko Honda We seek Perfection We crave Fame In design, we think Maybe Innovators Know Happiness We really Dont Know What Will Make Us Happy Source: Change Sciences People say this makes them happy online Not too busy Beautiful and colorful My favorite sites are easy to use It has to be simple & clean Convenience above all else Source: Shutterstock parallax simple authentic food cats infographics video mobile responsive clever flatbyod IoT big tiles typography Designers think maybe this (for now) We sometimes Dont Remember What Made Us Happy Source: Giles Colborne ModCloth something dresses something tchotchkes awesome retro fashion pic unknown Draw your favorite site from memory Credit: Github Shop We remember where we focus Attention We remember the Feeling Rated Better Than Other Sites Source: Change Sciences HappinessRatingAfterUse Amazon Expedia CBS WebMD Ally Aetna HGTV eHealth Chase Apple Kayak PBS Priceline Bank of America Citi Best Buy n=7000 We feel happy, we think a site is better Actually, Little Things Make Us Happy Special Treats make us happier Shared Moments add up to joy Credit: Todd Williamson Credit: Angie Hu Follow the principles Autonomy Variety Friendship Continuity Credit: Peter Haugen Little Surprises bring delight As in the rest of life Little Things Make Us Happy Online Online study 250 sites 7000 people Field research 450 people #pandatime Experiments with informed consent, of course 50 people Credit: British Airways meh delighted wowzahappycontent ( - - ( ( ( ( ( ! ! All the happinesses Not just Delight 1 happy moment = 5% increase in happiness rating More happy moments, more happiness Source: Change Sciences n=7450 We are h (app) y when we feel Smart AUTONOMY I can do this Source: Change Sciences Time Success not so happy happy More time without success, less happy CONTROL I feel less anxious MASTERY Ive got this down There is a trick to it but now that I know the trick, I tell everyone. -M, Boomer, Wired Source: Change Sciences EaseofUseCombinedScore 65 Happiness starts here Without easy, there is no happy Design so I can be Independent We want to feel as if There Is a Real Person in There Most big companies sound like they are talking to themselves about themselves. -F, Boomer, Wired AUTHENTICITY It feels like a real conversation RESPECT You know there are boundaries CARE Youve got my back one night stand complete stranger fling secret affair enemy casual acquaintance stalker - prey guru - disciple teacher- student Source: Harvard Business Review annoying acquaintance fleeting acquaintance star -groupie dealer - addict villain-victim online friends marriage on the rocks ex-friends marriage partners love-hate best friends teammates buddies old friendscolleagues siblings neighbors former friends PRICE MARKET SHARE It doesnt have to be complicated Design as if we are Friends IRL Credit: Natalie Downe The sites that make us happy Engage All Our Senses + + + = Everything is amazing and no one is happy We tire of what once made us happy PLAY I can try things without risk One minute Im just playing around and the next thing I know its a credit hit. -M, Boomer, Wired VARIETY You surprise me a little CURIOSITY I always wondered Credit: Kris Krug No Shame The last thing I want is to feel bad about myself because I clicked on something. -F, Millennial, Wired Design for the Thrill of the New Credit: Hootsuite on Instagram We feel most satisfied when there is Continuity Help, its a trap! Its not about getting through the funnel CONNECTION You know there is no digital / real divide CURATION You help me discover myself Even though I know its an algorithm, somehow it feels personal and human. -M, Millennial, Influencer ASPIRATIONAL You speak to the better me I feel a little bit cooler just having been to the site, like maybe Im in on a secret. -F, GenX, Influencer Design for Past, Present & Future Credit: The Sherbet Patch When we are happy and we know it We Really Do Show It Source: Change Sciences A little happy--------------------------------------------------Really happy Happy people want to explore Greater happiness, greater engagement Source: Change Sciences Happiness Recommendations More happiness, more recommendations Source: Topsy + Change Sciences Happy sites 65+ social sentimentLess happy 45 social sentiment Happy feeling, happy talk Great happiness, greater likelihood to return Likelihood to return Source: Change Sciences HappinessRatingAfterUse Amazon Expedia WebMDChase Home Depot Delta Priceline Bank of America US Bank Best Buy Kayak CBS T Rowe Price Hotels.comUSAA Humana Keep finding the Little Things That Make Us Happy Measure Before, during & after weeks days hours minutes now now minutes hours days knowing smile now anticipation happy spot afterglow fond memory The Happy Experience Continuum Pay attention to The Small Touches Take the pledge Happiness First #happyfirst H A P P Y Practice Design Pamela Pavliscak @paminthelab


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