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Micro and Small Business Website Owners face more challenges than Company's with bigger budgets and brands that are already well known. When it comes to putting up a Website to support their small business many have not thought through all the steps needed to implement a website that will actually change the bottom in their business. If you already have a website, and you feel it is not performing as it should, this slide show presentation will give you some food for thought to assist in your decision as to whether you should seek help first. ICTADVISOR based in Scotland have helped businesses achieve multimillion pound turnover with their websites. Taking the company through research, planning, design, implementation and then of course marketing . Take a look through this presentation delivered to business owners in the Lanarkshire region of Scotland during January 2014 and find out whether you should consider having a chat.


  • 1. The Movie CARS Sees the Good Guy Win The Race Now Picture Your Website As A Racing Car Cars is a 2006 American computer-animated comedyadventure sports film produced by Pixar Animation Studios, and directed and co-written by John Lasseter and released by Walt Disney Pictures.

2. If Your Website Was A Car Is It Winning Races? If Not Is It Using The Wrong Fuel? Did You Build the Wrong Car? 3. Your presenter Brian Mathers Director ICTADVISOR LTD Real World Internet Marketing Practitioner Helping Websites WIN and MAKE MONEY 4. Meet OurTRACKSIDE MECHANICS Helping YOU Website WIN Races 5. MEET YOUR CO-DRIVERS FOLLOW THEIR ADVICEPANDA HUMMINGBIRD - PENGUIN 6. PANDA DEFINITION The change aimed to lower the rank of "low-quality sites" or "thin sites and return higher-quality sites near the top of the search results. 7. HUMMINGBIRD DEFINITION The World Informed September 2013 At Googles Official Birthday (15 Years Old) Google Started the Algorithm 30 August 2013 Search can be a More Human Way To Interact With Users and Provide a More Direct Answer 8. HUMMINGBIRD TELL ME AGAIN! Think of a Car, built in the 1950s It Might Have a Great Engine But the Engine might lack things like Fuel Injection or unable to use unleaded Fuel. Google has dropped the OLD ENGINE Out of the Car And Put in a New One. Google DRAMATICALLY last updated its Algorithm 2001 THIS IS A BRAND NEW ENGINE with some OLD PARTS like Panda & Penguin 9. PENGUIN DEFINITION Aimed at decreasing search engine rankings of websites violating Googles Webmaster Guidelines keyword stuffing, cloaking (Sneaky redirects/Doorway Pages) participating in link schemes (excessive link exchanging, building partner pages just for the sake of cross linking), deliberate creation of duplicate content, and other stuff.... 10. THE FUEL YOU NEED IN 2014 TO WIN AT WEB MARKETING 11. WHO IS COMPETING IN MY RACE? 12. YOU MUST HAVE A MARKETING DISCIPLINE 13. BE A WEBSITE CHAMPION BUT KEEP DISTRACTIONS TO MINIMUM WORK ON YOUR WEBSITE 14. THE QUALITIES OF A WEBSITE CHAMPION COMMITMENT & DETERMINATION 15. WHAT ARE YOUR WEBSITE GOALS? 16. THE NUMBER 1 GOAL MAKE MONEY 17. THE 2nd GOAL What Do People Do On The Site That MAKES ME MONEY 18. THE 3rd GOAL How Do I Get More Visitors Do What I Want Them To Do On The Site To MAKE ME EVEN MORE MONEY 19. THE FORMULA TRAFFIC + CONVERSION = SALES ADDS TO PROFITS A MARKETING DISCIPLINE TO DO SEARCH MARKETING NOT SEO SEO IS A COMPONENT OF SEARCH MARKETING SEARCH MARKETING MEANS HAVING A WEBSITE STRATEGY THE STRATEGY WORKS IF YOU UNDERSTAND INTERNET MARKETING INTERNET MARKETING GIVING PEOPLE THE RIGHT PEOPLE THE RIGHT MESSAGE WITH THE RIGHT OFFER AT THE RIGHT TIMEAND YOUR OBJECTIVE IS. 20. THE GOAL TRAFFIC + CONVERSION = SALES ADDS TO PROFITS A MARKETING DISCIPLINE TO DO SEARCH MARKETING NOT SEO SEO IS A COMPONENT OF SEARCH MARKETING SEARCH MARKETING MEANS HAVING A WEBSITE STRATEGY THE STRATEGY WORKS IF YOU UNDERSTAND INTERNET MARKETING INTERNET MARKETING GIVING PEOPLE THE RIGHT PEOPLE THE RIGHT MESSAGE WITH THE RIGHT OFFER AT THE RIGHT TIME 21. INTERNET MARKETING that includesSEO IS ALL ABOUT HAVINGA STRATEGY 22. How Do We Measure That?Analyze 23. How Do Search Engines Work? 24. Organic VS Paid Search Results OVERALL, USERS CLICKED ON ONE OF THE TOP 3 RESULTS 68% OF THE TIME: Result 1: 48 percent Result 2: 12 percent Result 3: 8 percent Remainder: 32 percent BRANDED SEARCHES, TOP SEARCH RESULT OVERWHELMINGLY RECEIVED THE MOST CLICKS MAKES SENSE! Result 1: 80 percent Result 2: 6 percent Result 3: 4 percent Remainder: 10 percentNON-BRANDED SEARCHES, SEARCHERS MORE WILLING TO GO BEYOND THE TOP 3 RESULTS Result 1: 35 percent Result 2: 15 percent Result 3: 11 percent Remainder: 39 percent GOOD NEWS FOR SITES THAT DONT HAVE THE LUXURY OF RANKING IN 1 OF THE TOP 3 SPOTS THERES TRAFFIC & MONEY IN THAT 39% (POSNS 4-10) TO BE HAD IF YOU CAN GET YOUR SITE ON PAGE 1 25. Organic VS Paid Search Results NATURAL CTRs BY VERTICAL. THE HIGHEST CTRs ON THE TOP 3 RESULTS WERE ON SEARCHES FOR AIRLINES | BROADCAST MEDIA | CAR MANUFACTURERS, THE LOWEST CTRs FOR THE FIRST 3 POSITIONS CURRENT EVENTS/NEWS HOME AND GARDEN COMPUTERS & CONSUMER ELECGTRONICS PAID SEARCH RESULTS & CLICK-THROUGH RATES WHO ARE THOSE 6% CLICKING ON PPC ADS WOMEN (53%) MEN (47%) AGE IS ALSO A FACTOR YOUNGER SEARCHERS (35%) LESS LIKELY TO CLICK ON PAID ADS 35% OF ADS CLICKED ON BY SEARCHERS AGED 34 OR YOUNGER AS AGE INCREASES, SO DOES THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE CLICKING ON THOSE ADS (65 %) OF AD CLICKS COME FROM SEARCHERS AGED 35 OR OLDER GOOGLE VS BING GOOGLE IS CROWNED THE CLEAR LEADER WITH A 91% SUCCESSFUL SEARCH RATE 26. Have Some Basic Knowledge of HTML 27. Having a Little Knowledge Helps When Dealing with Web Designers 28. You Drive The Web Project Not The Web Designer 29. What Tools Do You Need? What Dashboards To Monitor? 30. TECHNICAL SEO 31. What are You Like on the Mobi 32. So Website Dashboards-Check Lets Go Win Races FUEL What! How Much ? 33. Cars Wont Go Far Without Paying for FUEL The Same Goes for you Website Have Adequate Funds Especially in Year 1 34. YOUR Most Important FUEL 35. How Many of You Are: Responsible For Developing Content For Your Website? How Many of You Feel Like You Are Appreciated in the Role? How do We Get People Read The Content we Want them to Read? 36. Approach To Creating Content Not Everybody Comes To Your Website For The Same Reasons Break Down Motivations Why Did Someone Come to The Website? What Were They Looking For? 37. The More You Listen as a Sales Person The More You Learn The More you Learn The More Intelligently You can Sell 38. HOW IMPORTANT IS YOUR BRAND? 39. Shallow folder structure with relevant words Keywords in page name, separated by hyphen Single 40. Information Architecture Search vs UsabilityThe According to the Website Standards Association It will take only ten seconds for a visitor to decide if he/she intends to continue viewing the Website. Wang and Huang argue that it could take as little as fifty milliseconds for a visitor to decide if a Website will satisfy their particular need. Both authors agree that if the visitor does decide to leave the Website based on a bad first impression, the chances are very high that the visitor will in all probability will never return, confirming the importance of Website usability. 41. Following Slides Courtesy of Rand Fishkin @MOZ 42. How to create a keyword matrixGo WideDig Deep 43. WORDTRACKER KEYWORD TOOL GET A 7 DAY FREE 44. Competitor Analysis 45. The AVG Web Page Content Read20% 600 words = 20% readmore words = 18% read 46. Content is not Just Writing Content Nor Just Developing It Its How You Present that Content 47. 1. Who needs what you have? 2. How does it make their life better? 3. What type of search? 4. See How Pages Convert Learn from Big Brand Sites 48. The most important word in your copy?You i.e. You and Your Business will benefit from the following. 49. Give me reasons why I should buy fromYOU Lets talk about weaving Features and BenefitsInto your Content 50. Features = fact, what is itBenefits = The Difference it makes to a customers life 51. Keywords & Keyword Phrases They tell us what people are searching for They allow us to answer queries in the searchers own words Helps get more visits by covering the entire buying cycle 52. The SEO bit TitleMetaBody Headlines Sub headlinesHyperlinksCopy 53. Page Content Scan-ability Headlines(Big & Bold) Meaningful sub-headings Bulleted lists Bold words Attractive Action Graphics 54. Pages to Write from Scratch: Home page Sales pages Pages to edit: FAQs About Us Articles White Papers Category pages Older blog posts 55. The Landing Page Roadmap Headline BenefitsTestimonials Raising Objections Call to action 56. The CopyWriterThere is no doubt, Heather, is the BEST CopyWriter we Know Personally! 57. How to Handle Online Critics Even Without an Online Presence YOU can still be effected Before Buying Visitors Read Reviews | Testimonials Being ONLINE Gives You a Way To React Monitor What is Said About YOU Its Important Negative Reviews Pursue resolution methods All Positive Feedback has less effect than 1 coherent Negative Comment Respond to Negative Feedback, but, NEVER get involved in a Flame War Always respond Calmly and Professionally 58. Link Building in 2014 59. Asking for LINKS is Dull and TediousCreating CONTENT to get LINKS without asking is exciting and fun! 60. LINK BUILDING ANALYSIS 61. Your Power Compared to Your Competitor 62. DEEP DIG LINK ANALYSIS 63. DETAILED LINK BUILDING ANALYSISWHAT THE DATA LOOKS LIKE UP CLOSE 64. Analyze 65. Compare Conversions Average Term Conversion Rate = 2.2%Homepage #3 2,682 search visitors 22% Bounce Rate 1.8% conversion rate = 48 ConversionsCategory Page #12 1,007 search visitors 13% Bounce Rate 4.3% Conversion Rate = 43 Conversions 66. Avinash Kaushik An American entrepreneur, author and public speaker. In his writing and speaking Avinash Kaushik has championed the principle of aggregation of marginal gains, and encouraged the pursuit of simplifying perceived complexity in the field of data analytics. ICTADVISOR have had the opportunity on a number of occasions in both the USA and UK to learn from probably the most influential Web Analyst we have in this industry. 67. SOCIAL SITES TRENDING IN THE UK 2013Time Management Efforts Google Or Social? 68. WHAT ABOUT VIDEO? Video is 50 times more likely to get first-page ranking than a text page On the keywords for which Google offers video results, any given video in the index stands about a 50 times better chance of appearing on the first page of results than any given text page in the index Greg Jarboe SES 2010 69. Financial Turnover to achieve f