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Skateboarding and the Basics

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  • 1. Skateboarding and the Basics

2. Skate parks often have concrete bowls of ramps with metal coping surrounding it for grinds. 3. The metal bar on the ramp is known as the coping on a quarterpipe. 4. A spine transfer seen here, must have double coping to allow more stability. 5. Two quarterpipes are faced back to back to create a spine transfer. 6. A flat bar is a type of rail built for skating. This is an example of a downrail. 7. A down-ledge known as a hubba are meant for grinds and slides. 8. A flat curved ledge with a corner coping. 9. A pyramid is a type of ramp known as a fun box that is a common obstacle in skateparks. 10. Adidas shoes for skateboarding with a pro signature board. 11. Thunder trucks are made different for their lightweight technology. 12. Trucks like these ventures are slightly shaped and built uniquely from other companies. 13. Longboards such as Sector 9 have larger trucks for better handling 14. These Spitfire wheels are also made of different material for certain terrain like concrete. 15. 78 longboard wheels are made for more traction and durability. 16. Different skate companies make their own signature grip-tape brand like Grizzly. 17. A simple flatground trick known as manualing. 18. Backside-180 is a simple 180 degree turn inward. 19. A flip trick called the heelflip is flipping the board with your heel. 20. The Casper flip is two tricks combined to rotate a certain way. 21. Special thanks to Friends; Andrew whitney, and Luis Yanez Including Sg.t Frank Hodge Skatepark Skateboarding's History and Website