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Photography Slide 2 Posed/Unposed MoMA Photography Theme Slide 3 Questions MoMA Photography Theme Why would a photographer pose a person or a group of people? Why would a photographer try to capture a person or group of people when they were not aware they were being photographed? Slide 4 MoMA Photography Theme William J. Shew. Untitled (Mother and Daughter). c. 1850 Do you think this image is posed? Why or why not? What do you notice about the facial expression and body language of the subjects? How is this different or similar from a family portrait you might have taken? Take a close look at Untitled (Mother and Daughter) by William J. Shew Slide 5 MoMA Photography Theme Frances Benjamin Johnston. Stairway of the Treasurer's Residence: Students at Work from the Hampton Album. 1899- 1900. Frances Benjamin Johnston. Geography: Studying the Seasons from the Hampton Album. 1899-1900. Are these people posing? What do you think the context is? Take a close look at Frances Benjamin Johnstons The Hampton Album Slide 6 MoMA Photography Theme Do you think Evans subjects knew they are having their photos taken? Walker Evans. Subway Portrait. 1938-41. Slide 7 MoMA Photography Theme Philip-Lorca diCorcia. Head # 10. 2002. Do you think this man is aware his photo is being taken? Slide 8 MoMA Photography Theme How are these photographs different? How are they similar? Lets compare diCorcias and Evans photo portraits of strangers Philip-Lorca diCorcia. Head # 10. 2002 Walker Evans. Subway Portrait. 1938-41