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  • 1. I am stuck organized still working culturally sensitive over-zealous connecting community focused compassionate calm in demand ready responsible cultured hard-nosed under-prepared negotiating finished skillful strategic wishful messy researching busy determined bright thinking adaptive forgiving energized hopeful excited logistically-minded flexible even-tempered growing learning listening hot-headed

2. Explanation If I were an employer, I would look at someones resume to answer the questionwho is this person? this is my attempt at a better answer On the first slide is a selection of words that can finish the phrase I am.I have assigned 1 point to each word for every project/role that I believe makes that statement true. The more points the word gets, the more true it is of my experience, the bigger place it gets to hold in my resume.Its as simple as that. Clicka word to see what it means to me, what projects/roles I associated it with, and why. help I am The 5 highest-scoring words are incolor . Many others inblackare defined. 3. listening actively seeking understandingSolar-Thermal Green Fee Project Lead Student Consultant/Strategist Developed and presented a student supported, lead, and funded plan for Berklee College of Music to install solar panels on all dorms September Gurl Public Relations Artist Promoter/Album Campaign Designer Worked with artists to capture their story and present it effectively to publications that care Opened myears andasked provocative questionsto distill each artists story to its most important constituents Engagedstudent leaders, faculty, staff, administrators, 1/5th of the student body, and the president of the college to reach the best possible answer Old Time Ensemble Folk Music Studies Composer, Performer, and Student Studied numerous Appalachian music styles with esteemed musicians and subsequently penned original works using obtained techniques Quickly learned an array of Appalachian folk music styles to a point of proficiencythroughdiscerned listeningdespite limited prerequisite understanding Green Week Student Body VP, Organizer Planned an annual week of environmentally focused shows, seminars, and action for the Berklee community Metwith every department chair and relevant administrator or staff member tohearideas and pool the experience, interests, and contacts of each I am 4. learning gaining capacity for replication Student Environmental Action Movement President and Co-Founder Facilitated meetings and worked with diverse constituencies within the group to spark fresh ideas and encourage consistently energetic participation Slam Poetry Student, Author, and Performer Studied poetry, performance, and the history of slam with Boston slam poets and English professors, ultimately winning Berklees bi-annual slam against highly experienced competition Self-Education Commitment Student Scheduled an hour minimum every day in college and a three hour minimum after college dedicated to investigating subjects I did not study in school, listening to lectures and reading seminal works Good Samaritan School Solar Project Consultant and Designer Visited with school sites in Delhi and Chhatisgaar to asses energy needs and worked with American and Indian NGOs to meet those needs with solar power Handled questions and problems in a dynamic and high responsibility atmosphere, ultimately achievingfamiliarityandcomfortin the role Practicedself-discipline to study subjects as diverse as religion and design topreparemyself for life of engagement Developedinto a respected slam poet throughrehearsal , shamelessself-critique , and relentlesslyasking advice Took ona challenging project in an unfamiliar place andsacrificedcountless hours trying new things tofindthe rightsolutionto a serious problem I am 5. growing changing for the better New Adventure School Game Designer and LeaderTaught and led games for kids ages 5-11 at a school for residents of the Kibera slum in Nairobi Kenya as a 13-year-old Gaineda shift in perspective fromworkingwith a neglected part of an impoverished community early in life Berklee Communication System Project System and Logistics Strategist Developed communication system to leverage student body voice, interests, and feedback to influence and direct administrators action. Learnedways to work with hostile and disinterested parties to settle disputes around divergent, systemic, and dynamic issues Berklee General Education Student Gained musical proficiency through Berklee-specific training techniques that employ a unique variety of specialized course typesMasteredforeign and diverse tools for understanding, writing, andperforming music through adisciplinedcommitment to necessary work Campus Recycling Initiative Lead Student Consultant and Strategist Initiated and led a review of recycling on campus and worked with administrators, staff, students, and outside contractors to develop an effective recycling program Startedcollege by trying to fill a readily apparentvoid and therebybecamea fixture at the center of student initiativesI am 6. even-tempered Green Week Student Body VP, Organizer Planned an annual week of environmentally focused shows, seminars, and action for the Berklee community cool under pressure Maintaineda consistently bloated work and class schedule without losingclarityorlevel-headedness Good Samaritan School Summer Session English, Music, and Math Teacher Started as a music and English teacher preparing students for state exams, but added math teaching role upon request from students Lived and taught alone in a foreign place, as the only Westerner for miles, andkept a smile Starbucks Barista and Cashier Worked mornings, afternoons, andweekends at Starbucks, as a senior in high school, to support my goals as a musician Written about in the local Starbucks newsletter forthoughtful ,friendlyservice in the first two weeks of employment Berklee Student Activities Center Front Desk and Engagement Strategist Built the foundation for reaching students regarding school sponsored events and worked as front desk staff Handled diverseandmessywork, including answering phones in a hectic office,happily I am 7. flexible ready and willing to adjust Berklee Student Government Association Student Body Vice President Led a numerous action committees and reviews, represented the SGA at meetings, directed work on SGA organizational strategy, and acted as the loudest voice for change in the organization Jazz Music Composer and Performer Played and wrote jazz music while working with esteemed jazz artists to ensure the most meaningful and beneficial education Managedresponsibilities assigned by a democratic body to ensure full review and implementationregardlessof personal interest Cultivatedimprovisationskills through the medium of jazzAdaptedteaching styles and materials to each of threedynamically differentstudents and their goals/needs Berklee City Music Mentor/Guitar Teacher Taught and mentored three underprivileged, Boston-area, high-school-aged, guitarists on a weekly basis every semester at Berklee Campus Recycling Initiative Lead Student Consultant and Strategist Initiated and led a review of recycling on campus and worked with administrators, staff, students, and outside contractors to develop an effective recycling program Approached stake-holders with verydifferentperspectives with goals and was ended with a product incorporatingeveryonesgoals I am 8. logistically-minded constantly considering constraints I am 9. excited uncontrollably high energy I am 10. hopeful believing the best is within reach I am 11. energized ready to go full speed I am 12. forgiving focusing on what is important I am 13. adaptive responding to context I am 14. thinking observing, considering, listening, responding I am 15. bright integrative 16. determined 17. busy 18. researching 19. messy 20. wishful 21. strategic 22. skillful 23. finished 24. negotiating 25. Under-prepared 26. Hard-nosed 27. cultured 28. responsible 29. ready 30. In demand 31. calm 32. compassionate 33. Community-focused 34. Connecting 35. Over-zealous 36. Culturally-sensitive 37. Still working

  • Publicity
  • Communication
  • Enrollment
  • Pcc
  • Mpe
  • Good samaritan solar
  • Green fee solar
  • Jazz - Composting - Self ed - Brecht forum

38. organized

  • Communication
  • Green week
  • Green fee solar
  • Guitar
  • Debate
  • Bme
  • Starbucks
  • Lib arts
  • Gen ed
  • Bmb/m

39. stuck

  • Enrollment
  • PCC
  • MPE
  • Green Fee
  • Comm
  • Hindi

40. Hot headed

  • Publicity
  • Mpe
  • Jazz
  • bme