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  • 1. Designing an effective learning space & giving technological guidance and advice to academic staff for use in their curricula
    12 August 2009
    Marius Pienaar

2. Phases / Main Points
3. Effective learning space
It includes much more than just room height, width, and depth.
One has to consider how the room matches the teaching and learning activities for the curriculum. For example, does the teaching activities require an interactive U-shaped table, etc?
Other key elements: lighting, sound reinforcement and insulation, table and chair ergonomics, line of site and projection screen placement, and technology equipment considerations.
All of these elements must be considered in an interactive way.
4. Designing an effective learning space
5. Designing an effective learning space
6. Technology in the classroom
7. 8. 9. Technology outside the classroom
10. Technology outside the classroom: mobile technology

  • Wireless, user-friendly, easy to manage features like PDAs have become very powerful in teaching and learning

11. Can enhance fields like: 12. Tourist guides, researchers, natural sciences, lecturers, developers, maths, biology, assessing learners, etc. 13. Applications: 14. Admin tool 15. Word processor 16. Excel spreadsheets 17. PPTs 18. Graphic display 19. Video clips 20. Web browsing 21. Email usage 22. GPS 23. Wi-Fi