designing collaborative learning environments: a case study

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Designing Collaborative Learning Environments: A Case Study Brandon Carson, Sun Microsystems, Inc. 310

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• social learning • participatory learning • informal learning
Collaborative learning is a situation in which two or more people learn or attempt to learn something together.
Pierre Dillenbourg
Brandon Hall Research, 2008
• Sun provides network computing infrastructure solutions • A Fortune 200 company • Registered over 11,000 patents and dedicate over $2
billion dollars per year to R&D • Over 35,000 employees • Operate in over 100 countries • More than half of Sun’s sales and service revenue comes
from outside the U.S.
US in 1975
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Learning 1.0 Structured Learning
Learning 2.0 Collaborative Learning
• Motivation increases when learners achieve short-term learning goals. > Make sure goals are not too easily attained
• Games are great for motivation because: > they clearly disseminate goals and rules > instill a sense of autonomy and control > and potentially enable intrinsic motivation
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• Show meaningful context • Present evidence and credibility • Remove invasive user interface clutter • Remove irrelevant visuals • Strip out jargon and corporate-speak • Remove barriers to content
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• What worked: > Great new gateway for all new hires and potential new hires > Redefines the learning landscape at Sun > Is a first iteration of a CLE within Sun
• What didn’t work: > Wiki platform is complex and hard to design to > We still don’t have a unified learning management/content
management system > Not many people are playing the games
Sun Proprietary
• Consider committing to a moderator as a job description • Build an environment of trust • Set learning goals for individuals and teams • Be prepared to deal with problem behavior
• Rebuilding our technology infrastructure • Defining two types of social learning activities:
> Activities designed for learning > Activities designed for sharing and collaboration
• Performing deeper audience analysis