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MGT 609 Project Management Fundamentals

MGT 609 Project Management FundamentalsTeam D Final PresentationKanika VijMadura PuriNikhil RaoRishab KothariRohan Koli

Ducati Holdings S.p.A

Problems Faced by Ducati:Faced a drop in demand for their high performance machines. Needed to increase sales with a machine appealing to common masses.Wanted to design one bike with the flexibility of entering any market.

Ducati Multistrada 1200

Our ProjectTo design one machine(Ducati Multistrada 1200) that changes on the riders wishes. To get this project to tackle the recession and increase sales for Ducati.We will be working with a budget of 10.4 million Euros and a duration of 2 years.

Organizational StructureManagerial Roles and FunctionsTop Management: Includes the CEO, Board of Directors, the Ducati family, investors and stakeholders.Project Manager: Manages the project according to the project plan while supervising all the departments with every department having a functional manager.Functional Manager: Responsible for deliverables from each department and is assisted by the staff working for each of the respected departments.

Work Breakdown Structure 1

Work Breakdown Structure 2

Work Breakdown Structure 3

Work Breakdown Structure 4

Budgeting and Cost Control

Success MeasuresProject efficiency Benefit to the customerBenefit to the organizationPreparing for the future

AssumptionsProject duration will be 2 years.The standard work week will be used (8:00-5:00, Monday through Friday)The motorcycle will appeal to the common population.Ducati Multistrada will perform as per the specifications provided.Project Managers will have full authority over the project.This motorcycle will lead to improved sales.

ConstraintsThe motorcycle must be finished under the allowed budget of 10.4 million Euros.The motorcycle must be completed by a due date of 2 years.The project will have to work with the given resources.Technical constraintsProject-based outsourcing constraintQualityRisk



LOWLOW MEDIUM HIGHIMPACT1. New technology fails2. Labor Strike3. Equipment Breakdown4. Increase in raw material cost5.Outsouced Job Failure6.Market RiskMajor MilestonesProject Start: January 3, 2008Project Manager appointed: December 2, 2007Ducati Multistrada 1200 launch date: January 10, 2010First batch of motorcycles produced: November 18, 2010

DeliverablesR&D work parameters finalizedDesign approvedBudget estimation approvedTires outsourcing decision finalizedOrganizational blueprint establishedAssembly line plans setManufacturing of parts completedCollaborative testing successfully performedQuality check performed

ExecutionR&D will be done along with the design. Pirelli and Ducati R&D teams will be working together.Budget of 10.4 million Euros with a duration of 2 years.The assembly line production will take 8 hours to assemble one motorcycle manually.First batch of production will be delivering 8000 motorcycles.


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